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So lange liegt das Buch schon auf meinem SUB. Immer wieder angefangen und doch wieder weggelegt... Aber nun bin ich bereit und es geht gut voran und ich Frage mich, warum ich es nicht schon wieder viel eher aufgegriffen habe.
Habt ihr es gelesen? Mögt ihr den Film mit Hugh Jackman und Anne Hathaway genau so gerne wie ich?
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Buechersuechtling Oh ja, den mochte ich wirklich sehr. Aber nachdem ich als Jugendliche das Musical stellenweise auswendig konnte und später halt den Film gesehen habe, weiß ich nicht, ob ich für das Buch nicht zu voreingenommen bin, weil ich all die Bilder im Kopf habe. Wahrscheinlich schreckt mich vorm Lesen die Furcht vor der altmodischen Sprache ab – und ein bisschen wohl auch der Umfang. 3mo
Saari84 @Buechersuechtling vor der Sprache brauchst du dich gar nicht zu fürchten. Es ist wirklich einfach zu lesen. Bei Victor Hugo muss man aber manchmal ein paar Seiten Überblättern, weil er dann doch zu ausschweifend wird wie z. B. bei dem Glöckner von Notre-Dame. Da waren mir die ganzen Paris Beschreibungen einfach zu viel, vielleicht nett für jemanden der dort aufgewachsen ist. Dennoch ist auch das Werk von ihm sehr zu empfehlen! 3mo
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Pride | Ibi Zoboi
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On Wednesday's episode, we discussed the works of Ibi Zoboi, including Pride, her retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I've been a fan of retellings of classics for a long time--here are a few of my favorites . . . except for Re Jane, which is high on my TBR list!⠀

What retellings would you recommend?

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tammysue I‘m really enjoying it! 2y
ofclumsywords These are beautiful editions of Peter Pan! 😍 (edited) 2y
CarolynM Beautiful! 2y
sprainedbrain Hey, I‘m reading that exact same edition of Peter Pan! 2y
jillannjohn Beautiful books! ❤️ Peter Pan. 2y
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North and South (Revised) | Elizabeth Gaskell
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"He had known what love was – a sharp pang, a fierce experience, in the midst of whose flames he was struggling! but, through that furnace he would fight his way out into the serenity of middle age, – all the richer and more human for having known this great passion."


#NorthAndSouth by #ElizabethGaskell #classicbook #classic #currentlyreading

Felso ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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I haven't read too many #classics but this is one of my faves!
Feel free to drop some of your faves down below 😙

inked.delights Wuthering heightsss ❤️❤️ also my favourite classic! 3y
thebookdiviner @inked.delights awww yaaas! Go us with our good book tastes 😉 it also helps that Kate Bush did the epic Wuthering Heights song (which will not leave my head for the rest of the night 😂) 3y
inked.delights Okay now it won't leave my head for the rest of the day, thnx 😂😂😂 haha but it's an awesome song yeah 3y
thebookdiviner @inked.delights 🎶guess it's too late now to say sorry🎶 - have that one stuck in your head instead 😂 3y
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North and South (Revised) | Elizabeth Gaskell
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"If work's sure and steady theer, labour's paid at starvation prices; while here we'n rucks o' money coming in one quarter, and ne'er a farthing th' next. For sure, th' world is in a fettling, and who's to fettle it, if it's as yon folks say, and there's nought but what we see?"
Mr. Higgins.
#currentlyreading North and South by #ElizabethGaskell.
#bookandbreakfast #bookquote #classicbook #cheerios #books #amreading #MichelleBookAddict

blissfullifeproject Looks delicious 😁 3y
MrBook Digging the pic! 😎👍🏻 3y
RaimeyGallant Great bookmark! 3y
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#bookmail Promised myself I would purchase a copy of Middlemarch when 1/2 way through the book (reading on serial reader). Arrived today in the pouring freezing rain! Excited!! #Middlemarch #classicbook

Desha Pretty copy of Middlemarch! ❤️ 3y
kspenmoll @Desha It's my first volume from the Penguin Drop Cap Series that are basic but colorful editions of 26 books, each representing a letter of the alphabet. #BlameItOnLitsy I love a splash of bright color! (edited) 3y
Desha Ahhh....I was just introduced to the Penguin Drop Cap series by a fellow Litten! I looked at them on the Penguin website and they are all so gorgeous! Congratulations on starting a set! ❤️📚❤️ 3y
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Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier, Dame
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I just finished #Rebecca and while I would not call it "the best novel of the (20th) century" as it was awarded, the story was compelling and the writing was absolutely exquisite and transportive: the descriptions were so beautiful and exact that you really did feel and see precisely what the author wanted. The main character is relatable, though with less gumption than I desired. I recommend reading this #classicbook at least once

Songsofhome I liked the descriptions too, I think they make the story even more than the actions of the characters! 3y
abbadean8 @Songsofhome I completely agree! There was a discussion question asking if it was a romantic novel, and many people said there wasn't a lot of romance between the characters, but really romantic novels are about how the feelings of characters and the writing drive the action of the novel more than the "action" does 3y
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A Tale of Two Cities | Charles Dickens
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#classicbook problems: I'm fully aware that 50% of the population was forced to read this book in HS or college, but I never was. Now I'm legit afraid of spoilers. I have no clue how this book ends, so keep your knowledge of this super old book away from me! 😜

About 50% done.

RealLifeReading Erm I never read it! Not sure if I will! 😁 3y
rachelm @RealLifeReading it was .99 on Audible a few months ago so I though... why not? You know what, it's actually pretty great. I'm not a huge Dickens person, but it's nice to be read to. 3y
Caterina I listened to this a few years ago, it was great! A little melodramatic, but great. 😆 3y
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ValerieAndBooks I never have either but want to one day soon! My HS's obligatory Dickens was "Great Expectations ". 3y
rachelm @ValerieAndBooks that was mine, too! I didn't really like it... 3y
ValerieAndBooks @rachelm at the time, I didn't either. But I want to reread it someday (soon?) to see if my perspective has changed as an adult! 3y
LauraTFrey I will just tell you it has the best ending ever. 3y
rachelm @LauraTFrey arrgg! That's awesome and awful to hear-- only awful because I still have eight hours to listen to to get to that awesome ending :) 3y
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The Phantom Tollbooth | Norton Juster
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#septphotochallenge today is #faveclassic #classicbook and I chose this one because I could read it over and over and never get bored. I also deeply love Austen novels, Milton, and P.B. Shelley. #somethingforsept #somethingforseptember

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