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I thought it was funny! And now I know the context of:

✅ Don‘t Panic!
✅ bringing your towel
✅ Babel fish
✅ 42

Had heard those references so many times in the past!

Read for #1001Books and also works for year 1979 of my #birthdaychallenge

TobeyTheScavengerMonk Now you are officially a frood who really knows where her towel is. 6y
julesG @TobeyTheScavengerMonk GAH, you beat me to it. 😁 6y
SheilaChew 42! 🤓 6y
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Sue Pangalactic gargleblasters all round! 6y
Gezemice And remember never to recite Vogon poetry. 6y
DivineDiana Like that photo! 😀 6y
Cinfhen My #birthdaychallenge is in the dumpster 😫😫😫 6y
Hollie Love the photo! 6y
LauraBeth This is one of those books that I still want to read before I die! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @TobeyTheScavengerMonk haha, yes! A very important thing to have 🤗 6y
ValerieAndBooks @julesG now I know you‘ve read this before 😀! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @SheilaChew but what was the question?! 😂 6y
ValerieAndBooks @Sue 😂 hopefully adding an olive to it makes it palatable 🍸! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @Gezemice only the third worst poetry in the Universe 😆! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @DivineDiana thanks ☺️ 6y
ValerieAndBooks @Cinfhen I‘m trying to resuscitate that challenge but don‘t know if I‘ll succeed 😜 6y
ValerieAndBooks @Hollie thanks! Glad I got it done yesterday— raining today! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @LauraBeth You can do it; it‘s a quick read 😊! 6y
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To the Lighthouse | Virginia Woolf
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I got a LOT of this done last year - many more than what was covered by my #Birthdaychallenge
I could get the rest of this done this year - I only have 38 left, plus one for 2019.
I‘m planning on 2 a month.
But we‘ll see - maybe I‘ll get ambitious toward the end of the year.

Texreader Impressive 6y
Melkyl You have a lot more done than I do 😂 Nice work! 6y
Sweettartlaura @Melwilk I‘m really enjoying it, which is probably driving me on. Finding books from each year is like a scavenger hunt. 6y
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With this year‘s reading drawing to a close, time to plan for next year. I‘ve decided to lower my Goodreads challenge goal to 52 books, since I have quite an ambitious #LitsyClassics list. I‘m going to try to knock a total of 30 off of #MountTBR a potential 33.7% reduction 🤓 And I‘m allowing myself 6 extra borrow/buy in addition to the classics I need. Hopefully some will also work for ongoing #BirthdayChallenge and #192019 @DivaDiane @Sarah83

Betty Great math calculation! 6y
KVanRead @Betty Not bad for a former English major 😂 6y
Betty @KVanRead I would have thought you majored in math. 6y
LeahBergen I‘m lowering my Goodreads goal and planning on some big reads from my TBR, too. 👍🏻 6y
KVanRead @LeahBergen May the odds be ever in our favor 😌 6y
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The Sea, The Sea | Iris Murdoch
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I still can‘t find my copy of A Little Life so that I can get back to it! Driving me crazy — where can it be ?! So, going to start this. It‘ll fulfill two goals for me: it‘s a #1001books and it‘s year 1978 of my #birthdaychallenge.

And yes I‘m under a blanket on the couch. Getting chilly here!

AshleyHoss820 I haven't read this one yet! Let me know how it goes!! 6y
BarbaraBB You‘ll love it, I‘m sure! 6y
Reviewsbylola Omg that‘s the worst!! 6y
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batsy Oh no, I hope you find it! Soon! 😓 (And that's a great cover for The Sea, The Sea.) 6y
huntersmom1977 Oh the 1001 books looks interesting! Thanks for posting 😊 6y
ValerieAndBooks @AshleyHoss820 so far I like it. Not much is happening yet, but I am enjoying the narrator (so far). 6y
ValerieAndBooks @BarbaraBB have you read this yet? So far, so good. 6y
ValerieAndBooks @Reviewsbylola it‘s crazy that I can‘t find it! I know I didn‘t take it anywhere and it‘s too big of a book to easily miss! 6y
ValerieAndBooks @batsy probably better to wait until after Christmas to get back to it anyway! This cover of The Sea, The Sea is a detail of Perseus and Andromeda by Titian. 6y
ValerieAndBooks @huntersmom1977 if you look it up here (see tag), you‘ll find that there‘s quite a few others doing this goal. And I learned there‘s also an iPhone app for keeping track. It‘s pretty handy 😊 6y
BarbaraBB Yes I did and I became a fan of Murdoch ever since! 6y
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And Still I Rise | Maya Angelou
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I love that the #birthdaychallenge is getting me to read books I usually miss #1979

