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Mani Di Fata | Agnes Moon
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I started this new series... well... It's not actually a good one.
The plot is always the same...
Anyway, it gaves me company during the last boring working evenings...
I'm reading the 4th book of the series, but I'm not sure I'll read the last one... we'll see it!

#agnesmoon #stocktontownseries #italianauthor #werewolfes #alpha #omega #beta #fairies #humanbeings #soulmates #mmromance

Nevernight | Jay Kristoff
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tammysue 👏🏻🙌🏻 4y
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Alpha | Jens Harder
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Thoroughly enjoying this gorgeously detailed journey through the development of early Earth. #Alpha...directions #JenHarder

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White Hot | Ilona Andrews
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I've read it twice and preordered the next--now what am I going to do??? White Hot is a fantastic example of urban fantasy: Uber powerful alpha hero, but slowly, the heroine is revealed to be even more powerful. Yes!!! Desirable in this world isn't about gleaming teeth but ferocious magic (ignore the cover, in other words). Read it!! #romantsy. #keepers. #urbanfantasy. #romance. #alpha

Rebekaaah Literally just about to start this! 👍🏻 5y
Chachic LOVED this one! A favorite read for this year. I had to go back and reread Burn for Me right after finishing White Hot. I should read those two books again back to back.💖💖 5y
EloisaJames @Chachic I did the same thing. Now I don't want to get out of bed because...nothing as good to read. Going to troll #romantsy 5y
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Otherworld_Library Thanks Eloisa! Will try! 5y
CoffeeK8 This series is just amazing! 5y
BeckyLeJ What a great review, @EloisaJames! I was giving a copy of this one to my sister but now I might have to get one for myself as well! 5y
EloisaJames @BeckyLeJ you won't be disappointed!! I looked at Amazon--320 reviews, 5 stars! I didn't even know that was possible! 5y
Chachic @EloisaJames I know exactly how you feel! I was a bit lost after finishing Burn for Me and White Hot because I didn't know what else could be as good. Have you read all of their books? I was saving up their Innkeeper Chronicles and recently picked those up when I had a slump. 5y
EloisaJames @Chachic I've read every single word. Did you read the short story that preceded this series? Somewhat same idea but sci fi? I think it's called Silver Shark. I adore it 5y
Chachic @EloisaJames Silent Blade and Silver Shark! Yes, I reread both of them recently. If you happen to have recs similar to their writing style, would love to hear them.😊 5y
EloisaJames @Chachic I think Kresley Cole's Immortals after Dark is excellent too. But there's nothing like I's books that I know of. 😔 5y
Chachic @EloisaJames I'd have to look up Kresley Cole's books, haven't tried any of them yet. Thanks for the rec! 😊 And I agree, there's nothing like Ilona and Gordon's books. 5y
willreadforfeels @EloisaJames: This book is definitely making it to my top picks for 2017! I have reread this book about four times since it came out last week, and I've reread Burn for Me twice! Then I went and reread the Kinsmen books, Silver Shark and Silent Blade. I might reread it again tonight if I don't get to rewatch Wonder Woman. Nevada Baylor and Diana Prince have me obsessed. 5y
EloisaJames @willreadforfeels you and I are kindred readers! I did the same. Ilona and I are friends so I emailed her yesterday and suggested that the Silver Shark world would be so great to revisit! AND I asked if there's an ARC yet, and there isn't. #obsessedreadersunite 5y
willreadforfeels @EloisaJames: I started on my 5th reread of White Hot, on the premise that when you have a book hangover, hair of the dog that bit you is as valid a remedy as with alcohol! And if that turns out to be patently untrue, I'll happily come up with a different excuse for reading when I should be working. I've also stalked the Ilona blog for snippets and Rohan POV stuff and have read each relevant post a couple of times. #obsessedreadersunite #notsorry 5y
EloisaJames @willreadforfeels why why aren't there more writers like this?? I dove back into Indy-pubs looking for a miracle and didn't find one. 5y
willreadforfeels @EloisaJames: I also fangirl hard on Patricia Briggs and Mercedes Lackey but right now Ilona Andrews is it for me. 5y
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Going Nowhere Fast | Kati Wilde
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I had so much fun reading this. It's about a sparky, tough heroine who keeps bumping into her BFF's older billionaire brother, an old-school alpha hiding his feelings behind his fabulous suits and mean comments--but wow, is he ever hiding a lot! This book even makes camping super sexy, and I'm the kind who shudders at the sight of a tent. Don't miss!! Thank you, @MarriedtoMrT ! #alpha #romance #newadult #contemporaryromance #romantsy

julesG Camping or glamping? 😁 6y
MarriedtoMrT @julesG Mostly glamping (well, lodge-staying) but they do some *actual* camping for a few days for an interesting reason. 6y
MarriedtoMrT I'm so glad you liked it! He is hiding a lot behind the suit. Maybe that's why he does the three piece with the vest. Extra layer needed to contain all the inner badass. 6y
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EloisaJames @julesG there is a night in a tent... but mostly there's a Cinderella feel about it. 6y
Dragon Thanks can't resist, picked it up on sale at iBook store 😀 6y
EloisaJames @Dragon hope you love it! 6y
Danabasket Just one clicked 6y
EloisaJames @Dragon @Dogearedcopy @Danabasket Please tell me what you think! 6y
Dogearedcopy @EloisaJames I read it last night and was fully engaged w/the story, so much so that I was a bit stunned at how viciously Bram & Beth lashed out at Amber. It reminded me how the people closest to us wield a bizarrely implicit license & ability to wound us... With that in mind, that scene revealed to me the stakes involved in their relationship. Yes, there were plenty of words to *tell* me; but that was the scene that *showed* me. 6y
EloisaJames @Dogearedcopy I agree! It was such a powerful scene. I think it worked because both of them were really talking about their own relationship--and the class lines that structured their understanding of the world came into play. I have to say, I loved the fact that she got out of there as a response. 6y
MarriedtoMrT @EloisaJames @Dogearedcopy Late to the party but I loved that scene as well and that she got out and that she drew the line in sand. I loved that she could understand where they were coming from but also decide to take care of herself. And I was SO happy that Bram decided to go to therapy in the end. He wasn't just miraculously fixed by love but realized that he needed to work through his grief. 6y
JoannaShupe I loved this book, too! So unexpectedly fun!! 6y
EloisaJames @MarriedtoMrT I totally agree about the therapy! It's something I regret about writing historicals--without therapy and meds, there are experiences my main characters can never have, not because I'm Pollyanna-ish, but because I'm pessimistic. 6y
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