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I'm back from my brief hiatus. 💕

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you all for your support these last couple of weeks. Losing Chaplin has been really difficult, and I'm still really struggling, but please know that all your kindness, comments, and generosity have absolutely been a bright spot in such a dark time. Thank you all so much! #catsoflitsy #chaplin

CBee Never commented on your post about the loss of sweet Chaplin - I‘m so sorry and I‘m sending lots of love to you 💚😢 6mo
Chrissyreadit im so sorry! 6mo
RaeLovesToRead Chaplin will always be missed 🫂💔 Message me if you need anything 💙 6mo
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ShelleyBooksie Oh Branwen, I am SO sorry for your loss!! Our pets take a piece of our hearts with them 6mo
ShelleyBooksie He had an amazing home with you. Thank you for sharing him with the Litsy community ♡ 6mo
MaureenMc 💗💗💗 6mo
CoverToCoverGirl 💗💗 we love them so. 6mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Oh no!! I‘m so sorry to hear this!! He was totally adorable, one of a kind🐾❤️ 5mo
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We lost Chaplin last night. 💔 He started going downhill Thursday night, but then last night he got worse so we took him in and they put him to sleep. 💔 I'm very grateful that he lived as long as he did - 2 years and 8 months after being diagnosed and the vet didn't think he'd make it to even one year - but it still doesn't make this easier. I know how loved he is within Litsy so I wanted to make sure everyone knew. 👇 #chaplin #catsoflitsy

Branwen I probably won't be online during the next few days, I just wanted to let everyone know that so no one would worry. 💕 I'm really going to miss my best book buddy. 6mo
vivastory I'm so sorry for your loss 💔 He will be missed in the community. You gave him a wonderful home. 6mo
RaeLovesToRead We will all miss you, beautiful sweet Chaplin 💙 So sorry 💔 6mo
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MicheleinPhilly ☹️ I‘m so sorry. ❤️ 6mo
TrishB So sorry 💔 he was so lovely. 6mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I'm so sorry for your loss.💔 Run free, sweet Chaplin! 6mo
JenReadsAlot I'm so sorry for your loss ❤️ 6mo
Librarybelle I‘m so sorry for your loss 6mo
HeyT I‘m so sorry for your loss but grateful you had those bonus two years 6mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m so sorry to hear this, but I‘m sure it was your love and care that gave Chaplin those extra years. ❤️ 6mo
JessClark78 I‘m so sorry for your loss. ☹️💔❤️ 6mo
AnneCecilie I‘m so sorry for your loss 💔 6mo
DGRachel I‘m so sorry for your loss. 6mo
quietjenn I'm so very sorry 💙 6mo
squirrelbrain So sorry for your loss, we‘ll all miss beautiful Chaplin. 6mo
Clare-Dragonfly I‘m so sorry 😭 6mo
5feet.of.fury 💔 I‘m sorry for your loss! 6mo
mcipher Ohhh man I‘m so sorry. My old lady cat has cancer and I feel this in my heart so much 😮‍💨♥️♥️♥️ 6mo
Pageturner1 So sorry 😣 6mo
jlhammar So sorry for your loss. 6mo
Larkken Sorry to hear this. 💔 6mo
MaureenMc I‘m so sorry for your loss. 💗 He will be missed. 6mo
peanutnine So so sorry for your loss 💔 Sending virtual cat cuddles your way 💕 6mo
llwheeler So sorry for your loss 6mo
CoverToCoverGirl So deeply sorry for your loss. 💔💗 6mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards So sorry to hear the news - he will be fondly remembered. 6mo
Branwen @vivastory I just received your email, Scott. Thank you so much. That was very kind and very much appreciated. It was a light during this very dark day. Thank you for being such a kind, thoughtful friend 💕 6mo
Bette I‘ll miss seeing him. Take care of yourself. They give us so much and this part is never easy. 💔 6mo
batsy I'm so sorry 💔 6mo
DaveGreen7777 I‘m so sorry for your loss, Becky! 😔 You gave Chaplin a great life and he was very lucky to have a wonderful fur mommy like you. Sending healing energy to you at this difficult time! ❤️‍🩹 6mo
vivastory 💙 6mo
DivineDiana What a sweet boy. Sending my condolences. ❤️ 6mo
Smrloomis Sorry to hear this! 💕 Sending some good thoughts 💕💕💕 6mo
Ruthiella ❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww I‘m so sorry 💔💔 6mo
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Quietly Hostile | Samantha Irby
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I love all of Samantha Irby's books so far, so I'm really looking forward to her newest one! #catsoflitsy #chaplin

