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Dune Messiah | Frank Herbert
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And this is the rest! 😁 I already have “Dune” itself, and now *yells with an echoey boom into the stormy night with raised arms* my collection is almost complete 😆! I would have bought the rest of the installments, but the store didn‘t have them in stock. I think I‘m missing the last one of the main series and the last one from the Butlerian series. I just adore these covers, and they‘re in my favorite format-size. 🥰

Have you read any?!

Hooked_on_books I‘ve never had an interest in this series, but I do love the covers of the top two rows. Very appealing. 7mo
TheSpineView I have read 4. 7mo
DGRachel I bought the first one because a couple of my favorite authors reference it as one of their favorite books, but I haven‘t gotten to it yet. 7mo
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twohectobooks Love those covers! If I hadn‘t spent such a long time collecting the previous set of paperback covers I‘d definitely be buying this one. Planning a Dune reread this year but haven‘t gotten to it yet. 7mo
Soubhiville Wow, those are great! I keep meaning to read Dune someday... one of these days! 7mo
Branwen Gorgeous covers! 😍 7mo
vivastory I've read the first one. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what Denis Villeneuve's adaptation looks like. 7mo
sudi I love these covers, i read Dune last year for #garbingo. But haven't read the rest of the series yet. 7mo
sudi @vivastory i'm excited for that too. And it has such a huge cast too. 7mo
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I confess. I snapped this deal right up. Looking forward to reading it on my iPad, since I‘m assuming the photos will be weird on my Paperwhite. Go ahead ... you know you want it ... 😎📚❤️🧡💛💙💚

#garbingo #greatamericanread #kindledeal #kindledeals #boksaboutbooks

A Confederacy of Dunces | John Kennedy Toole
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Late to the readathon party, but I'm hoping to get some reading done anyway. I am nearly finished with this, it was a #GARbingo read. Didn't manage to read much of the list before October, but I'm going to carry on reading anyway. Like this cover art, but there's lots of great art for this book out there, I think it's one of those books that inspire people, probably due to the fantastic, vivid descriptions.

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I made this #GARBingo card for myself way back when the list of books was announced.

I‘ve managed to check off 5 that I originally planned on, plus some I didn‘t, so I‘ll consider that good progress.

The rest will all get carried over into 2019, after all there‘s no bingo yet. 😉


Riveted_Reader_Melissa The others I read this year were Dune, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and And Then There Were None. 14mo
squirrelbrain I‘m carrying mine over too! It‘s the one challenge I didn‘t complete this year. I only did 5 out of 20 on my card ☹️ 14mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @squirrelbrain I understand, as I watched the show I added even more that I wanted to read too 😂. But yes, we‘ll keep plugging along and we‘ll get there. At least we have each other to keep us company as we keep working our way through the list. 😉 14mo
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squirrelbrain I ticked Americanah off my list, I have Oscar Wao still on there, along with The Alchemist (amongst many others of course!) Oooh, just noticed I had The Color Purple on there and I read that - yay 6 books not 5! 14mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @squirrelbrain Good for you! I‘m planning on Americanah in January! 14mo
JacqMac I have been wanted to read Rebecca for a long time. I think I should probably buy a copy. Lol 14mo
Bookzombie I‘m carrying mine over too. And I also wanted to read so many more after watching the show. 14mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Bookzombie They‘ll be a bunch of us continuing into 2019, yay for Litsy! 14mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m carrying my list over too! I wish I‘d gotten to more of them this year. 14mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @BarbaraTheBibliophage Yep, one of my regrets for 2018... but I‘m honestly not sure where I would have squeezed in many more. LOL 14mo
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Well I only managed 3 off of my Great American Read to-read list, not sure if I‘ll get to anymore this year or not, but I‘m happy to continue on next year. #ReadingGoals !


