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Repost for @Kenny :
Anyone into creating a #Tacoma Litsy group? I don‘t know what we‘ll do yet, but the bookstore will contribute a bunch of awesome galleys and we can do what we love most—talk about books. Leave a comment if you‘re interested. @LitsyHappenings #PNWLitsyMeetup

Kenny Definitely message me if you‘re interested. We already have some fun ideas. 1y
BadLibs I'm new to the city, so I'd love to get in on this! 1y
LitsyHappenings @Kenny 👆 in case you didn't see! 1y
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Into The Water | Paula Hawkins
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After the meet up yesterday the husband and I went for ice cream at Ruby Jewels. I had marionberry crumble 🤤.

Thank you to @Hooked_on_books for my Paula Hawkins book from and also for recommending Christina Henriquez to me.


RadicalReader @That-Bookish-Hiker Ruby Jewels sounds like a wonderful place for ice cream as it‘s always incredible 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @RadicalReader their ice cream is amazing. Also they make their own ice cream sandwiches which is their ice cream smashed between two homemade cookies. 🤤 def a summer indulgence. 1y
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Here‘s my Powell‘s haul from after the #PNWLitsymeetup today and the tagged book from the book swap with @That-Bookish-Hiker . Thanks for the book and thanks again for organizing! It was great to spend time with fellow book lovers and talk about books.

That-Bookish-Hiker It was so great meeting you! And thanks for the book and the recommended one I ended up buying. 😊 1y
Hooked_on_books @That-Bookish-Hiker You‘re welcome! I hope you like it as much as I did! 1y
UnidragonFrag Great choices! Wish I could've stayed longer and for something, but I liked the surprise book I got (thanks @That-Bookish-Hiker 😃) 1y
Jeannie Nice! I just finished Ayiti this week and loved it! 1y
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Meeting New Friends | Florence M Lindstrom
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Jeannie So nice to see you and meet new friends! Thank you! 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @Jeannie thank you for the book! I don‘t know if you got my email yet but I made bookmarks and forgot to give them to everyone. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 1y
RaimeyGallant Fun!!! 1y
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hermyknee Great photo! 1y
RadicalReader @That-Bookish-Hiker what an awesome looking event bet it was fantastically fun and so many social and interactive moments Litsy meetups should definitely remain a meetup topic /event 1y
Sweettartlaura #PNW Littens, next one will be in Tacoma ❤️. More details to come soon... 1y
Hooked_on_books It was fun! So great to meet and talk about books. ☺️ 1y
UnidragonFrag I don't get out much without the family, so this was pretty fun! Great to meet everyone :) 1y
UnidragonFrag Also, just occurred to me, but I have a boatload of party card and board games that I could possibly bring next time around? 😁 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @UnidragonFrag I‘m so happy you had a great time. Bringing that stuff next time is a great idea! 1y
UnidragonFrag Cool! 👍👍 will try to remember that haha 1y
LeahBergen I love this! 👏🏻👏🏻 1y
TheAlwaysReader That was so fun! Looking forward to more 😁 1y
MinDea Awesome!! 1y
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I arrived in town a bit early for the #PNWLitsymeetup to check out the Rose City Book and Paper Fair, featuring rare, signed, and antique books. I think one could wander through for hours (I‘m looking at you, @LeahBergen ).

SilversReviews Have fun at the meetup. 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @Hooked_on_books I miss this every year. I got to downtown early too! I‘m at Zeus‘s having a drink until everyone comes. 😊 1y
LeahBergen Oooohh! I‘m so jealous! 😍😍 Enjoy your day. 1y
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Librariana Are y'all meeting in Portland? Maybe one of these days, now that I'm in Washington, I can join y'all! 1y
Hooked_on_books @Librariana We did meet in Portland! I‘ve heard rumors that the next planned location is Tacoma, but I don‘t know when. 1y
arubabookwoman Meetups are so fun. Wish I had known about this. I‘m in Seattle, but get down to Portland once in a while, and always include a trip to Powell‘s. Hope I can make the next #PacNWMeetup! 1y
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New Friends | Dorothy Haas
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Tomorrow is the day!!!

So exited to see everyone. Just a reminder that we are meeting at Mcmenamin‘s Zeus‘s Cafe at 11.

Anyone is welcome to come. 😊

@hooked_on_books @jeannie @thealwaysreader @unidragonfrag


hermyknee ✨💕🙌🏽☔️🥞 wish I was still in town for this! 1y
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Meeting New Friends | Florence M Lindstrom
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Happening this weekend!!!!

Powell‘s is calling and we must go.

We are meeting at McMenamins Zeus‘s Cafe at 11. Anyone is welcome to join.

