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Wishing everyone a happy #nationalbookloversday! 💚💚🖤🖤

Redwritinghood 💕💕 4mo
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This Is Where I Leave You | Tropper, Jonathan
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How awesome is it that I get #poutinepenpals mail with a BOOK in it on #nationalbookloversday 🎉so AWESOME! Thank you so much @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Danielle I can‘t wait to read it

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Vineland | Thomas Pynchon
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Some Pynchon ,Irving ,and dogs.
Happy #NationalBookLoversDay

TheEllieMo How did you get on with Mason & Dixon? I DNF‘d it but intend to give it another try. 4mo
bromeliad Oh man, he is one of my favorites. So glad to find another Pynchon fan on here! 4mo
Lcsmcat @Leftcoastzen @TheEllieMo @bromeiliad I‘ve never read anything by Pynchon. What would you recommend starting with? 4mo
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Leftcoastzen @Lcsmcat just cuz this one is great but a beast 4mo
Lcsmcat @Leftcoastzen Thanks! I picked The Crying of Lot 49 up at a library sale a while back so that will be the one. 4mo
Leftcoastzen @TheEllieMo same boat!need to try again! (edited) 4mo
Bklover Love the dogs! 4mo
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Happy #NationalBookLoversDay! 😀

You know you‘re a book lover when this is what your book shelves look like AFTER you cleaned them up a bit! 😳

True story, I first became friends with @Branwen after she commented on my Goodreads updates about the tagged book, and now she‘s one of my dearest friends ever. Later, she convinced me to join Litsy and I‘ve met so many wonderful people here, too! A love of reading really does bring people together! 😊

Branwen Ahhhhhhhh this post made me tear up! 😍 💕 I still remember those days of talking about Drizzt on Goodreads (and that time you rescued me from a dumb troll who gave me crap about my opinion on Wulfgar! 😂) and I will forever be grateful for that series for giving us a jump start on the best friendship EVER! 📚 💖I still get super nostalgic about that series because of all the good memories! 4mo
Branwen PS-> This shelf looks AMAZING by the way! I love the way these books look all lined up together! 😍 4mo
DaveGreen7777 BWAH-HA-HA!!! I still remember that troll. He basically said it was “stupid” to give a book a lower rating just because you didn‘t like the book! 😂 I feel nostalgic whenever I look at my Drizzt collection now, too! R.A. Salvatore doesn‘t even realize that I am forever indebted to him! 😁 (edited) 4mo
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Leftcoastzen Nice! 4mo
CrowCAH Lookin good! I agree @Branwen was one of my first friends and she‘s awesome! 4mo
LibrarianRyan If only my shelves looked that nice. I really need to clean my library. 4mo
Branwen @CrowCAH Awwww! Thank you so much, friend! 🤗💕 You're pretty awesome yourself! 4mo
CrowCAH @Branwen aye matey, thank ye! ☺️ 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @Branwen @CrowCAH I completely agree about the awesomeness of both of you! 😊 4mo
CrowCAH @DaveGreen7777 aww thanks; you‘re mighty swell yourself! 4mo
sudi Love how organised your shelves are 😊 4mo
Linear Your shelf looks like my husbands shelf... if he took better care of his books. So, now I will "stalk" your litsy for book title ideas for him! 4mo
Linear >_> I just realized it looks like books he would be into because he had a huge R.A Salvator collection and these are mostly by him lol 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @Linear Has your husband tried reading Brandon Sanderson yet? Sanderson and Salvatore have similar styles in describing action sequences, so if he likes Salvatore, I think your husband will really like Sanderson‘s “Mistborn” series as well! 😀 4mo
Linear @DaveGreen7777 I just asked, he said no, so that helps. I've been running around looking up publishing dates of salvator to get him books lol. Now I could just get Sanderson books. Thanks! 4mo
DaveGreen7777 @Linear “Mistborn - The Final Empire” was my first Sanderson book and it instantly made me a fan! I‘d start there! 😊 4mo
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Blue Eyes | Cryssy Dee
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These are the two books I‘ve just recently started and I can‘t wait to get further into them. What are you guys reading for national book lover‘s day?

#nationalbookloversday #booklovers #books #reading #mpls #twincities

LibrarianRyan annotated. Huh. 4mo
Schnoebs @LibrarianRyan right? I saw it at a book festival earlier this year for $10 and I loved the book growing up so I went for it. It‘s a really cool format that I‘m enjoying a lot lol 4mo
Crazeedi Did you receive your #bookmarkswap package yet? 4mo
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Schnoebs @Crazeedi yes I did! Thanks so much, it came in the mail Wednesday 🥰 4mo
Crazeedi @Schnoebs did you let @LibrarianRyan know?? Glad it got there safely!! 4mo
LibrarianRyan @Crazeedi I got it now. Thanks. 4mo
Shaneyney The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my all time favorites. One I always try to get new friends to read. What is in the annotated version? 4mo
Schnoebs @Shaneyney it has background on the author‘s life and also comments on all the pages about the reasons why they wrote things or different versions of things plus bits about the drawings 4mo
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Happy Holidays | Janet Dailey
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Happy #NationalBookLoversDay!!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗🤗🤗

brit91 Candy and books yes please!😍📚🍫😍 4mo
AmyRebecca Happy Holiday, my dear friend!!!💜😊 4mo
TheSpineView Great display! Happy holiday to you too! Can we declare it a national holiday? 4mo
MrBook @TheSpineView Yes!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
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The Book on the Bookshelf | Henry Petroski
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Happy National Book Lovers Day everyone!!!

What are you reading today to celebrate? 🤓📖

#BookLoversDay #NationalBookLoversDay

Palimpsest Funny, I just reviewed this book as I finished it last week. 4mo
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides
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Enjoying my current read that I downloaded from the library! Viral tweet showing some #library love ❤️ (not my pic) https://twitter.com/buffalolibrary/status/1159119690679115776?s=21 #nationalbookloversday

wanderinglynn That‘s awesome! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
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Yeah, I just might‘ve ordered some books. #nationalbookloversday I had to celebrate somehow!! 🥳📚🥳