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#Pemberlittens Ch.7: travelling would have been expensive! I wonder if there were ways to avoid the tolls on roads, especially if you travelled on foot. An interesting chapter. I think this would be a helpful book to authors who write regency romances. One thing that stuck out: people who walked were looked down upon. If you remember in our last book, the time travellers arrived at the inn and are treated poorly because they arrived by foot.

Bklover I think it‘s awful that women aren‘t allowed to bathe or shower on boats (but the men are!?) 1mo
Ruthiella This makes me think of Northanger Abbey and how shocked Catherine is to have to take a public stagecoach home. 1mo
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suvata And the time it took to get anywhere is what amazed me. Quote: Anne Lister, travelling from Chester to Manchester in 1822, declares the road ‘shockingly bad for two or three miles, full of great holes and pools of water‘ – and that is in July. In December it can take her almost two hours to travel just 7½ miles. — Kind of like “rush hour” in any major American city but with just a handful of traffic. #RoadRage 1mo
IndoorDame @suvata I was thinking the same thing about rush hour commutes now 1mo
CoffeeNBooks Yikes- I had no idea all of these carriages were so dangerous! "The Life Preserver" marketed to old ladies and people of a nervous disposition ? I would definitely take that transport! 1mo
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