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Caraval | Stephanie Garber
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Another #30JuneBooks
Besides Gorgeous edition of books, bookish mugs & bookmarks, I‘m totally #ObsessedWith booksleeves! Here are some of my favourites and I love to use them when I take my books out with me everyday so I can keep them safe & dry & wrinkle free! 😆 It‘s a must have for any #BooksLover
Anyone else use booksleeves? Or what do you collect?
#booknerd #readinglife #fantasy
#booknerd #bookish #bibliophile #readinglife #AussieReader

StayCurious Those are awesome! 5mo
BooknerdsLife @StayCurious Thanks! They are gorgeous & perfect for carrying my paperbacks 5mo
StayCurious @BooknerdsLife where do you shop for those? Online? 5mo
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BooknerdsLife @StayCurious Yes I got all these from Etsy online, found her on Instagram, sadly I don‘t think she‘s making anymore but there are a lot of other stores on Etsy 5mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Gotta love book sleeves! Love love them! But I only have two ahahahaha 😅 5mo
BooknerdsLife @Jee_HookedOnBookz Thank you! 💖 Im obsessed with them 🤣 Some Of these were for my friend & daughter but I was lucky to get them few years ago since the lady is not making any new bookskeeves anymore😭 I‘ll keep my eyes out for some cute one for you! 👍🏼💕😊 5mo
BooknerdsLife @Sarah83 Here are some of my booksleeve, as you see, we have the same blue Sherlock(top right)!! 😆💙 The brown one on top left is also Sherlock but classics Sherlock quotes. This is actually an old photo, so I‘ve got a few more since then😅 🙈Sadly this lady whom I got these booksleeve from no longer makes them, but lucky I‘ve got more from her to gift to my friends before she closed her shop. (edited) 4mo
Sarah83 Such a great collection 😊 4mo
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Whenever I‘m going through a hard time, I read these books. I don‘t know if it‘s the nostalgia, but it always helps me.

#day16 #30junebooks #obsessedwith #harrypotter

annahenke Same. I'm on book two rooms now. Life's a shot show. 5mo
LiterarySloth @annahenke I‘ve read the series countless times, as you can tell from the binding! 5mo
Smarkies Love seeing well loved books. 😍😍 5mo
LiterarySloth @Smarkies it‘s why I love getting paperbacks! You can see how much they‘re loved. 5mo
BooknerdsLife Love Harry Potter too! My favorite comfort read 😍💖 Love how your books are so well loved! 🙌🏼📚 5mo
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The Beast | J.R. Ward
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Day 16 of #30junebooks
I am #ObsessedWith paranormal Romance. Well specifically these 5 series. These are my favorite books from each series (though I truly love almost every book)
Clockwise from left: Undead series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, The Dark Hunter series, and the Darkyn series. In the middle is my all time favorite: The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

The Bride Test | Helen Hoang
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#ObsessedWith Helen Hoang‘s books, apparently. I listened to The Bride Test twice in the twenty-one days I had it borrowed from the library—which is the same thing I did with The Kiss Quotient last year. Also, I love polar bears. #30junebooks

annahenke Also obsessed 5mo
HOTPock3tt @hes7 @annahenke Same here! ♥️ 5mo
SandraG Loved both of them!💕 5mo
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Cecilia | Fanny Burney
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#30JuneBooks #obsessedwith The World‘s Classics from Oxford University Press !

erzascarletbookgasm Very nice collection! 💗 5mo
Leftcoastzen @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks! I didn‘t drag them all out ,but they always catch my eye at the used bookstore. 5mo
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Aurora Rising | Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
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Day 16: #obsessedwith

1 - this author duo!!!! [Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff] 💖🌟💯
2 - space novels in general! 🌍👽


Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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Anyone who knows me knows that I am #obsessedwith Harry Potter and I am absolutely in love with my new water bottle!!! #30junebooks @howjessreads

AkashaVampie I so want.... Love Luna!!! 5mo
BethM Omg I super love that! Where did you get it? 5mo
Kshakal @bethm I found it on Etsy... it tracks your water consumption on the back... I need to get back on track with my drinking water and thought this might help! 5mo
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BethM Is it vinyl application on plastic? The have a LoTR one like that that hasn‘t held up over time, so I‘m looking to replace. 5mo
Kshakal It is vinyl on plastic @BethM (edited) 5mo
BethM Let me know how it holds up! 5mo
Kshakal @BethM will do! 5mo
LokiDokey That is super cute. 😍😍 5mo
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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#30junebooks @howjessreads In You, Joe is definitely #obsessedwith Beck. I haven‘t read the book yet, but the show is great.

MizDoniaBuding stick to the show lol...saw the show first then read the book liked the series better had to dnf the book 4mo
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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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It all happened the day DJATS was released so I‘m blaming it on Daisy. Then there was Evelyn - I mean can we just... All 4 books purchased anew, and another TJR book dropped to my kindle from Amazon. And another Overdrive audio on hold. Yes, my name is Marlee, and I‘m #ObsessedWith TJR books.

Day16 #30JuneBooks with #ObsessedWith

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love Evelyn and Daisy!!! 💚💚💚💚 5mo
gradcat Not a bad obsession to have...😂 5mo
Crazeedi I love your confession!❣😉 5mo
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marleed @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @gradcat @Crazeedi Admitting the obsession they say is the first step :) 5mo
gradcat 😂😆🤣 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve never read her but love these covers! 5mo
marleed @erzascarletbookgasm The green cover of the SHoEH is also rubbery. It‘s very cool! 5mo
BooknerdsLife Gorgeous collection! 💚💛🥰 Im obsessed with her last two books too and definitely going to try to read all her older books! 🤗📚 5mo
marleed @BooknerdsLife oh I‘m so happy to have company in this obsession! 5mo
BooknerdsLife @marleed Hahaaa you‘re welcome 😁 I‘m glad I‘m not alone too🥰 ATM, I‘m waiting for my copy of ‘After I Do‘ in the mail & planning on getting the rest over the next few months, as to spread it out over the year 😆 5mo
marleed @BooknerdsLife oh I seriously almost ordered that today but decided, nope I surpassed my June quota of new books and must wait until July! 5mo
BooknerdsLife @marleed 😂 Hahaa I totally understand your pain! it‘s so hard not to order all of them at the same time! Plus these new covers are so pretty 😍 5mo
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