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The LEGO Ideas Book | Daniel Lipkowitz
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Impressive Lego library!

wanderinglynn Super cute! 1mo
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I liked this book so much I bought my own set. Yes, it‘s light on specific structural advice, but it includes some fun spreads, interesting ideas, and reassuring advice.

If the Ryder Carroll book is a driving storm, and Hack Your Journal is a gentle rain…this book is like running through a splash pad.


Catsandbooks Awesome! Have fun! 5mo
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A lot of useful tips for dot journaling and reinforcement that it doesn‘t need to be complicated. Surprisingly, it didn‘t talk about using electronic devices like an iPad for journaling.

Knitting For Dummies | Shannon Okey, Tracy Barr, Allen, Marly Bird
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Finished object.

Asymetrical shawl. Pattern: Pixel Pop by Paperdaisycreations (https://www.paperdaisycreations.com/shop/p/pixel-pop) Not in the tagged book!!!

#KnittersOfLitsy #LitsyCrafters @curiouserandcurioser @Catsandbooks

TrishB Looks great 👍🏻 7mo
wanderinglynn Love it! 😍 7mo
Simona Nice❣️ 7mo
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squirrelbrain Looks quite Harry Potter-ish - I think it‘s the burgundy and gold colours. ❤️ 7mo
Leftcoastzen So pretty as is kitty! 7mo
StaceGhost I love it 😻 it‘s so beautiful and just in time for spring! 7mo
Cathythoughts That‘s beautiful! 7mo
curiouserandcurioser @julesG that is gorgeous!i love the colors💜 7mo
Catsandbooks Beautiful!! 🙌🏼 7mo
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“Jane wrote to Cassandra: I have received a very civil note from Mrs Martin, requesting my name as a subscriber to her library... Mrs Martin tells me that her collection is not to consist only of novels, but of every kind of literature, etc. She might have spared this pretension to our family, who are great novel-readers, and not ashamed of being so; but it was necessary, I suppose, to the self-consequence of half her subscribers.”


mabell Reading is one of the most timeless of #hobbies 7mo
LeahBergen Love this excerpt! 7mo
CrowCAH Yes, a well rounded library has many genres! 7mo
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#200PnPcovers @CrowCAH @mabell How did gentle and high ranking regency women keep busy? This book describes some #hobbies they had. Ah to be so accomplished.

LiseWorks 😆 7mo
mabell This sounds like a good one! 7mo
CrowCAH I have some ways to be an accomplished woman in modern times. Like cooking. 7mo
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#200PnPCovers #Hobbies

Lydia here is talking about the hobby of decorating a hat or making slight alterations to one she already has.

mabell Fashion is definitely a hobby! This kills me though - why buy a hat to completely redo it?? 7mo
CrowCAH @mabell totally! I‘d buy a hat if I liked how they made it up. 7mo
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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#Gossip is one of the most popular #hobbies in Jane Austen‘s books, sometimes engaged in over #embroidery. Whether it‘s who has moved from #city to #country, the cost of #conveyances and #houses, or whose #children are #dancing with whom at #balls, many a #friendship includes making sport of one‘s neighbours.

#200PNPcovers (I decided to catch up all in one post. 😊)

LeahBergen Haha! You‘re GOOD. 😆 7mo
CrowCAH And it ALL makes sense! Great job 👏🏻 I have you marked down for all days. 7mo
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StayCurious Well done! 7mo
mabell This is awesome!👏👏👏😂 7mo
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Day 10: #Hobbies

This quilt was made by Jane Austen, her sister, Cassandra, and their mother.

On May 31st 1811, Jane wrote to Cassandra, “Have you remembered to collect peices (sic) for the patchwork - we are at a standstill”.


@CrowCAH @mabell

ErinSueMreads That is so gorgeous 7mo
BarbaraBB Wow 🤩 7mo
mabell Oh I love this! 7mo
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Deblovestoread Love this…and would love to recreate it. Off to Google I go. 7mo
Cathythoughts This is beautiful ❤️ 7mo
CrowCAH Oh wow it‘s gorgeous! Such needlecraft! 7mo
DivineDiana Thank you for sharing this. I can feel the hearts of those talented women. ❤️ 7mo
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