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The bookish/history nerd NEED to gain the ability to time travel is strong!

[new insomnia obsession unlocked: Jacobean history, King James VI reign, letters between King James & the Earl of Buckingham]

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Singout Stacked! I was passionate about the Tudors back in the day, but don‘t know as much about the Stewarts. 2mo
TheIntrovertedDodoBird @Singout Enjoy! You should check out the new seven-part series called Mary & George that the book inspired. It's incredible and surprisingly very historically accurate! I was passionate about the Tudors in school. I love any book that nurtures that kind of passion, especially when it's my latest history obsession. Happy reading (and learning). 2mo
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I really enjoyed Jonestown and devoured Waco as well. I like Guinn‘s writing style and the research he puts in to tell of past events in history. I remember hearing about the Waco siege but I was a senior in high school at the time and didn‘t pay much attention to news coverage then. Learning the details of this incident makes me ponder society both then and now.
#Booked2023 ~title starts with a W @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen

Suet624 I remember listening to this. So sad. 1y
Cortg @Suet624 So sad, and really, both sides were in the wrong in so many ways. 😔 1y
Cinfhen Great choice! MUST pick this up - I‘m a bit of a #HistoryNerd 🤓 1y
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Loving this historical picture of the Vanderbilt Family. What a bunch of eccentrics😁Photos from the 1883 Vanderbilt Ball in NYC. Yes, that‘s actually a cat that was taxidermy and worn on the head of Kate strong. The overskirt was made entirely of white cats‘ tails sewed on a dark background. The bodice was formed of rows of white cats‘ heads and the headdress was a stiffened white cat‘s skin. Her necklace read PUSS in diamonds. WTF 😳

Cinfhen It‘s DEFINITELY a #rabbithole #GoogleyBook 1y
Bookwormjillk 😬yikes. Real life Cruella Deville. 1y
RebelReader Proving once again….”The rich are different!” 1y
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Soubhiville Wow! Looks like my kind of party! Lol. 1y
Cinfhen Right @Soubhiville I‘m REALLY loving this book ❣️ I‘m a bit of a #HistoryNerd 🤓 1y
TrishB Why the rich shouldn‘t be allowed money 😉 1y
Cinfhen Exactly @TrishB the WASTE of it all!!! 1y
Centique 🤯 but also this book sounds wonderful! Perfect for my #HistoryNerd self too 1y
kspenmoll Wow & wow! Cat craziness- all those poor kitty sacrifices !!!!! Yuk! But sounds like a fascinating look at a more than eccentric family- stacked! 1y
Cinfhen After reading this book I‘ve come across the famous ball mentioned in two other books!! It‘s a great peek into NYC society @kspenmoll 1y
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@squirrelbrain look what my hubby just brought up with today‘s mail!! I‘m not sure when you sent this but the photos on the postcard are amazing🙌🏻Such a clever idea 💡 I think you ended up listening to Saint X?? I can‘t remember any longer 🤪I‘m REALLY enjoying this audiobook #Scribd #Ethiopia #HistoryNerd #BibleGeek Thanks for dropping me a note 💕💕💕

Crazeedi What a beautiful card! Is that book good? 3y
squirrelbrain OMG! I sent that in September! Ah well, it got there in the end! 3y
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Cinfhen It didn‘t have any postal markings @squirrelbrain it was like it was just dropped through my mail slot 😊gorgeous photos 3y
Centique @Cinfhen oh wow @squirrelbrain that gives me hope that the package I sent Cindy in November might still get there! 3y
Cinfhen Oh Gd @Centique that DOES give us hope 💜Thank You!!! 3y
squirrelbrain There is hope yet Paula! 🤞@centique 3y
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Love learning about the history of my little town. #historynerd #cherokee #alphabet #sequoya

Storm Wrack and Spindrift | Margaret Pinard
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I‘m doing a cool hashtag party on #Instagram and so last Summer‘s work in progress is on sale! 💖😊💖
Grab this novel for $1 with coupon on #Smashwords!
Coupon code TR63L, available here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/907224

A young married woman finds her resilience upon returning to #Scotland, and a young ambitious man claims his independence from family and tradition in #NovaScotia. #HEA #historicalfiction #historynerd

Barren Island | Carol Zoref
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Not sure yet... I‘ve passed halfway but am still vacillating between interested and impatient.
Good thing I‘ve got these library books for the Rest of Time...
#nyc #1930s #historynerd #laborhistory

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A strawberry gin fizz to go with my ‘20s themed book! #historynerd #roaring20s #booksnbooze

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“The past is an inheritance, a gift and a burden. It can‘t be shirked. You carry it everywhere. There‘s nothing for it but to get to know it.”
-Jill Lepore, These Truths: A History of the United States

#historybuff #history #historybooks #historynerd #igreads #bookworm #books #bookstagram #bookish #summerreading #summerreads #beachreads #bookstgrammer #bookspine #bookspines #compassion #understanding

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Truth... and beautiful photo 💙 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @PickingBooks you‘re welcome 💗 5y
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