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I was working at the library today, and re-shelved our copy of my current #PoutineandPaperbacks read. I found the cover differences interesting. On the left is my library's copy with the North American cover, the right is the UK cover that I'm currently reading. Aside from the far more interesting font on the UK cover, does the American cover not give away a major plot point?

What do you think, @drokka @CouronneDhiver @DebbieGrillo ?

drokka I guess that unless you have the books side-by-side like that it wouldn‘t be that obvious. I will say though, that I didn‘t notice it was a child on the NA cover. So much for my powers of observation. 4y
BarbaraBB Yes indeed, the monkey gives away the major twist in the book. 4y
CouronneDhiver UK always does well with their covers. 😊 4y
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Lcsmcat I wish we could put photos in comments, because my (US) cover is totally different from either of these. It‘s abstract art. If you scroll through posts you can see it. I read it before Litsy so I haven‘t posted about it before. 4y
AmyG I read this and don‘t remember noticing the cover. Or maybe, if you‘re not looking for something, you just don‘t see it? 4y
LeslieO The paperback version I read gave it away on the back cover! 4y
CouronneDhiver Oh no - that‘s terrible @LeslieO 😒 4y
drokka Okay, I know I said I‘d go for another round, but some things have come up at work, and I‘ll likely be working a lot of overtime the next few months. So, I‘ll finish up @DebbieGrillo book and send it back, hopefully by the end of the year. I‘ll try to get the sequel you‘re waiting out to you soon after that @TheKidUpstairs Waves at @CouronneDhiver 4y
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Just got a #PoutineandPaperbacks package in the mail from @DebbieGrillo with both my pick and @CouronneDhiver 's choice. I'm excited to see what you ladies thought of The Namesake, and to read Danielle's pick! I'm also realizing that I'm way behind on sending out @drokka 's selection so I'll try to get that out this week to Danielle (Sorry for the hold up!)

Lcsmcat I loved both these. 4y
CouronneDhiver All good - take your time! :) 4y
CouronneDhiver Is everyone up for another round after this? @drokka @DebbieGrillo @TheKidUpstairs 😊 4y
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DebbieGrillo I feel like I have been such a bad book club member. Honesty time, I only read 2 & 1/2 of the picks and one of them was mine. I just had to send 2 together because I was so behind. I started back to work and September and being an English teacher brings with it many reading responsibilities. I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline Round 4. I loved reading with you ladies. Thanks for having me! @CouronneDhiver @drokka @TheKidUpstairs 4y
TheKidUpstairs @DebbieGrillo sorry to hear that, but totally understand. Life comes first! Thanks for being a great reading buddy 😗 4y
TheKidUpstairs @drokka @CouronneDhiver any interest in continuing as a group of 3? Maybe taking a little reset break and starting in January? 4y
drokka I can get behind starting back up in January. It will let me get the books I need to get to out of the way, and time to pick one. @TheKidUpstairs @CouronneDhiver I second @TheKidUpstairs sentiment re: a good reading buddy in @DebbieGrillo You‘ve all introduced me to some great authors and/or stories. 4y
CouronneDhiver Yes! I would love to carry on. 😄 Maybe Debbie can hop back into the rotation at some point... 4y
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Time for the bookish discussion question of the day 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Here it is: What are some of your favorite Litten-generated activities here on Litsy? #BookTalk

