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The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again! | Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

It was a good read while waiting for summer to start in the #pnw. I basically knew what to expect but the #leagueofpensioners still surprised me. Locations and relationships change but they eventually rolled with it.
It will still make you land considered hiw we treat seniors today; then hopefully how they'll treat us in the future.

The World Traveler | Claire Castle
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1. Only 13. Not nearly as many as I‘d like. So many plans . . . and work continues to ruin my fun. 😉
2. How about both? #PNW for the win!
3. Too many to choose. So clearly I need to have a long life so I can cram in as much travel as possible! 😂
4. I don‘t really have a favorite book setting. But if I had to have a preference, I‘d say space because it‘s unlikely I‘ll ever get to travel in space.

Eggs Yes sigh work really jams up the fun-ness🤨 2mo
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The view from my window this morning. #countryliving #pnw

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful ❤️ 3mo
brit91 WoW! Beautiful!💖 3mo
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Virtue Falls | Christina Dodd

The book started out a little hard to follow with all of the changes. But the book turned out good and had me changing my mind on “ who done it” looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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📚 Tagged, plus four nonfiction books from which I keep posting quotes. 😂
📚📚 🤔 I literally have no idea? Maybe Sharon Levy‘s The Marsh Builders? Will put in comments (a wonderful #science book!)
📚📚📚 Love the ferns and firs of our area, the camas, and most of all, the trillium. #PNW #FernGully

#weekendreads @rachelsbrittain

suzisteffen Ty @Emilymdxn for posting this awesome one! 6mo
suzisteffen Book I mentioned above was greenish, also blue 😂 6mo
Emilymdxn 💖💖💖💖 6mo
suzisteffen *5 nonfiction books, lord lord. 6mo
rachelsbrittain Thanks for joining in 🌱🌿 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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RvnclawWhovian Oh hey, welcome to my neck of the woods 👋🏻 7mo
wanderinglynn 👋🏻 Welcome to the #PNW! I live across the sound on the Olympic Peninsula. 😀 7mo
Book_Gobbler Holy smokes! Seattle! So much love for this town- need to return there, hopefully in the near future. 🤗😍✈️ 7mo
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Hey folks, I have some reading obligations going and I kind of disappeared for a bit. Life got me in a sort of TKO In but I‘m back on my feet and reading again.

GroupM-ers: please forgive the lateness of this book.

@Graywacke I‘m looking forward to cracking open O Pioneers once I get tagged book in the mail.
Thank you for your patience and understanding, good people of Litsy.

mreads 😀👍 7mo
Graywacke The Collector sounds terrific. Hope things go better for you. 7mo
Trashcanman My brilliant friend. I am sorry. 7mo
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The Graveyard Book | Neil Gaiman
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Found a little lake on our exploration #audiowalk this afternoon. I really like the #PNW.

darklydreaming Looks so calming! I have the graphic novel version of this one. It‘s so well done!! 8mo
wanderinglynn @darklydreaming It really is a lovely spot. And I love Neil Gaiman. I could listen to him read anything. 8mo
darklydreaming @wanderinglynn my favourite thing about him is that he has such a broad style. Really neat author! 8mo
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Soubhiville Nice! That‘s really pretty. 8mo
alysonwrites Love this book and I agree that anything read by Neil Gaiman would sound great—even ingredients on a cereal box. That looks like a really peaceful place. 8mo
wanderinglynn @darklydreaming agree. He‘s one of my faves. 8mo
wanderinglynn @Soubhiville it was a lovely little lake. Very peaceful. 8mo
wanderinglynn @alysonwrites agree! I would listen to anything he read. 8mo
Crazeedi Beautiful !! 8mo
mdhughes72 Where is this? 8mo
wanderinglynn @mdhughes72 Island Lake County Park in Silverdale, WA. 8mo
Tanisha_A Ah! Love this 8mo
tammysue So beautiful! 8mo
TNbookworm So very peaceful! And I am a big Gaiman fan as well! 8mo
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We‘ve had a string of nice weather (aka no rain) here in western Washington. Snapped this pic of Mt Rainier showing off this afternoon. I almost hate posting pics of Mt Rainier from afar because they never quite do it justice

#Litsywalks #PNW

Bookwomble As one living on the West Lancashire plain, one of the flattest places in Britain, I can tell you that your photo is impressive 😊 8mo
Crazeedi You have a wonderful view! 8mo
readingjedi Wow! I'm also from a particular flat part of the UK (Lincolnshire) so this is kinda mind-blowing - "Oh look, there's a massive mountain at the end of the street"! ??? 8mo
RvnclawWhovian @Bookwomble @Crazeedi @readingjedi haha well thank you!! It‘s even more impressive up close in person. I didn‘t grow up here so I‘m always in awe of it whereas my fiancé, who‘s lived here all his life, is indifferent which blows my mind. Maybe the only downside is it‘s technically still an active volcano ? 8mo
CoffeeNBooks I'm from flat Florida, so I love seeing pictures of mountains! What a beautiful view! 8mo
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The Secret Garden (Collins Classics) | Frances Hodgson Burnett
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1) The bunnies return to our yard
2) So much rain #PNW
3) Walking my dog, Rose
4) Do some much needed spring cleaning!
5) Tagged 🌻


wanderinglynn Great choice on the book! 👍🏻 Thanks for playing! 🌷 9mo
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