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1. I like both, depending on my mood.
2. If I‘m with someone we listen to music and chat. If I‘m by myself, I love the chance to clean out the cobwebs of my podcast library, play DJ with Sirius, or listen to an audiobook that I was clever enough to download before leaving. 😎

TheSpineView Thanks for playing 3mo
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Kicking off #scarathlon2022 this morning listening to a new (to me) spooky podcast while cleaning my kitchen! #TeamSlaughter @Clwojick

Clwojick Yay! Way to go! 4mo
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Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Podcasting | Michael W. Geoghegan, Dan Klass
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Calling all podcast lovers-
What are your favorite book podcasts? Which ones are you addicted to? Which would you highly recommend checking out?
I'm currently only listening to two podcasts religiously, neither one are about books. Although one of my current reads (The Lords of Discipline) is Monica's favorite book of all time (Monica from the ArmChair Expert podcast).
I'd like to start listening to a podcast all about my favorite past time.

Kimberlone Overdue podcast is my favorite book podcast, have been listening for years. They have a huge back catalog of episodes so you can run through books you‘ve already read. My favorites are the special episodes they‘ve done on the 50 Shades series. So funny! 12mo
Magpiegem I listen to a lot of the book riot podcasts. They have different one for different genres as well as some broader ones, one about books out that week (that‘s my favourite) and a recommendation one. 12mo
BrittanyReads I will second Book Riot podcasts! My favorite being Get Booked! 12mo
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Suet624 Reading Envy podcast. Also, Jenny has a lot of Litsy folks on the podcast to speak of their favorite books as well. (edited) 12mo
Christyco125 I have to recommend Levar Burton Reads. It‘s a great way to get introduced to short stories and you get hear the greatest narrator ever (IMO). 12mo
Angeles Simmon Mayo's books of the year and Book talk, etc 12mo
Susanita What Should I Read Next 12mo
ReadingEnvy @Suet624 Thank you for the mention! I find so many great normal reader guests on Litsy! 12mo
Suet624 @ReadingEnvy I love listening and appreciate the time and effort it takes to do what you do. 12mo
Vansa I love Fated Mates,an excellent podcast that started off about Kresley Cole's IAD series,and now about other books too.My absolute favourite however,would be BBC Bookclub,The Essay(also BBC),and all In our Time episodes about books or authors. 12mo
Ruthiella I second @ReadingEnvy Jenny‘s podcast. Also from Litsy @Therewillbebooks is excellent. I also listen to BookFight, Tea or Books, The Mookes and the Gripes, So Many Damn Books, and Literary Disco. 12mo
mhillis I like the podcast Literary Friction (edited) 12mo
MamaGina One of my newer favorites is Strong Sense of Place, husband and wife duo who recommend books based on place, whether it‘s a country, city or theme like books set in libraries or at the circus. They have an excellent weekly newsletter worth subscribing to as well. 🤓 12mo
ReadingEnvy I like Overdue, where they trade off reading a book from the backlist and tell the other person about it. If you like romance or sci Fi I'd have more recs! 12mo
ItsAnotherJen I love all these suggestions!🤗❤ Thank you @Kimberlone @Magpiegem @BrittanyReads @Suet624 @Christyco125 @Angeles @Susanita @Vansa @Ruthiella @mhillis @MamaGina @ReadingEnvy I'm going to try them all and pick a few to stick with. 12mo
Magpiegem Thank you for asking the question @ItsAnotherJen I‘m picking up lots of great suggestions too! I love a good book podcast!! Hope you find some you like xx 12mo
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Enjoyed this podcast on my run today. I have a crush on Butler‘s writing but this was a smart and interesting conversation. I enjoyed the host as well. If you haven‘t read Godspeed, Butler‘s new book, I think you should.

Tamra My favorite landscape is the front range - where the prairie meets the mountains. 💜 1y
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Can anyone please suggest book podcasts that they really love? I have been listening to The Bookstore podcast for the past year and love it! I‘d like to try to explore other really fun, informative book podcasts. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!