@mindea @hooked_on_books @jeannie @thealwaysreader @unidragonfrag @kamoorephoto


Hooked_on_books Hooray! I‘m looking forward to this! 1y
kamoorephoto @MinDea Is there any way if I get downtown I can ride with you? I‘m lost as to how I can go... or @Jeannie where are you? No one seems to be connecting... I‘d really like to go. 1y
MinDea Hey @kamoorephoto! I am actually not going on Saturday. I'm sorry! I will definitely go to the one in Tacoma when that is set up next by @AWahle and @Sweettartlaura and can help you with a ride to that one! 1y
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Jeannie @kamoorephoto I‘d already mentioned that I was either getting a ride myself or taking the train, so am still not in a position to offer a ride. 1y
kamoorephoto @That-Bookish-Hiker Is the bus station far from the meeting spot? 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @kamoorephoto the greyhound station or the bolt bus? 1y
kamoorephoto @That-Bookish-Hiker Which is closer? I don‘t know if I can afford it... And my (ahem) other half, decided to take a shift, and leave all three kids at home. He says they‘re fine without me, but I don‘t want to leave them to their own devices (two are my stepkids/teeenagers and don‘t normally live with us). I‘m pretty pissed at how this weekend has turned out and want to cry when I think about how long this has been on the calendar. 1y
kamoorephoto @That-Bookish-Hiker If it had been just Roman and me, I might have been able to convince him that he‘d have to squeeze out the money for the bus. Now I can‘t. My plans aren‘t really important. Bear in mind, HE gets to go out to a bar tonight and play a gig. And he‘s leaving me with the kids tonight too. Want to cry 😭 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @kamoorephoto oh no! That really sucks. I‘m not sure where bolt bus stops but if it‘s near the greyhound then it‘s not far but walking uphill sucks so I would recommend getting a lyft and being dropped off at Mcmenamins. I would love for you to come but if it‘s too much stress don‘t worry about it. Next meeting will happen in Seattle or Tacoma. (edited) 1y
kamoorephoto @That-Bookish-Hiker I‘ll make it down one day to see you without a meetup! I hate that I‘m missing today 😭 1y
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The Great Book Swap | Alan Mitchell
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I forgot to ask in the email so here we go. 😊

To help your book swap person which wish list is best to go by? Goodreads or Litsy?

For me my Goodreads is the most up to date on my books.

@Hooked_on_books @Jeannie @TheAlwaysReader


Jeannie Litsy is good for me. 1y
Hooked_on_books Litsy for me 1y
UnidragonFrag It's too late for the swap for me, but do you suppose I could just meet up with you guys? I was just made aware of this! 1y
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That-Bookish-Hiker @UnidragonFrag yes, we would love to meet you! Don‘t worry about the book swap. We are meeting Mcmenamins Zeus‘s Cafe at 11. 1y
UnidragonFrag 😃 I haven't been there, so that sounds cool! Saving the date now :) 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @UnidragonFrag email me and I‘ll send you the address and my cell number 😊 my email is cristaljatip@hotmail.com 1y
TheAlwaysReader My best list is paperbackswap 😁 1y
UnidragonFrag @That-Bookish-Hiker sent! :) 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @UnidragonFrag I checked my email and I haven‘t gotten your email yet. 1y
UnidragonFrag Ah, poo. My phone was being dumb. Was out all day and just checked. It had an "unknown error" of course, so I just resent it! 1y
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Found a neat new to us park!
2. Nope, would like to! #portland
3. Hm. Mac n cheese? We're doing leftovers today and while that's easy, it's not my fave lol
4. Brownish green.
5. Only 16, but quite a few of those I never plan on reading because 50 Shades, really? 🤮

#humpdaypost @MinDea

MinDea Maine or Oregon? 1y
MinDea Did you know there is a #pnwlitsymeetup next Saturday in Portland? 1y
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UnidragonFrag @MinDea whaaa?? No! I had to idea! I'll have to check it out! 1y
Jeannie I was just going to comment about the meetup next weekend in Portland but @MinDea beat me to it :) 1y
UnidragonFrag @Jeannie :) :) I checked it out, planning to go! 1y
Jeannie Yay!! 1y
MinDea @That-Bookish-Hiker ! 1y
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#HumpDayPost is here again!
1. We went to the San Diego Zoo and saw Pandas and Koalas!
2. Yes! #PNWLitsyMeetUp #SeattleMeetup
3. 🍞🧀🍷 or 🥗
4. Grey
5. 40. Looks like I need to read more!

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day!

CarolynM Such a typical koala, fast asleep! 1y
Burghbookaddict My fiance is from San Diego and he always says we need to take a trip there just bc I would love the zoo! 1y
TheKidUpstairs I went to the zoo this weekend, too! 1y
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hgrimes I loooove San Diego, especially the zoo! The pandas are so sweet. And koalas stinky and always asleep, but I love them all the same! ❤️ Have you been to the wild animal park? 1y
Godmotherx5 The zoo is on my bucket list. Great pics. 1y
Drnkpnkprincess I have an annual pass and just walk those hills when I‘m in town. Such a lovely area 1y
MinDea @hgrimes no I have not been there! This was my first time in San Diego. Definitely plan to go again! 1y
MinDea @laurenashley Yes! If you like zoos you will love this zoo. We were only half way through and I was starting to get a little tired. 😆😆 It is so well done and it is huge!!!! 1y
MinDea @TheKidUpstairs Great minds! 😊 1y
hgrimes @MinDea It‘s in Escondido just outside of SD and is well worth a visit if/when you go back! It‘s like the San Diego Zoo expansion pack. 1y
RealLifeReading Aww I love koalas! The SD zoo is awesome! 1y
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