BookwormAHN I love the buddy reads and postal book clubs, but I may have a swap addiction 🤷🏼‍♀️ 4y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego SWAPS!!!! 📚🎁😁 4y
Johanna414 I enjoy the swaps I do, but can‘t afford to sign up for many. I LOVE the postal book club I‘m in! @hes7 @kellyann28 and @TheBookKeepers are the best! 4y
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TheBookKeepers Yes! Adore our postal book club the most!! @Johanna414 @hes7 @kellyann28 ! I also just love how interactive everyone on Litsy is with one another! So personable! 4y
Lcsmcat Buddy reads and “read alongs” are my favorites. 4y
AsYouWish I love the great interactions we all have and the book clubs and all the great book recommendations, except now my TBR list is super long!!! 4y
kellyann28 I absolutely love the #LMPBC and Group B @TheBookKeepers @hes7 @Johanna414 has been wonderful, picked some really good books! The book community here is really something else (in a lovely way)! 4y
zzz I did my first swap recently and it was so much fun. I'm looking forward to doing more activities👍 (3 month Litten) 4y
Jennifer3 The #LitsyBuddyRead and book exchanges! 4y
tonyahoswalt The buddy reads! I never read more than one book at a time until I joined in on Litsy buddy reads! 4y
CrowCAH Swaps and monthly photo challenges. 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Reading challenges! (#booked2018 and so many others) Also #LitsyPartyofOne! 4y
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Women Talking: A Novel | Miriam Toews
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#bookmail for my IRL book club! Excited for this one (and I LOVE the cover 😍)

Also in the mail today, #PoutineandPaperbacks mail from @DebbieGrillo with @drokka's pick for this round. @CouronneDhiver

LeahBergen I‘m so looking forward to this one! 4y
CouronneDhiver Awesome 👏🏽 4y
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Ella Minnow Pea | Mark Dunn
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I've had this one on my shelf for a long time now, but I kept passing it over (I think because of that horrid cover). But then it received the second most votes for #makemereadit, and I'm so glad! It was a lovely book, with a simmering, sinister, dystopian satire playing itself out behind the letters.

Next up, I'm taking a short #makemereadit break for my next #PoutineandPaperbacks read! @DebbieGrillo @drokka @CouronneDhiver

Prairiegirl_reading I have this on my tbr pile. The copy I have has a much uglier cover. 🤣 4y
TheKidUpstairs @Prairiegirl_reading I wouldn't think that was possible! 😂😂 4y
Prairiegirl_reading I‘ll post mine. It‘s really awful. 4y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Hmm. Now I'm intrigued. I have this sitting on my shelf as well. 4y
Linsy Loved this book! 💚💚💚 4y
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Friendship Code #1 | Stacia Deutsch
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Right, well hopefully this time my #PoutineAndPaperbacks selection gets to you @DebbieGrillo

@CouronneDhiver I received your card (as seen above), thank you and I‘m sure you‘ll offer an amazing pick again. (No pressure though).

@TheKidUpstairs I‘m nearly done the last #steepedinstories then I‘ll do the off cycle book and send it off.

(It‘s called Reflections of Norway by Ink Circles - what I‘m working until the rest of the last one is ready)

CouronneDhiver Omg - I‘m losing my mind. I think that card was supposed to be IN the package with the book. 😂 Must have gotten mixed in with all my JB Mail (edited) 4y
drokka @CouronneDhiver Hahaha. I wondered, but then thought maybe you were still reading through it since there was the one book you didn‘t finish. No worries. I‘m sure the book will follow soon. 😂 4y
BookishTrish I‘m also just about ready to send my last #steepedinstories read home to @TheKidUpstairs 4y
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CouronneDhiver Megan‘s last round book should be at her place by Tuesday (🤞🏽) @TheKidUpstairs My pick and Megan‘s pick for this round - both yellowish covers - should be arriving at your place on Tuesday too... along with your owl bookmark. @drokka I really hope I kept them all straight... I‘ve been going through a really hard time lately. Thoroughly distracted! 4y
BookishTrish Sorry things have been tough @CouronneDhiver 🤗 4y
CouronneDhiver Thanks @BookishTrish I got some health news awhile ago (which, it turns out, won‘t be too serious) but I took it really poorly and now I‘m recovering from all the upset/anxiety. I‘m off work to give myself a little more time/space. Allowing myself a wide range of emotions about the whole thing (not my usual M.O) is exhausting! 4y
CouronneDhiver Everything arrive ok @drokka and @TheKidUpstairs ? 4y
drokka Oh my gosh! I completely forgot to update this. Not only has it arrived, but today I sent off your selection to @DebbieGrillo - another good pick btw. 4y
TheKidUpstairs @CouronneDhiver ack, sorry! I forgot to post. Yes! It arrived. Loved reading all your thoughts, as usual, ladies! 4y
CouronneDhiver Oh good! I‘m really pleased that you enjoyed it 😄 @drokka 4y
CouronneDhiver Haven‘t seen you posting anything lately... you ok? 4y
drokka @CouronneDhiver Just getting over a cold, but otherwise good. I‘ve just super busy for the past six months and some of the things going on in the world are really bothersome for me, so I tend to back away from social stuff when that happens. It‘s nothing about the folk here, who are wonderful; it‘s that I struggle being positive in times like these and don‘t want to drag folk down. P.S. I received the book yesterday. 🙂 Thanks for checking on me. 4y
CouronneDhiver Yes, I can totally understand that! The world is a big ol‘ mess. Don‘t be a stranger for too long 😉 4y
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Updates for my #PoutineandPaperbacks ladies:

