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Marianne Dreams | Catherine Storr
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Starting to read this as I read it ages ago and I absolutely loved it.

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My husband is secret reader at my sons school tomorrow and this is one of the books he picked to read... I had never read it before but literally laughed out loud reading it. It was so funny!!

TheBookAddict That‘s cool, sounds like a fun story. So do they have parents volunteer to read to the kids? 5d
Jerdencon @TheBookAddict yes... parents volunteer to read to the class. 5d
j.rye My husband just read at my sons school today 🥰 it makes my heart so happy 5d
TheBookAddict That‘s nice! 5d
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Let's Play | Leo Lionni
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1. Mystery, Romance, Escapist
2. Usually before bedtime in bed, but really anywhere, anytime 🤣🤣
3. Best: Take A Chance on Me/Jill Mansell; no worst yet, all have been decent. 😊👍
4. Haven‘t played yet? Please do! 😊


Eggs Love your answers 👏🏻👏🏻 7d
TheAromaofBooks Ooo glad your favorite so far is the book I get to read next month!! 6d
robinb @TheAromaofBooks 🤣🤣 Granted, I‘ve only read 4 books so far this year, but I really enjoyed that one. 👍😉 6d
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Little Miss Whoops | Roger Hargreaves
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It‘s so cold here that I just panicked and reacted how I always do and bought books 😑 so I made it *checks calendar* 2 weeks into my annual book buying ban.

Whoops 😬

readingjedi Respect due. 2 weeks is an amazing achievement. Some years I don't manage a single day! 7d
Scochrane26 I don‘t think it‘s a bad thing to buy books—we are helping bookstores & authors. Maybe just try buying less. I know I‘ll buy some books this yr. right now, I‘m trying to focus on reading what I have because I bought a lot in nov-dec. 7d
Jas16 You beat me! 7d
Reagan @Scochrane26 you‘re right! I would like to try to read more than I buy this year, read owned books I mean. 5d
Reagan @readingjedi @Jas16 😂 this was a pretty good run for me. 5d
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Once in the Year: A Christmas Story | Elizabeth Yates, Nora Spicer Unwin
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Little Christmas, Three Kings‘ Day, Epiphany — whatever you call it, it‘s here and the 12 Days of Christmas have officially ended, so it‘s time to be done for the season.🎄

December is always so full that my Christmas reading spills over into the new year. It can feel a little weird continuing into January, but at this point it‘s become a tradition.🤷🏼‍♀️

I read many new-to-me gems for my #VintageBookishChristmas, so I‘m calling it a success!

Winter Holiday | Arthur Ransome
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I've been seeing this bingo card around and keep forgetting to look it up! My understanding is it started Dec. 21, so filling in with books I have read since then means I already have a good start!!
@Honeybeegirl just let me know if I misunderstood and there was a different start date!! ❤️

Honeybeegirl Yeah! It‘s the winter season! There is a google forms link on my page somewhere to sign up if you want a chance to win a little something at the end for having 1 bingo and a full board! 2w
TheAromaofBooks @Honeybeegirl - thanks!! I'm excited to play along... since I joined Litsy, I've kind of become addicted to the bingo challenges - my new fave! 2w
Sunraven So ... many ... challenges ... 🤣 2w
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TheAromaofBooks @Sunraven - This is my first January on Litsy. I may be going overboard. But oh my gosh, I really am loving all of these challenges!!! 😆 2w
TheAromaofBooks @Sunraven - Also using bits of washi tape to mark my completed squares! 😁 2w
Sunraven Ooh, you just made me realize that I could use up some of my excessive sticker stash if I had these cards printed out on actual paper. The pressure mounts! 😉 2w
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My primary source of learning French so far has been Duolingo — which is great, except Duo doesn‘t really teach why you do the things you do. I came across this on kindle unlimited & decided, why not? I‘m not a kid but we all have to start at the beginning when learning a language. Even though I knew most of the things here, it‘s good to read the reasons why you do certain things. Would be perfect for anyone beginning French and kids 8 and up. 4⭐️

JenlovesJT47 #LearningFrench 🇫🇷📚🤓 2w
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All signed up for #blitsyhistorymonth thanks to @chelleo 's email! I encourage you to sign up! #blitsy #swaps #BHMSwap

Chelleo Happy you‘re back! 2w
4thhouseontheleft It's nice to see you back on Litsy! I hope you had a wonderful New Year's and all is well. 1w
riversong153 @4thhouseontheleft Thanks! I did. I hope you did too! I‘ve been totally MIA. 1w
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Chelleo Hey...check your email! So glad I saw this! 7d
riversong153 @Chelleo Oh no! I completed it, but I had used the form that was in the body of the email and hit submit. I guess it didn‘t record my response. I completed it again this time and received the email. Sorry about that!! 7d
Chelleo @riversong153 I almost peed my pants...you were the 2nd person to have a failed submission....as much as I LOVE this swap, I come close to having a heart attack during this time. I did get your form this time so we're good! 7d
Chrissyreadit @Chelleo @riversong153 I‘m betting I did the same thing- filled in the body of the email instead of going to the link! 6d
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