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While holiday shopping on Amazon, I found the perfect surprise birthday gift for my husband: companion books to his favourite science/history documentary TV series, James Burke's Connections & The Day The Universe Changed. They finally arrived yesterday and he was definitely surprised! He was so blown away he hugged me and even cried! It was awesome ☺️ #BooksfortheWin #BookGifts

Bookwomble I loved James Burke's shows when I was a kid. Connections was one of my favourites 🙂 What a fantastic find, and really cool book covers. 11mo
TK-421 @Bookwomble Thanks! I wish I had known about these shows as a kid! 11mo
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Darkfever: Fever Series | Karen Marie Moning
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Exactly how I feel! #booksforthewin

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FINALLY sharing my recent B&N #bookhaul. My dear mama insisted on buying me the Go Away, I'm Reading sign (and I protested, really and truly I did...😜). Heard so many good things about both these books. Definitely excited to add these to my summer TBR! #booksforthewin #happyfridayeve

Jess7 This one is awesome! 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I have that sign! ❤️ 2y
CoffeeBooksRepeat Need the sign!!! 2y
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asiriusreader @Jess7 that's what I've heard!! 2y
asiriusreader @BarbaraTheBibliophage my mom and I both knew I had to have it!!! And @CoffeeBooksRepeat go get it! It's at Barnes and Noble! 2y
Bklover I have the same sign. Moms rock. ❤️ 2y
aubergine123 All the light... Is beautiful. One of the best I've read in the past few years. 2y
emilyhaldi LOVE both of those books ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
asiriusreader @Bklover amen!! Moms are the best. 2y
asiriusreader @aubergine123 so excited about that one! @emilyhaldi so glad to hear it...they were definitely #blameitonLitsy purchased! 2y
asiriusreader *purchases 2y
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Bones Are Forever | Kathy Reichs
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I am having a hard time settling on one book so I am currently reading five. 😂 Who else is enjoying a Friday night reading rather than peopleing?

Melissa_J Me!!! 3y
RiotMom Meeeeee! And I'm having the same problem! 3y
CocoReads Me!!! Although I've got a fairly significant headache brewing so I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be up. 😟 3y
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Reviewsbylola 👋🏻🙌🏻 3y
CouronneDhiver Soon! I have another couple hours to go (at work) and I'm already exasperated with my level of 'human exposure' today. 3y
kspenmoll Watching soccer US v Jamaica- so far a tie- & checking in with Litsy. Reading after game.😊 3y
ReadingSusan @RiotMom Book restlessness is real! 3y
ReadingSusan @CocoReads oh no! I hope it goes away. That's the worst when you want to read. 3y
ReadingSusan @CouronneDhiver I too have a maximum amount of hours I can people per day! 3y
valeriegeary I peopled for a while.... Now it's back to books! 3y
masteryoda716 How do you tackle multiple books at a time? Do you focus on one for a day or two and rotate through or try to hit multiple books each day? 3y
ReadingSusan @masteryoda716 I just read whatever book whenever I feel like it. 3y
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#BookMail to reward me for doing so well in the #24in48 #readathon I swear I must be psychic, I had a feeling I needed to go to the front door, I opened it & the postman was just about to come into my yard!😮Lucky the hubby isn't home, they were all in seperate packages 📦Plus- lots of bookmarks Minus- more packaging to hide & looks like bigger order than it is. Don't know whether it's a plus or minus win. Oh well, new books! #booksforthewin

LauraBrook Yaaaaay! Books for the win, indeed. 3y
shawnmooney Ooooh, a Princess Margaret bio I haven't heard of! (pant pant) 3y
Julsmarshall New books are always a win! 3y
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