RaeLovesToRead Chaplin also a fan!!!! 6mo
Branwen @RaeLovesToRead He's wondering if he and the skunk are related, since they're the same colors! 😹 6mo
Tamra I love his mustache! 6mo
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Horse: A Novel | Geraldine Brooks
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Happy Friday, Litsy peeps! 🎉🎉🎉 I hope everyone has a fun and exciting bookish weekend to look forward to! 💕📚 I'm really happy to FINALLY be starting this one today! I love Geraldine Brooks (The People of the Book was SO GOOD!) and I'm finally ready to dive into this one! #catsoflitsy #chaplin

RaeLovesToRead Chapliiiiiiin 💕💕💕💕💕💕 6mo
jlhammar Happy Friday! I also love Geraldine Brooks. This was one of my favorite reads last year. Hope you enjoy! 6mo
Branwen @RaeLovesToRead Chaplin loves new books! 😻 @jlhammar Ooooh I'm so glad to hear that! I can't wait to sink my teeth into it! 😍💕 6mo
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Happy Book Birthday to this beauty! 🎉🎉🎉 Chaplin was super excited it arrived today! 💕📚 #catsoflitsy #chaplin

RaeLovesToRead Hey big eyes 🥰🥰 7mo
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Silver in the Bone | Alexandra Bracken
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I am loving this so far! I didn't realize when I started it that it had Arthurian myths and legends in it! 😱 Plus a really unique magic system! Very awesome! 💕📚 Chaplin is loving it so far too! #catsoflitsy #chaplin

RaeLovesToRead Those eyes!! 😍😍😍 7mo
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Ashes of the Sun | Django Wexler
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Happy Friday, littens! 💕📚💕📚💕 I hope everyone has bookish plans for the weekend! I know I am looking forward to getting a lot of reading done over the next two days!

Trying to get through as much of this book as I can before heading into work! I have back-to-back after hours programs tonight, so I'll be glad when this day is over! 😵‍💫 #catsoflitsy #chaplin

ShelleyBooksie Chaplin ♡♡♡ 8mo
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A Day of Fallen Night | Samantha Shannon
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Happy Monday, littens! 💕📚💕

I am only about 200 pages into this one, because I am purposefully reading at a slower pace than usual - I want this book to last! I am absolutely enthralled. It's so so good! #catsoflitsy #chaplin

currentlyreadinginCO Same!! I am savoring ❤️ 8mo
TrishB Can‘t wait to get to. 8mo
RaeLovesToRead I'm saving this one until I've read some other stuff... I always save books I'm excited about. This is why I end up reading so much rubbish 🤣🤣 8mo
Meshell1313 Same!! Just finished part 1 but am taking my time through it! I already have my favorite story line! 8mo
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THE FOXGLOVE KING | Hannah Whitten
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I absolutely did NOT mean to start another book when I'm already reading quite a few...but I read the first couple of chapters of this and now I'm hooked! Chaplin approves! 😹💕📚 #catsoflitsy #chaplin

RaeLovesToRead Foxgloves 😱😱😱 but Chaplin 🤗🤗🤗💕 8mo
Leftcoastzen Awww!😻 8mo
Branwen @Leftcoastzen 😻💕 @RaeLovesToRead Chaplin said he will protect you from the creepy foxgloves! 😽♥️ 8mo
RaeLovesToRead Thank you, Chaplin!!! There's another book called Foxglove out this year. I do hope this isn't going to jump-start a foxglove fad, with enormous foxglove-themed displays in Waterstones 😅😅 8mo
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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel | Stephen King
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Chaplin thinks I should reread the Bill Hodges trilogy before King's new book, Holly, comes out this year! 💕📚 Well...I can't argue with that logic! 😹 #catsoflitsy #chaplin

Bookwormjillk Ohhhh good idea 😻 10mo
Leftcoastzen I loved the series! 10mo
jackilynn I have been trying to work my way through his backlist chronologically (publication order) & my next read should've been Tommyknockers. I am thinking I need to just skip to the Bill Hosges trilogy instead though lol 10mo
Branwen @Bookwormjillk Right?! Chaplin is so smart! 😹 @Leftcoastzen Me too! It's fantastic! 😀 @jackilynn I support that decision 100%! Especially since Tommyknockers is definitely one of his weakest works! 😂 10mo
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