DGRachel @Liberty ‘s All The Books podcast is the first I ever listened to - her enthusiasm is infectious and it always makes my TBR explode. 2y
Chrissyreadit I highly recommend AStrong Sense of Place, all the Bookriot podcasts and three Littens have bookish podcasts I follow: Reading Envy, Reading Squad, and Well-Read. 2y
Susanita Second Strong Sense of Place (in a momentary hiatus so now is a good time to catch up) and All the Books. While on bookriot site check out their other podcasts too. 2y
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Susanita Also What Should I Read Next and Reading Women, which will explode your TBR. 2y
mollyrotondo Oh these are amazing @DGRachel @Chrissyreadit @Susanita I am going to try all of these this week! Thank you so much for sharing!!! ❤️ 2y
Graywacke If Backlisted interests, then you might really like it. Smart and fun. Each episode is themed on somewhat forgotten gem, but there‘s also a lot of talk about whatever the hosts and guests are reading. 2y
Amie Overdue is a really good book podcast 2y
mollyrotondo @Graywacke thank you for this suggesting! I love being exposed to “forgotten gems” since I am always looking for different things to read behind the buzzy reads. I will listen to this show too this week! 2y
mollyrotondo @Amie thank you! This looks fun! I see Nancy Drew was a recent pick! I will check this out! 2y
Kimberlone Overdue podcast is my favorite book podcast. Love Andrew and Craig‘s banter and there are so many episodes you can just listen to the ones of books you‘ve already read. Their episodes on Twilight and 50 shades are hilarious! 2y
mollyrotondo @Kimberlone 🤣 awesome! The picks look like a lot of fun! I‘ll look out for the Twilight and Fifty Shades episodes! This is fantastic! Thank you! 2y
peanutnine Reading glasses is my favorite podcast ever! They talk about book culture in general and also do book recommendations occasionally, but the two hosts are hilarious and I love it so much 2y
Ruthiella I second the recommendations of Reading Envy and Backlisted. If you don‘t mind some snark, I also listen to Literary Disco and Book Fight. I also love Tea or Books, which also covers a lot of hidden, mid century books. And for contemporary book, I love So Many Damn Books. 😀 (edited) 2y
Johanna414 I have nothing to add except that I just took a screenshot of all the comments so I could look up all these podcasts myself.. 2y
mollyrotondo @peanutnine excellent! Thank you! 2y
mollyrotondo @Ruthiella these all look great! I couldn‘t find I love So Many Damn Books. Is this a podcast or maybe a YouTube channel? It didn‘t come up in my search in the Podcast app for some reason. Thank you for these recommendations! 2y
mollyrotondo @Johanna414 I‘m so glad you are finding everyone‘s recommendations useful for you too!!! 2y
Ruthiella @mollyrotondo it‘s just “So Many Damn Books”. 😀 https://www.somanydamnbooks.com (edited) 2y
merelybookish Another endorsement for Backlisted and Tea & Books. I would add You're Booked, Slightly Foxed, and Our Shelves with Lucy Scholes. 2y
Birdsong28 Wokefield which is about The Sweet Valley High series. Also On the Road with Penquin Classics. "Listen — Adrienne Gunn" http://www.adriennegunn.com/wokefield "On the Road with Penguin Classics – UK Podcasts" https://uk-podcasts.co.uk/podcast/on-the-road-with-penguin-classics 2y
LazyOwl I love sword and laser for scifi and fantasy reads 2y
janeycanuck I think most of what I listen to has already been mentioned - the BookRiot podcasts are great because they have a bunch of different genre podcasts (I‘m a huge fan of Read or Dead!) Strong Sense of Place has skyrocketed to the top of my favs list, it‘s so good!And Behind the Mic is great for audio listeners - they feature a different audio each weekday and it‘s only about 5-8 minutes long. 2y
MamaGina If you happen to have an interest in Golden Age mysteries, Shedunnit is an excellent podcast. Also been enjoying Diving In out of Australia and The History of Literature for deep dives into the classics. 2y
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Since I went through two and half years of episodes of my favourite crime podcasts. Now I always have to wait two weeks for a new epsiode. Consequently, I had to find a new podcast to listen to while driving. I tried the news podcast of one of my favourite comedians. It‘s actually quite nice to have the news read out and commented on with wordplays and jokes. 😊

Suet624 Which crime podcasts did you like? 2y
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Not book related, but I just found and am OBSESSED with this postcast! Some healthy swearing in it which I like, but some people may not.

tpixie I just heard about this also. I better check it out! Thanks for reminding me! 2y
CuriousG @tpixie It allows me to totally need out over all the 'foundational' social science studies that were actually junk/misconstrued. There are also many popular cultural figures with episodes as well 2y
tpixie @CuriousG I‘ve subscribed! Thanks! (edited) 2y
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CuriousG @tpixie Hope you enjoy it as much as I've been! 2y
tpixie 😊 2y
tpixie @CuriousG I listened to a couple this weekend and enjoyed them! 2y
CuriousG @tpixie Glad to hear it! I'm totally hooked now 2y
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A little February recap and a bit about my March TBR: https://sceptre.sktc.hamburg/2021/03/its-that-time-wait/

My two writing and reading buddies needed to get close while I was writing my blog posts. #GhostCat even sat on the laptop at first. #ShadowCat only dared to come closer once HRH had curled up to sleep.


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This book has been on my #TBR for YEARS but not anymore! #booknbreakfast

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Recycled picture of books with a #yellowcover includes a few I‘ve since deacquisitioned.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💛💛💛 3y
OriginalCyn620 👍🏻😊💛 3y
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