Daisey This makes me feel better about only reading two of the books I put on my GAR bingo card, but I also hope to keep working on it. Another one was just chosen as my TBR challenge book for December in the Reading 1001 group and one is your book still on its way to me some time. 📚 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey I know, I was hoping to read Don Quixote with Reading 1001 too, but I have a bunch of other things I‘d like to get finished by the end of the year too, so I don‘t think it‘s happening. Which one of mine is on your list too? Maybe we can do a buddy read for motivation? 1y
Daisey I was talking about The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, isn't that one you sent for our 1001 postal group? However, 1984 and The Invisible Man are on both our lists, so I might be willing to buddy read one of those, or Foundation which is on my 1001 TBR. Invisible Man is longer, but I have that on audio as well as ebook. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey Yes, The Brief Life of Oscar Wao should get to you eventually, it is one I mailed out. I misread and thought you meant just one of my GAR Bingos was on your bingo card. 1y
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Catcher in the Rye. | J D Salinger
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1.mashed potatoes
3.years ago ,John Davidson,Wayne Newton,saw John Stewart walking with his wife in the Village.
4.tagged book , have read many times and the only re-read on #GARBingo which I have not finished,not much reading this month.Can‘t seem to finish anything.
5.anyone who wants to join in!👋😀
#friyayintro. Thx @Eggs the tag!

The Light Fantastic | Terry Pratchett
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I‘m on the @batsy failure train. Epic fail on lists. I make them ,lose them or stash them #underarock . This one ,
#LitsyAtoZ2018 found this morning, my #litsyclassics can‘t find it, my #GARBingo I have read 5 but not in a row for bingo. There is a #readallcultures list here somewhere....Hey , I wouldn‘t want to create a database on computer so I would know where they are....heck no!😂 #NoFemmeber

Billypar I'm a big fan of Excel sheets but I'm not sure they're more effective- I know I have countless that I start and forget about! And Litsy A to Z looks pretty successful to me 👍👍 1y
RealBooks4ever You can do it! 💜 1y
batsy The lists are the best part! You're already on a roll 😁👍🏽 1y
erzascarletbookgasm There‘s hope in this challenge- only 5 to go. You can do it! 🙂 1y
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The Catcher in the Rye | Jerome Salinger
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In the U.S. it‘s #NationalCatDay Tom Tom agreed to pose after rolling his eyes about the only book on my #GARBingo card that is a re-read .So behind on my game card .Oh well,it‘s good to have lists .

glitterkitty459 ❣️😻😻😻 1y
merelybookish He looks decidedly unimpressed. 😹😹But he's a handsome guy! 1y
laytonwoman3rd I'm afraid I share TomTom's opinion of that particular book. 1y
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Leftcoastzen @laytonwoman3rd I actually like it but like the Glass Family more. 1y
gradcat He looks like me right now—eyelids drifting ever so slowly downward.... 1y
batsy What a handsome floof 😻 1y
Leftcoastzen @batsy Thanks ! He was a feral I started feeding and we worked through turning him into big daddy house cat.He has zero interest in outside.😀 1y
batsy Aww, that's so sweet 💕 1y
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The Lovely Bones | Sebold, Alice
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This was my final #GARBingo read. It was just okay to me. I will say that I am not a big believer in the afterlife or ghosts, and parts of this were just super creepy to me. Also I found the plot to be very unbelievable (aside from the afterlife stuff) and also kind of slow. But I didn‘t hate it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ About 1.5 hours down for #24b4monday

Hforrester12 I loved this book when I read it years ago. 1y
zsuzsanna_reads I remember loving this when it first came out, bit I wonder what I would make of it now. 1y
Hforrester12 @Zsuzcanna_reads I remember I was pregnant with my first child when the movie came out and I could not finish it. 1y
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The finale is tonight! I haven‘t been very good about voting.. how about you all? How did everyone do with their #GARBingo cards? What is your favorite book on the list, or your favorite book you read for #GARBingo? My favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird, but I think my favorite that I read for the first time for #GARBingo was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.