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The Burning Bride | Margaret Lawrence

I have the first book - Hearts and Bones. I‘m pretty sure Rosina Lippi recommended it. The #burningbride is third in the trilogy. Has anyone read it? The closest song I could think of is Goldrush Brides by 10,000 Maniacs. I could have tagged Women‘s Diaries Of The Westward Journey too.... #nofemmeber

Billypar Sounds like a good whodunnit with an interesting 19th century backdrop! 🕵️ 1y
Cinfhen Not familiar with the book or the song but if u want you can check out the Spotify playlist under NoFemmeber. I‘m gonna try to find the link and share it 1y
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen I have to type the address to the playlist in- I‘m soooo lazy! 1y
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This is a beautiful children‘s book about fallingwater and we hope to visit sometime in the next year, but after reading “Loving Frank,” all I can think of is (and it seems quite macabre) Mamah his #burningbride #NoFemmeber Hope that‘s not too much of a spoiler. 😬

Crazeedi I lived 45 minute from there for many years, beautiful 1y
CarolynM Another of my bucket list destinations❤️ 1y
Billypar I had to sneak a look at Wikipedia, and oh my....never heard of that before in connection to FLW! A story that is in stark contrast to the peaceful nature of his work like Fallingwater. 1y
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Cinfhen Here I go again, I‘ve been meaning to read tagged book but #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 1y
JennyM @Cinfhen me too. I hope to get to this very soon (she says for the millionth time 🙃) 1y
Blaire @Crazeedi were not too far away either and my in-laws live in Morgantown so it‘s a doable trip. @CarolynM 1y
Blaire @Cinfhen @jennym I would never have gotten to it if it hadn‘t been a book club pick. My tbr is almost 1000 books long (and those are ones I‘ve actually put on a goodreads list). 😂😂😂 1y
Blaire @Billypar yes, it‘s shocking! 1y
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I‘ve posted about this book before, but it is a favorite of mine. If you liked Unmentionable, check this book out!

Zonite would definitely be the perfect product to turn you into a #burningbride. One of the ingredients was sodium hypochlorite, so essentially you would be douching with bleach. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️


Hollie Ouch!! 1y
CarolynM 😱😱😱 1y
Billypar The salesmanship of the article is something else. I was nodding to the title question, 'Sure, her information should absolutely be complete and correct'. But the 'and therefore...' part sure came out of nowhere! 1y
Cinfhen 🤯😳 1y
Mdargusch Ouch! 1y
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The Blazing World | Siri Hustvedt
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Hustvedt's richly layered prose is among the best I read this year & Harriet Burden is one of my favorite characters I spent time with.
@Cinfhen @Billypar

vivastory @merelybookish I think you'd love it! 1y
Billypar Definitely one of my favorites of the year too! 1y
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merelybookish @vivastory @Billypar Two sources I trust! 1y
merelybookish Hey Scott. Are you in KC for Thanksgiving? We are going. Hoping to be there by Tues. Just checking in case we might squeeze in a coffee. 1y
vivastory @merelybookish Yes! I will also be in my new position by then, so I won't have to worry about being on call. I'm going to be at my family's house the Saturday after Thanksgiving, otherwise I should be free. 1y
Cinfhen First, book sounds great and I don‘t know why I haven‘t read it yet and second, I‘m curious about the KC connection @merelybookish @vivastory ?!??!?! #TotallyNosy 1y
merelybookish @Cinfhen Haha Nose away.😜 Scott lives in KC. I used to live there and often travel back to see friends. We've tried a few times to meet up but hasn't worked out yet. But maybe this time it will! 1y
Cinfhen Fun!!! I‘d love to hang out with you guys @merelybookish @vivastory Hope the timing is right this time! 1y
vivastory @Cinfhen Usually my job interferes. I'm a supervisor & am on call. As of this upcoming Thursday I will be moving to a new position where I will no longer be on call!🤘💃🙌 1y
Cinfhen Congrats on the new job position!! 1y
merelybookish @Cinfhen Any time! Come to KC or Denver! 1y
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Married to a Bedouin | Marguerite van Geldermalsen
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#nofemmeber #burningbride

Here‘s a book I read a few years ago that fits. Becoming a #bride in a place that‘s #burning hot! Marguerite is a NZ woman who married a Bedouin man and lived in a cave raising a family. It‘s a fascinating book about learning to fit into a new culture/community, managing life away from modern conveniences, with some adventures before chronicling how their community was forced away from their traditional caves.

Cinfhen This sounds super fascinating... 1y
Centique @Cinfhen it was - and a very easy read. I‘ll keep my eye out for a copy of it. I doubt you can find it outside of NZ or Aus! 😘 1y
Cinfhen Ha!!! I was thinking finding this book might not be that easy 😘 1y
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Cathythoughts Very clever choosing here ... sounds really good too 👍🏻❤️ 1y
LeahBergen I have this waiting on my shelf! 👍🏻 1y
Billypar Great synopsis! 😃 1y
Centique @Cathythoughts thanks Cathy and Vinny! @Billypar 1y
Centique @LeahBergen yay! It‘s quite upbeat so a nice one in between your heavier reading maybe? 💕 1y
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A Burnable Book: A Novel | Bruce Holsinger
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#burningbride #NoFemmeber
No burning brides....but some books 📚 which is always bad!
Not usually a big fan of historical mysteries but I enjoyed this one.

