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I‘ve really been enjoying #ReadingUSA2019 and have just signed up for #ReadingEurope2020, hosted by the fabulous @Librarybelle and @BarbaraBB ! Head on over the Librarybelle‘s post for the sign up link if you‘re interested in joining in. It‘s a fun, no-pressure challenge.

Librarybelle Thank you for sharing! 4d
ljuliel I wish you guys a lot of success and fun on your journey. It sounds like fun, but I think I‘m slowly learning in here what to sign up for. I only wish I had the fortitude to stick with a year long challenge like this. I got partway through last year‘s USA, then fizzled out. I‘ll be eagerly watching to see where all you go and what books you choose. I‘ll be the World‘s Oldest Cheerleader 📣 for you. 4d
Copwithabook I second @ljuliel can‘t wait to see where your reading takes you 4d
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Hooked_on_books @ljuliel I totally get it. There are things I definitely don‘t sign up for but I‘m glad there‘s a little something that works for everyone here. I have 5 states to go still but expect to finish the challenge. For Europe, I don‘t know that finishing will happen, but as long as I‘m having fun, that‘s the main thing. 4d
BarbaraBB I‘m happy we can share suggestions again next year. Reading the US has been such fun! 💕 4d
ljuliel @Hooked_on_books Right, I‘m glad there are different types of reading events that fit everyone‘s needs. I wish I could do these types and complete them, but I guess if we compared reading to track and field, I‘d be the short sprint sort of runner ( if I could RUN 🏃‍♀️). It‘s fun watching others do this to fill out your maps. Do you guys have a set number of countries you‘re aiming for, or just as many as you want ? 4d
Hooked_on_books @ljuliel I think it‘s like the States—you do what you want for the challenge. There are 46 countries, some of which I did not know are technically in Europe, like Kazakhstan. I‘ve learned something already! 3d
ljuliel It should be fun searching for books from so many places. Looking forward to seeing what all you guys find ! Should be a colorful year. Are you doing the maps ? 3d
Hooked_on_books @ljuliel I have a dry-erase world map in my library now, stuck to the door. The states challenge made me curious to have a visual of where my books are set. So I‘m going to wipe it clean for the new year and color in the countries as I go, while tracking reading in other places, too. 3d
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“One Nevadan ranch-owner accidentally created a geyser in Washoe County, near the Black Rock Desert. ... As it happens the water that flows is extremely rich in minerals. Over the decades, the deposits have built up, much in the way that stalagmites do, to leave a curious array of brightly coloured mounds and otherworldly algae-filled pools.”

And it‘s still there.

#til #nfnov

Clwojick 4 pt. 6d
Hooked_on_books That‘s fascinating! 6d
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How I Learned Geography | Uri Shulevitz
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(Author/Illust: Uri Shulevitz)

This MF is about how a young boy uses the power of his imagination to cope with his hunger and misery as he explores new and exotic places all around the world. The images are based on the author‘s own childhood memories of living in poverty as a refugee during World War II. This would be great as a RA so you could showcase all of the detailed art depicting different scenery as well.

Caldecott Honor

kgarzon https://www.rif.org/sites/default/files/Support_Materials/HowILearnedGeography-A... This teacher‘s guide is a great resource for connecting the story to geography, maps, and real places in other countries, as well a lesson in characterization.

EL Strategy 8: Use direct instruction: Modeling, explaining, scaffolding, name the strategy and show how to use it.

UDL Principle 3.3: Guide information processing and visualization.
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It won't stop gushing about the so-called "Age of Exploration" and which white guy "discovered" (my scare quotes, decidedly not the author's) this or that already-inhabited landmass. "Unknown" this, "uncharted" that. I didn't want this much imperialist propaganda with my silly conspiracy story, fuck you very much.

batsy Oh damn. I was looking forward to this. 2w
Bertha_Mason @batsy I'm sorry :( 2w
batsy No, it's OK! I may or may not still read it but it's good to be prepared for the #casualimperialism 2w
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The Map Thief: A Novel | Heather Terrell
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I really wanted to like this- and Ma Zhi's storyline was pretty interesting- but it just fell short over and over. I was disappointed.

The Edge of the World | Kevin J. Anderson
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#BookHaul #Pirates #Maps #Fantasy

From attending a ComicCon last year and sitting in on Kevin J Anderson‘s talk, he shared the plot of his nautical book, which totally seemed up my alley; pictured here. I found a copy at #SHPL used book store!

And found another children‘s pirate book to add to the shelf! 🏴‍☠️


"Once Molly and Taer's story begins to take definitive shape, it quickly fizzles into absurdity, like a map of a world with slightly distorted proportions--almost normal looking at first, but on a second viewing, a terrible deviation, a ghost of a place that never was, a land that couldn't be, a burning and terrible world beneath everything that we know to be real."

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Thriftbooks bender post 2 of 3.

CoffeeCatsBooks Love the spine on She has her Mother‘s Laugh 1mo
Bookishthoughts What a great selection hope you enjoy them all! This has been on my TBR for a long time, let me know how you like it. 1mo
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The Mapmakers | John Noble Wilford
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Pretty happy with this free mini haul from a local book swap. I now have 5 books about maps in my tbr pile and will absolutely hang my head in shame if i ever get lost again 🗺 #turnsoutimamapgeek

The Discworld Atlas | Terry Pratchett, The Discworld Emporium
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1. Discworld
2. Derry Girls
3. Never. I never watch sport
5. Dad never read much but has started reading short modern classics recently. I'm so proud and now I always know what to buy him.


batsy I love Derry Girls! I need to catch up on the 2nd season 1mo
LeahBergen Derry Girls is soooo good! 👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Suet624 @batsy @leahbergen Derry Girls!! 1mo
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