@DebbieGrillo not sure if I already posted, but I received your selection for the next round last week! I'm interested to dig into it, I've read another by the author and enjoyed it. And uve watched the movie of this one, which felt somewhat lacking and I'm hoping the book can fill out the enough spaces!

@CouronneDhiver My selection for the next round is on its way to you!

@drokka hi!

candority That poutine looks so good 🤤 4y
drokka Hiya! If you want to read the super blue pick I‘d considered, but deemed probably inappropriate for group, let me know. I‘ll mark it up and send it your way. 4y
CouronneDhiver Sweet! I‘m *almost* ready to send my June book back to it‘s owner and send my August one off. 🙄 What a weird summer I‘ve been having! @drokka @DebbieGrillo @TheKidUpstairs 4y
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DebbieGrillo @drokka send away 4y
TheKidUpstairs @drokka oh my gosh, yes! I'm so curious to find out what book it is! 4y
TheKidUpstairs @drokka or should I say so fucking curious? 4y
drokka 😉😂 4y
drokka Okay @DebbieGrillo I‘ve just sent off @TheKidUpstairs selection and it should to you within 6 days. @TheKidUpstairs the ‘blue‘ book is on its way to you. @CouronneDhiver Just saying hello (didn‘t want to leave you out). 4y
TheKidUpstairs @drokka ooh, yay! Thanks! @CouronneDhiver I will put @DebbieGrillo 's selection in the mail tomorrow (I keep forgetting to mail it off! Sorry!) 4y
drokka @CouronneDhiver No worries. I‘m not in a rush. 🙂 4y
drokka @TheKidUpstairs I really hope you haven‘t read it already, or I‘ll have created all this suspense for nothing 🤣😂 4y
DebbieGrillo I've got 2 books here. One I should have finished in August and one for September. I am afraid that I am lagging behind. I'm not sure what one you received @drokka I think it was meant to be finished by the end of August and sent along. Or maybe I'm just thoroughly confused. @TheKidUpstairs @CouronneDhiver 4y
DebbieGrillo Oh wait, @drokka you were the third one to get it weren't you? I didn't send it to you, right? 4y
drokka @DebbieGrillo That is correct. You should have received my selection and Danielle‘s selection already. The red book, the yellow book, and now another yellow one is on the way. 😉 4y
drokka @DebbieGrillo I may be confusing you. The blue book I‘ve sent to @TheKidUpstairs is not part of the carrousel. Sorry about that. 4y
DebbieGrillo @drokka ok, it's because I'm so behind thst I'm confused. 4y
DebbieGrillo @drokka it's not you it's all me, lol. 4y
TheKidUpstairs @drokka it arrived today! I've never heard of it before, but it sounds like a very fun read. 4y
drokka Oh excellent! 4y
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