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Valley of the Dolls | Jacqueline Susann
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This was one of my #fivestarpredictions books which I‘m trying to make an effort to finally read and it fits a #booked2019 prompt so perfect time to start. It‘s one I‘ve wanted to read for years. #MrBook1inaMillion #24B4Monday #LitsyPartyofOne

Andrew65 Enjoy 😊 2w
MrBook Oh, wow! I need to read this classic. 2w
IamIamIam I loved this!!!! 1w
youneverarrived @IamIamIam I‘m really liking it so far! 1w
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An Untamed State | Roxane Gay
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I did a WAY BACK Litsy scroll yesterday and found this post from 2+ years ago. I‘ve still only read 2 of them 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I did rate them both 5 stars. #fivestarpredictions

BarbaraBB I can‘t believe it‘s that long ago!! 👵🏼 3w
Cinfhen I just scrolled through/ apparently I didn‘t make any predictions 😜but what I couldn‘t believe was how many Littens are no longer on Litsy 😢 3w
MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I know. It made me sad seeing some of those names. 3w
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen @MicheleinPhilly That was such a shock indeed. Where have they all gone? I want them back 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3w
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen You did share your predictions. I found them and took a screenshot. In case your interested! 3w
Cinfhen I am interested @BarbaraBB thanks and I know, so many awesome people are no longer participating 🥺 3w
Cathythoughts Nice one ! I am interested too ! @BarbaraBB I‘d love to know the list 👍 (edited) 3w
youneverarrived That‘s cool you did actually rate them 5 stars. Can‘t believe it was 2 years ago though 😱 3w
MicheleinPhilly @youneverarrived Right???? What the hell happened to those 2 years? 👵🏼 3w
LauraBeth I just scrolled back two years only to find out I didn‘t do this...😂😂 3w
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth Quick! What were you binge watching 2 years ago???? 😘 3w
LauraBeth ?? I *think* that was my 90 Day Fiancé phase. 3w
MicheleinPhilly @LauraBeth Oh you. Never change, please. 3w
Mdargusch Omg I have my husband hooked on 90 Fiancé now @LauraBeth 3w
Mdargusch I‘m now going to scroll back and see if I did this. 🤔 3w
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There was a thing on Litsy a while back about books you think would be a five star read and this was one of my picks. It‘s definitely living up to expectations so far. I love the way it‘s written.

Cathythoughts It does sound good Katie ! Stacked 3w
MicheleinPhilly I was just looking at that post yesterday! Of the 5 I‘ve only read 2. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 3w
youneverarrived @Cathythoughts it‘s really good 👍 3w
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youneverarrived @MicheleinPhilly what was the hashtag again? I can‘t find my post but remembered this was on it. Were both of them 5 star reads? 3w
BarbaraBB Oh yes, I‘d like to know the hashtag well! @MicheleinPhilly 3w
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB It took a CRAP TON of scrolling but I found it: #fivestarpredictions 3w
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly Thanks, I am gonna scroll too! 3w
BarbaraBB Katie I found and screenshotted your post. You want me to share it? 3w
youneverarrived If you don‘t mind @BarbaraBB that would be great! Thanks @MicheleinPhilly 😘 3w
Reggie Top 5 book for me this year. I loved it. Glad you‘re liking it. 3w
youneverarrived @Reggie I remember your review on it 😁 it‘s brutal but not overtly if you know what I mean. So good! 3w
Liz_M Ooooh, I love the mug of famous first lines! 3w
youneverarrived @Liz_M I got it in a swap a while ago. It‘s one of my faves 👍 3w
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Just finished, I throughly enjoyed this one. I've never read a book about the Amazons before so I really enjoyed Fortier's take on their history; how they came to fall in with the Trojans, fight with the Greeks, & find their own way as a culture of women. Interwoven with their history is the story of Diana searching for herself and her grandmother's legacy and finding adventure along the way. One of my #fivestarpredictions 🌟this was dead on!

Melissa_J I loved this one, too! I met Anne Fortier shortly after the novel was released at a signing and speaking engagement. She talked about her inspirations for writing the book. She‘s lovely. 2y
BethM I loved Juliet- I'm super excited so wrote something in the same vein! 2y
MeganAnn @BethM Juliet is one of my favorites as well! In fact, that's the only reason this one has caught my eye at the bookstore. I think you'll definitely love this one also 😉 2y
MeganAnn @Melissa_J how wonderful! I think she would be a delightful author to meet and listen to! 2y
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The Boat | Nam Le
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I've had this collection of short stories sitting, unread, on my shelf for years. It's one of my #fivestarpredictions and it has finally made it to the top of my TBR.

MrsMalaprop I chose this for book club years ago. Enjoy 😊. 2y
KarmonR The cover is beautiful 2y
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I loved this book! Beatrice, Adelaide and Eleanor are three wonderfully independent women in Victorian New York. Moon phases and news stories punctuate the story told by different viewpoints throughout. I really enjoyed this wonderfully detailed witchy novel with a mix of history and magic, intrigue and wonder. This was one of my earlier #fivestarpredictions and it definitely held up to the five star rating! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

LindaGrace812 But who is Perdu?!? I can‘t figure it out! 2y
MeganAnn @LindaGrace812 I couldn't quite figure that out either! I've been meaning to do a little research to see if I could come up with an answer but haven't gotten around to it yet. 2y
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This was one of my #fivestarpredictions and as many others suggested I was not disappointed. There was a soft, sad poetry to much of the story, the stunning prose washing gently back and forth between characters. But there was also great tension thanks to the intricate structure and changing perspectives. ❤️

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Autumn | Ali Smith
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It's hot today, expected high 35C/95F. Yuck. And it's spring here, so this is just a taste of what's to come 😩

In happier news, I'm starting one of my #fivestarpredictions and it's really good so far!


rabbitprincess Ugh we just got out of a warm spell like that and had a big thunderstorm yesterday that fortunately broke the heat. Stay cool! 2y
GA_Bookworm07 Hot and humid here in Ga and im so ready for 40-60 temps. Its been 91° 2y
Tamra Is it humid there too? I can cope with hot, humid not so much. 2y
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Marchpane @rabbitprincess thanks! Heading to the movies later to beat the heat 😄 @avidbookworm02 Hope it cools down for you soon! @Tamra Not so humid at this time of year (about 30%) but in summer it gets very sticky! (edited) 2y
kspenmoll Beautiful roses! 2y
Eggs A happy beautiful gorgeous-roses picture😊 2y
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I was tagged by @Tiffy_Reads for #fivestarpredictions.

I've been a little flummoxed since returning home from my trip so I'm quite a bit late posting this. I tagged Ink and Bone bc it was my #fivestarprediction when @dariazeoli tagged me a while ago and I was right!! It was so so so good!!! Gotta get the sequel!

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Finally chose my #FiveStarPredictions. Tagged twice and it still took me two weeks to get my life together.

Morr_Books The Hate U Give is one of the best books I've read in a long time! ❤️ 2y
WhatDeeReads @srmorrison I know it‘s excellent. I haven‘t read it yet mostly because it‘s gonna make me ragey. 2y
8little_paws I need to rad THUG soon as well. 2y
WhatDeeReads @8little_paws maybe I‘ll get to it in October. 2y
Morr_Books @WhatDeeReads Totally get it, but trust me when I say that there are so many other emotions too that made it just amazing. Literally laughed and cried during read it. I was so sad when it was over. 2y
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