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#aprilbookshowers day 27 - #masked

Surprised to see I didn't post a review of this when I read it last year.

Anyway, wasn't as won over by this one as I was by Darker. That 1st book's tighter pacing (set over a few days as opposed to Gathering's weeks) and higher stakes made for better page-turning material. You know Gathering's ending got me locked in for the final book, though, even if only as a library check-out.

RoseBlood | A. G. Howard
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Ha, just noticed this on my nightstand. #day27 #masked #aprilbookshowers

RealLifeReading You can talk to @gossamerchild about it! 3y
PurpleyPumpkin Thanks for the tip @RealLifeReading ! 😉 3y
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The Phantom of the Opera | Gaston Leroux
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#aprilbookshowers #masked The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite books (and love the musical too!).

CrowCAH Beautiful 😍 3y
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Some of the pictures in this book are so peculiarly creepy, like this #masked man 🙄. #Aprilbookshowers

MayJasper Too creepy for me 😱 3y
WordWaller Haha I love the pictures in that book but I sadly didn't love the writing/story 3y
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Hero | Perry Moore
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#aprilbookshowers Day 27 I read this one six years ago and remember really liking the it. #masked

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I know, I know! Not very original but this is the only one I know I have without being home to check. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen it posted for #masked today. The books were hard to get through but I actually liked this movie. Plus I love this mask! #AprilBookShowers

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The Year of the Flood | Margaret Atwood
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#masked #aprilbookshowers last May I found this book at my favourite booksale. This year I'm looking for book 1 and book 2? So still on my tbr. Kind of a scary mask 😷

Jabberwocky Year of the flood is actually the second, and Maddaddam is the third. 😃 (major Margaret Atwood nerd in the house) 3y
Dragon Thanks @Jaberwocky I wasn't sure of the order so I'm looking for Oryx and Crake (book 1) and book 3 👍😀, I'm working on my booksale wish list. 3y
krismac This is a really great series! I read them last year all in a row! 3y
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Jaimelire I loved those three books! Enjoy 3y
Jabberwocky @Dragon always happy to share my need love. 😂😂 they really are amazing 3y
Pruzy You can start with Year of the Flood as it occurs concurrently with Oryx and Crake (book 1) and not miss anything. It's what I did and it worked great for me! Maddaddam (book 3) happens later though so hold off on that one until you finish both 1 and 2 (edited) 3y
RealLifeReading Haven't read the series before but while I've seen the books around this is the first tmr I've noticed the mask! 3y
Dragon Thanks @krismac @Jaimelire it's a relief to hear they're good and it's not just hype 😀👍 3y
Dragon Excellent @Pruzy if I can't find Oryx and Crake I'll just read this one , sometimes it takes a few years to find things at the booksale. It islike a treasure hunt 😀but eventually I usually find what I'm looking for 📚🐉 3y
Dragon Thanks @RealLifeReading I have to admit that I only noticed the mask because I was frantically searching my library for masks on covers. It was a fun prompt 😷 3y
ReadingEnvy Oh it does look like a mask but it's genetic modification! I hope you love these books. 3y
Dragon Oops 🙊 @ReadingEnvy looked like a mask. I really must read this book! 3y
ReadingEnvy @Dragon oh on the cover it totally looks like a mask... but in the book... you know how it goes. 3y
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These Vicious Masks | Tarun Shanker, Kelly Zekas
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The only #masked I could think of (or find). I haven't read yet but hopefully soon. #aprilbookshowers

Bklover I really like that book cover! 3y
tracy_anne8 @Bklover It's why I originally bought the book 😀 3y
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As you've probably heard, book two of this series is better than book one -- this one sets up the characters in a way that is important for the next one, but there are some parts of it I didn't totally enjoy. Still great writing though. (Book 3 comes out next week!)

One weird aspect of this story is that all of the characters in the faerie world are under a curse that involves being stuck in their masquerade masks.

#masked #aprilbookshowers

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Day27 #AprilBookShowers #masked The two books on my shelves where someone is masked on the cover. As You Wish is a favorite memoir about the making of one of my very favorite movies--both the audio & the print book are wonderful.❤️❤️❤️ Pull Me Under is a #BOTM pick that is hanging out in my #TBR pile.📚📚📚😬

Jcunning Loved the story of the making of The Princess Bride! 3y
RealLifeReading Best audiobook!! 3y
Lidia As you wish is great! I forgot about that book for today's prompt. 3y
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