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A reliably entertaining interstitial in my favourite urban fantasy series. Unlike Peter, I now know what Abigail did that summer (hilariously, it's not dissimilar to what he was doing, only aided by foxes rather than rivers). Abigail has always been one of my favourite supporting characters, and I'm now even more worried about what she'll do with her prodigious talents when she grows up...

shanaqui I really should get back to reading this series... I decided not to keep my copies of the latest books in hardback when I was cleaning out, and now I'm slightly regretting it -- I hadn't been *reading* them for ages, just ignoring them and going “meh“, so I figured I was done, but now my brain's like “...nope, I'm ready to see wtf is going on next“. Arrghhh!

(Though I have much more interest in almost every other character than Peter.)
imyril @shanaqui …I think that‘s fair. Peter has never been the most interesting person in the cast, although I‘ve come to like him a lot more than I liked his younger self (who could be a bit of a prick). 2h
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Shadowed Souls | Jim Butcher, Kerrie L. Hughes
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🎧 11 short stories … one new one from the author & then 5 from women & 5 from men.


Automatic star reduction 👆🏼

You get a new short story from THE author. The rest are hit or miss. A couple stories felt like they had nothing to do with Dresden 🤨 Seanan Maguire‘s was good.


…. now for Skin Game …. Mr Marsters 🖤

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“The last time I was at a supernatural shindig, I got poisoned and then everything there tried to kill me. So I burned the whole place to the ground.“

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I had to finish and now wait for the 4th book. I‘m failing miserably at not my book ban, my TBR and my buddy reads. But this was so fun and easy and I‘m satisfied ❤️

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🎧 Harry‘s back!!

He‘s back from the dead and is now Mab‘s Winter Knight, forced to do her bidding!! First on her list? Assassinate an immortal!

Harry‘s ALIVE & more than mortal! He has to let all of his friends & family know he‘s not dead & then convince them to help him kill the immortal.

This book had so many new & old characters! Supernatural beings! Action!! Fight scenes! Romance! HUMOR! Friends, family, enemies!

Loved it!

House of Sky and Breath | Sarah J. Maas
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My anticipated 2022 releases:
Tagged, Book of Night by Holly Black, Book Lovers by Emily Henry, Hook Line & Sinker by Tessa Bailey, Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse, Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks for playing!! 🙌🏻📚 1d
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A blame it on Litsy new series for me to get lost in. I borrowed the first book from Libby but I‘ve bought/ ordered the rest on my Kindle. True Blood meets Twilight - I‘m enjoying the werewolf/vampire world building - trigger warning ⚠️ rape, torture, violence against women

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My project is finished! Well, almost. I have to get it in the frame. Still have a couple hours to go on the audiobook and need to decide what to make next… Believe it or not, I do leave this couch and am not always covered in cats (unfortunately). #huey #lennox #catsoflitsy

RaeLovesToRead They look so cosy 😊🥰 4d
Michael_Gee (Unfortunately)! Lol, yes. The cross-stitch is gorgeous! I love it. 4d
BookwormAHN Lovely 💙 4d
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Another series by the awesome Seanan McGuire that doesn't let down. Quite different than Wayward Children series which I love but still a great read: a blend of mystery and fantasy, non-stop action that doesn't let down, great world and character building. A pick!

@PuddleJumper: this is January #49 #Roll100 pick on my list.
@TheAromaOfBooks: I was able to advance in the #PromptMaze with this read.
Thank you both for awesome challenges!

PuddleJumper Oh, that does sound fun! Glad you enjoyed it 4d
claudiuo @PuddleJumper Thanks for this challenge, it makes me try to read more! 4d
TheAromaofBooks Yes!!! I've advanced three spaces and and have been stuck for there for the last couple of books. I don't know what I was thinking with some of these prompts 😂 4d
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claudiuo @TheAromaofBooks I only moved 2 squares but I enjoy every move. It's such an original idea, I love it! 4d
ozma.of.oz I love this series! ❤️ 4d
claudiuo @ozma.of.oz I'm getting the second book soon but I'm also curious about the InCryptid series, so I think I'll make a detour first. 😊 4d
TheAromaofBooks I'm going to see how it goes. I may come up with a second one for the second half of the year. Or I may still be stuck on square 3 by then 😂 4d
ozma.of.oz Yay! I also love the Incryptid books! I hope you enjoy them! 4d
claudiuo @TheAromaofBooks What? I just finished the maze! I thought there is something wrong and last square sent me to I5 cause there is no I5; except there is and it is the ending 😁 It seems I was very lucky and the selections I made took me there in 3 steps: A2 -> A5 -> F5 -> I5.
I will retrace my steps, read another book for an already done cell and go in a different direction!
Thanks a lot for the fun!
TheAromaofBooks Nice!!! That is awesome!! I wasn't sure how many steps there are... the only “planning“ I did was to try and make sure there were same number chances to get sent to each cell (so I think I ended up with 3 as the magic number - of course - so three different cells send you to A2; 3 cells send you to A3; etc). That's awesome that you found the finish!!! 3d
claudiuo @TheAromaofBooks I love the fact that you provided for more than one possibility in each cell, it makes for more fun. Now that I finished by starting with a nonfiction in A2, I will start all over with either a Fairytale retelling or a Romance and see where that gets me. I really love it! Thank you so much! 3d
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Kelley Armstrong - always a hit for me. This is the second in a duology, and wasn't exactly what I was expecting but was still a great book. #02-2022