Cinfhen Actually sounds interesting 🤓 1y
Melissa_J Have you read the sequel yet? I haven‘t. 1y
TrishB @Cinfhen it is 👍🏻 1y
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TrishB @melissa_j no 😱 usual, too many books etc... 1y
Cinfhen Low Litsy rating 🤔 1y
TrishB @Cinfhen very mixed 🤷‍♀️ 1y
Melissa_J @Cinfhen I liked it, too, if that helps. Trish and my seal of approval should take precedence over Litsy ratings 😂 1y
Cinfhen Absolutely @Melissa_J 🙌🏻💕 1y
Billypar I feel like that happens a decent amount where I love a book, and am all set to review it, only to find it has a crazy low rating 😯. But to each her/his own! 1y
TrishB @Cinfhen @Melissa_J some people‘s reviews will always be more convincing as I know we like similar stuff! 😁 1y
TrishB @Billypar it‘s the joy of reading 👍🏻 1y
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Wide Sargasso Sea | Jean Rhys
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#NoFemmeber #BurningBride
I think I've probably gone for an obvious choice in Bertha Mason as the mad woman in the attic Mr rochester's first wife who in this book is allowed a life beyond the demented images of the victorian gothic illustration i managed to find.

BarbaraBB Well chosen! 1y
Billypar Good one! ☺️👍 1y
batsy Great pick! 1y
Cinfhen Clever 1y
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One foot wrong in that fire swamp, and it could've been Buttercup!

#BurningBride #NoFemmeber @Billypar @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Oh no!! Not buttercup 😂😂😂 1y
Centique Perfect choice! 1y
Billypar Very true! You would think the RUS's would have found a better home- how many of them must be victims of the fires? 😹 1y
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DAY 4: For #BurningBride, I‘m going with the “corpse is on fire” lyric. This book opened my eyes to how messed up and money-hungry the US funeral industry is. And it solidified my desire to be cremated. 🔥


📷: Caitlin Doughty

Tex2Flo Absolutely loved this book! Learned a lot and made a distinct change in my end-of-life plans. (edited) 1y
Cathythoughts I don‘t know this... but it looks great 👍🏻 1y
britt_brooke @Tex I learned so much from this book. I‘ve lost 2 grandparents since reading it and, at both funerals, I couldn‘t help but think about the process behind the scenes. I know that‘s morbid, but so is the process. Its such a weird industry. 1y
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britt_brooke @Cathythoughts It‘s a pretty weird read, but really informative. I definitely recommend it! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm From the blurb, sounds interesting! 1y
Cinfhen Another great choice for #NonFictionNovember and what a fascinating concept for a book. 1y
SkeletonKey Just finished this book yesterday, can‘t believe it took so long for me to pick it up. 1y
Kappadeemom Is it gross? Will I have to cover my eyes? 1y
britt_brooke @erzascarletbookgasm It‘s an interesting one for sure! 1y
britt_brooke @Cinfhen Thanks! It‘s a really interesting read. 1y
britt_brooke @SkeletonKey It‘s such an weird and fascinating read. Have to read her other book? I liked this one more, but it‘s an interesting look into other customs. 1y
britt_brooke @Kappadeemom Some parts are a bit cringeworthy, but not too gross. 1y
Billypar I feel like this could be a companion read with Mary Roach's Stiff- one I've put on hold and then chickened out on when it became available 😳 1y
JennyM I bet this is fascinating!!! 1y
SkeletonKey @britt_brooke - I‘m starting her other one next. 1y
britt_brooke @Billypar I read them back to back! 😆 But, once Mary Roach started talking about maggots, I started skimming. 🤢 1y
britt_brooke @JennyM It really is! And it‘s oddly entertaining, too. Doughty‘s an interesting personality. It‘s a great read! 1y
britt_brooke @SkeletonKey Oh good - hope you enjoy! 1y
Billypar @britt_brooke Ha- that's too funny--a morbid double feature to say the least! Yeah, not sure how I'll do with the maggots 🤢 1y
vivastory This was very informative, fascinating & to echo others in the thread, it made me finalize my funeral arrangements (also cremated). 1y
britt_brooke @vivastory I really appreciated Doughty‘s candor. Our funeral industry and normal customs creep me out. I don‘t need anyone pinning my dead eyelids closed. Holy hell. (edited) 1y
vivastory There should be an emoji for that 😬😂 1y
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Elvis Presley | Bobbie Ann Mason
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This is Elvis Presley wearing his “burning love” jumpsuit. Bear with me. I have not read the tagged book, but I have been to Graceland! Today‘s challenge for #nofemmeber #burningbride brought the classic Burning Love song to mind! I have to suppose that there had to be some burning love with a burning bride! 😀
“Hunk, hunka, burning love”

Cathythoughts Love this post !! Elvis 🕺🏾❤️ 1y
Cinfhen Hahaha “Hunka Hunka “ 🙌🏻❤️😂😂 1y
BarbaraBB Elvis ❤️❤️. And I have been crying in Graceland too 😉 1y
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Billypar If I were going to be an Elvis impersonator, I might try the red jumpsuit- not a bad look for him 🤔😋 1y
DivineDiana @Billypar I think you should rock this next Halloween! 😉 1y
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