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Bluebird, Bluebird | Attica Locke
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Set in bayou-heavy East Texas, this mystery follows conflicted Texas Ranger Darren Mathews. He‘s trying to solve no less than two murders, while also navigating a racially charged atmosphere. Locke writes cinematically, and Darren is likably flawed. I appreciated how Locke mixed in the bigger social issues among a riveting story line.

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ChasingOm I loved this book! 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @ChasingOm I enjoyed it, but wouldn‘t say it was a “love” for me. I‘ll give it a 3/5 on GR. 12mo
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Bluebird, Bluebird | Attica Locke
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This has been on my TBR for a long time. I‘m working to finish reading challenges and decided it fits #pop18 #favoritecolorintitle. Close enough, right? Now I just need some time to dig into it. This vacation has been a decidedly non-reading one. 🐦 📚😢


Leftcoastzen On my TBR for a long time too! 12mo
JPeterson I loved this one! Enjoy! 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @JPeterson Thanks! So far it‘s good, but I‘ve hardly started. 12mo
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Words in Deep Blue | Cath Crowley, Wyatt North
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A book about books...what an excellent pick for the #novelteabookclub! While the romance angle of the story got a bit old by the end, I loved the setting and the Letters Library, where people leave notes in book margins for each other...kind of like the Litsy #travelingbook groups. 😃

Also counts for #pop18 #popsugar2018 #favoritecolorintitle

Tiyas7 Great Cover 1y
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Blue Light Yokohama | Nicols Obregn
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An atmospheric thriller that is haunting and unsettling. There is a sinister feeling throughout the read as Tokyo presents itself as a city full of paradox. Kosuke Iwata is a troubled police detective running from a past and is partnered with Noriko Sakai; mysterious, beautiful and full of dark secrets. Together they hunt a serial killer. A captivating debut. #Booked2018 #JapaneseThriller #Pop18 #favoritecolorintitle #FridayFlowersOnSaturday 😜

Julsmarshall Gorgeous flower arrangement! 2y
Cinfhen Thanks @Julsmarshall flowers make me soooo happy 🌸🌼🌹🌷🌺🌸🌼 2y
BarbaraBB Should I read it do you think? 2y
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TrishB Missed Friday flowers 💐 2y
Cinfhen I think the book you purchased for #booked2018 sounds really good @BarbaraBB I liked this and im happy I read it but I wouldn‘t run out to buy it or bump it up the TBR. 2y
BarbaraBB Thanks, I think you‘re right! 2y
Mdargusch Your Friday flowers are extra pretty this week! 💕💕💕 2y
Cinfhen Thanks @Mdargusch they do seem extra peppy this week 😉 2y
Blaire Ooh this sounds good!!! And your flowers are gorgeous. Stacked for #booked2018. Happy Mother‘s Day!! 💐 💗 2y
Cinfhen Thanks @Blaire Happy Mother‘s Day to you 😊 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘m so excited about this prompt. I forget what I chose though. 😂 2y
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Blue Light Yokohama | Nicols Obregn
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A simple trip to the post office yielded this result🙄Library is next door to post office so I picked up 2
books for my #GARbingo and my book store is located across the street, so I had to stop in. There was some sort of deal, not sure exactly what but I ended up with the tagged book for free. And your packages are on their way @BarbaraBB @BookaholicNatty @kspenmoll @Elisa #HappyDay 😊

Cinfhen Chose this for potential #JapaneseThriller #FavoriteColorinTitle 2y
Elisa Thanks lovely! I will let you know as soon as I get it!! And wow, nice book haul! I have heard a lot about Americanah, and there was just a snippet of the Siren and Mrs Hancock read by the author on Twitter. It‘s here if you want to check it out: https://twitter.com/vintagebooks/status/988351879070527488?s=21 (edited) 2y
Sophoclessweetheart Gorgeous haul x 2y
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BookaholicNatty @Cinfhen story of my life. Every time I go to the dollar store the thrift store is right across the street and I always think,”let me run in to see if they got anything new real quick...for swaps of course” 😂😂 Then one hour later I‘m walking out with a box of 10 or more books!!! Ahhhhh lol my apartment is sooo small too. My kids are going to have start sleeping on books! 📚😂 2y
Cinfhen I know @BookaholicNatty who can pass up a deal!!!! Well tell your boys there are treats for them as well xx 2y
Cinfhen So happy to share the joy @Elisa 2y
emilyhaldi I really want to read Joy Luck Club... is it part of your #GARbingo?? (edited) 2y
tammysue Great haul! 2y
Kalalalatja All in all, a day well spent! 👏👏 2y
Cinfhen Absolutely @Kalalalatja thanks @whatshesreadingnow books really bring me happiness 💜📚😊 2y
TrishB A lovely day ❤️ I have Mermaid ready too.....soon!! 2y
Jess7 Nice! 2y
Reggie I love The Joy Luck Club. Read it in high school but defines a friendship for me in my early 20‘s. 2y
Reviewsbylola I just pulled Americanah off my shelves today. I hope to read it soon! Loved Joy Luck. 2y
ElishaLovesBooks Americanah is excellent! So well-written and gave me tons to think about! I also remember enjoying The Joy Luck Club a loooong time ago! Love that you can find all these English books- I know they are hard to come by in Israel! 2y
Cinfhen I‘m looking forward to reading both Americanah and Joy Luck @Reggie @ElishaLovesBooks @Reviewsbylola and since those 2 are library books I need to read them sooner than later! 2y
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I just threw together a stack of my #MarchTBR, including the 2 books I need to finish up my first quarter of #booked2018 - #POCauthor and #cozymystery ☕️
Oh, and I added a book from last year‘s #tbrbingo that I never finished... 🤪
#marchlineup #magicalmarch

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Great stack!! All of these except the one on top are on my list!! 📚👏🏻💕 2y
Jess7 I need to bump An American Marriage on my TBR list. I‘ve heard such good things! 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage That‘s a heckuva March plan! 2y
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Mdargusch You have great books in that stack! 2y
vkois88 Great picks!! Enjoy 😊 2y
mrozzz Same @Jess7 ! This is a lovely stack @emilyhaldi 👌🏻 2y
Cinfhen Nice stack 😍Im hoping to read Girl At War for my #PassportLitsy and I‘m thinking about for #pop18 #favoritecolorintitle 2y
tammysue Great stack, enjoy!!! 🙌🏻 2y
Reviewsbylola Ughhhh I‘m so behind in #booked2018 😭 2y
britt_brooke Underground Railroad is in my shortlist TBR. Hoping to feel in the mood for it soon! 2y
emilyhaldi @britt_brooke me too... I haven't really been in the mood for such a dark, intense read recently 2y
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