LibrarianRyan That is one of my favorite poems. It has been recited in a few Tyler Perry movies too. 7y
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My Name Is Asher Lev | Chaim Potok
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Cinfhen I never read this one...is it good?! 7y
LauraBeth @Cinfhen YES! Go buy this today!!! 7y
Cinfhen Going to check on BookOutlet💗 7y
ValerieAndBooks @LauraBeth loved this one! @Cinfhen this is by the same author as the tagged book we read for a while back for the birthday challenge (which I need to start doing again) 6y
Cinfhen I've been soooo bad with the #birthdaychallenge @ValerieAndBooks 6y
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Breakfast of Champions | Kurt Jr. Vonnegut
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This book literally has all the feels. I laughed. I cried. I shook my first in anger. Sometimes I was bored. Sometimes I was baffled. Other times I was filled with despair. But the best parts of this crazy ride like this bit here made my heart sing. I love you Mr. Vonnegut and thanks. P.S. John Malkovich knocks this #audiobook outta the park. #BirthdayChallenge #192019 #1973

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘ll have to try it on audiobook next time. 7y
KVanRead @Riveted_Reader_Melissa If you like Malkovich, you won‘t be disappointed. 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @KVanRead I read it last year, and wasn‘t impressed....maybe what I was missing was great narration. 7y
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @KVanRead And Yes, I could see him being a great narrator! 7y
britt_brooke I love this book, but haven‘t listened to the audio. It‘s on my to-do list! Is there a pdf for all of his sketches? 7y
KVanRead @brittbrooke No pdf that I know of but I loved how they handled it: they just had Malkovich insert things like, “ and here is a drawing of an asterisk that‘s meant to be an asshole” with a hilariously deadpan delivery. 7y
KVanRead @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I can see how not everyone would love it. I found it really hard to handle all the anger and sadness and pointlessness it evokes, but with the audio I just kind of kept letting it all wash over me and then the moments of pure beauty would stop me in my tracks. It was a really visceral experience. 7y
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And with this book, I finish the Book Riot #readharder challenge!

#ReadHarder - ✅
#LitsyAToZ - author & title tracks - ✅
#BirthdayChallenge - ✅
#GoodreadsChallenge - ✅
50,000 pg - ✅

#MountTBR - 89/100
#LitsyReadingChallenge - 23/25
#PopSugarReadingChallenge - 49/52

I‘m gonna pull off my crazy year of reading 😊❤️📚

Natasha.C.Barnes Aaaaaa the only one I didn't have picked was the spiritual journey one--what a great idea! 7y
cathysaid What did you think of it? I've been eyeing the audiobook... 7y
Sweettartlaura @Natasha.C.Barnes I planned on using Malcolm X for different purposes. But once I started reading this, I realized it worked for this, as well - I recommend it 🙂 7y
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Sweettartlaura @cathysaid A Walk in the Woods? I liked it - a lot more than I expected🙂 This was my first Bryson read, & he is a talented storyteller. There is a lot to learn here, & a lot of fun along the journey. Can‘t speak to the audiobook, but if you‘re interested in this, go for it😊 7y
Sweettartlaura Wait!!! Stop the presses 🛑 I just realized I‘m still missing the one about Immigration 😮. I already have an Immigration pick for 2 other challenges ready to go, so tonight I‘ll start 7y
Megabooks 😀😀😀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🥂 7y
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... and with this pick from #1988, my #birthdaychallenge (plus) is complete!

I may hit a few more before the year is out. I have less than half to get through for #192019challenge over the next 50 months. I‘m ready 🙌🏻 📖 📚