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@Kdgordon88 Thoughts on any of these for #LMPBC Round 15 #GroupM?

Anyone else want to join us in reading #cozymysteries ? We have room for 2 more in our group. 🙂 See the post for #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub @suvata for details.

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MaleficentBookDragon I just signed up for your group! I love me some cozies. 3mo
MaleficentBookDragon I have not read any of these so I'm game. If I had to choose, my first choice would be 3mo
julieclair Yay!! Welcome to #LMPBC Round 15 #GroupM, @MaleficentBookDragon and @Avanders ! @Kdgordon88 and I were thinking this group wasn‘t going to happen. SO glad y‘all signed up and brought us back from the dead, lol! Let‘s read us some cozies! @suvata 3mo
Avanders Thank you!! As I said to Chelle, please just let me know what‘s expected of me this round ☺️ As for your choices, they all look fun! I have read Murder is Binding and enjoyed it - I‘m ok w a re-read 😁 3mo
julieclair @Avanders Last quarter (Round 14) was my first time doing a #LMPBC, so I don‘t have a lot of experience. I guess my expectations would just be the basic rules: read and mark up the book with our thoughts, and do our best to mail it to the next person on time. @Kdgordon88 and @MaleficentBookDragon , any thoughts? 3mo
Deblovestoread I‘ve read Murder is Binding. The rest look fun but if I had to choose one I‘d go with 3mo
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Bayou Book Thief | Ellen Byron
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Diverse characters, a fun location, and a puzzling mystery have me declaring this book A Perfect Escape.

Read my full review here: https://www.escapewithdollycas.com/2022/06/16/bayou-book-thief-a-vintage-cookboo...

julieclair Ooohhh.... This one looks like a fun one to consider for our Cozy Mystery group for #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub, #LMPBC #Round15 #GroupM! We begin on July 1, and currently have 2 slots open. Anyone want to join @Kgordon88 and me? Check out the post by @suvata for details and a link to sign up. 😀 3mo
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A Green and Ancient Light | Frederic S. Durbin
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A lost 400-year-old garden, filled with statues, set in a thick and verdant forest, that harbors clues to an ancient and mysterious puzzle? Yes, please!! Endearing characters, a bit of magic, and the perils of a wartime setting? Even better!

Thanks, @Readergrrl , for this fabulous pick for #LMPBC Round 14 #GroupO.

@sprainedbrain @BookBosomed1 @suvata #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub #MagicalRealism

BookBosomed1 Oooooo. The tagged book sounds great. I‘m trying to finish a Murmur of Bees this week. It‘s a hefty book and so interesting! I hope to send it to @Readergrrl next week. (edited) 5mo
sprainedbrain This sounds great! Looking forward to it. 5mo
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Signed up for this and it‘s my first time participating. I‘ve seen the posts all over litsy so I am super excited to try this out. #groupb #lmpbc #litsymarkuppostalbookclub

Sign up link in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

witchyreader13 I just found this. Do I have to wait another 4 months to sign up or will there be another round run cocurrently soon? 3y
Kaila-ann @witchyreader13 I think you have to wait 😔 since this round just started. 3y
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The Orphan of Salt Winds | Elizabeth Brooks
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I don‘t want to oversell this...but I don‘t think I *could* oversell it. It‘s kind-of like if “Anne of Green Gables” went horribly, horribly wrong. @MirrorMask you‘re in for a treat (& I don‘t just mean the chocolate). I‘m planning to mail it out to you sometime this week! I‘ll tag you when I do.

#LMPBC #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub
#LMPBCnC #LitsyMarkUpPostalBookClubNChocolate

Bklover I love your description! 3y
Crazeedi Sounds good! 3y
TheLibrarian So glad you enjoyed it!! 3y
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MirrorMask I'm really excited to read this now. 3y
monalyisha @MirrorMask I keep forgetting to grab this on my way to work so I can mail it on my lunch break. Hoping to remember tomorrow! 🤦‍♀️ 3y
TheLibrarian @monalyisha The next book got mailed this past Monday so hopefully you‘ll get it soon! 3y
monalyisha Hi @TheLibrarian! I just got it a day or maybe two days ago. Thank you! I‘ve been so busy/sleep-deprived from my whirlwind Colorado visit that I forgot to post! 3y
TheLibrarian @monalyisha No worries and so glad you got it! They asked for an apt number so I was worried it wouldn‘t arrive. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 3y
monalyisha @TheLibrarian Technically, I guess we‘re 2S but we never use the apt #/it‘s not even on our licenses. 3y
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@Pogue @MeesesPieces @Sharpeipup
Hey!! Now how do we want to do this?? Do we want our choices to be surprises or do you guys want to let each other know what book we're picking?

#LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub #GroupO #lmpbc #Round5

Sharpeipup Hi! In both of my past rounds, we identified the book in advance which helped because we nearly picked the same book but I‘m good with either way... 4y
InBooksILive Yeah my first round we did surprises I ended up picking a book a couple already read and that's no fun I'm sure. So letting each other know is good with me! @Sharpeipup 4y
InBooksILive AND also I figured we'd send in the name order of the list. Like I send to @Pogue sends to @MeesesPieces sends to @Sharpeipup 4y
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MeesesPieces Hi! Letting each other know is fine with me! This is my first time! This is so exciting! 😊📖 4y
Pogue Hello, I think I have found the perfect book. I just have to see if it is in print. 4y
BeansPage @Sharpeipup @MeesesPieces @Pogue hey have you guys heard from @InBooksILive at all? I am from one of her other postal book clubs and she has the majority of the books from our round and she hasn't yet sent them along. I'm starting to get a little worried. We really need those books back. I hope that she is okay. If you speak with her can you please ask her to message me ASAP? Thank you so much 💕😘💕 3y
Pogue @TheReadingMermaid Hi no I have not heard from her in a while. She has not responded in a while to the email chain we have going. Is there a way you can pm me? (edited) 3y
InBooksILive Sorry guys! @TheReadingMermaid I am sending out the 3 books this Friday! 3y
MeesesPieces Glad everything worked out! 😊💕 3y
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INK | Alice Broadway
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@kymmiesreads I got your package today! 😁😁

I cannot wait to read Ink, that cover is so gorgeous! A picture just doesn't do it justice! #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub #GroupG

And thank you so much for sending me your copy of Sawkill Girls! I am so excited to read it! I will get it sent right back to ya when I'm finished!

InBooksILive @Mccall0113 I am sending The Bear and the Nightingale today! So you should get this week! 4y
Soubhiville Oh yes, love that cover! 4y
kymmiesreads Yay!!! I‘m so excited you received the package! I hope you love both books! 4y
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The Mailbox: A Novel | Marybeth Whalen
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@TheWordJar I shipped off the next book today for #lmpbc


@TheReadingMermaid I also sent out Meddling Kids to you today for #HGPBC

They both should arrive by the 13th!

#bookmail #bookclubs #HorrorGoesPostalBookClub #TeamCthulhu #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub #LitsyBookClubs

TheWordJar Yay! Thanks! 4y
BeansPage Awesome sauce 🤘🏻 4y
PirateJenny I got it! Just haven't posted a pic yet. 4y
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@kymmiesreads @Mccall0113 @MirrorMask #GroupG

Hey guys!! I'm super excited for my second round of #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub #lmpbc

I seen that everyone in the group likes YA, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. That's so cool that we all have the same genre interests 😁

Did you guys want to do a surprise or do we want to tell each others picks? Either way, I am cool with!

Let me know guys! 😊

I'm so excited to be in this group!

MirrorMask A surprise is fine, but I don't want to pick a book that someone has already read. 4y
MirrorMask This is my first round and I'm really excited ☺️ 4y
InBooksILive @MirrorMask I know! My first round we went with surprise and I ended up picking a book that another person had already read! 🙈 I felt so bad! At least she liked it though lol 4y
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InBooksILive And for the sending order, we can use the form that we signed up ons order. It'd be @kymmiesreads -> me -> @Mccall0113 -> @MirrorMask 4y
MirrorMask That order works for me. My read list is pretty up to date, so if we go with a surprise, we'll just have to verify that it's not on anyone's read list and avoid having multiple people choose the same book. 4y
Mccall0113 Sounds like a plan! I like surprises 🙃 this is also my first round. 4y
Mccall0113 Oh, and if anyone wants to find me on FB: Stacey Williams from Homer, ny 4y
MirrorMask Does anyone have an idea of how we can avoid choosing the same book? It seems unlikely, but trust me to choose the same book as someone else. @Mccall0113 @kymmiesreads 4y
InBooksILive @MirrorMask my TBR on here and Goodreads is up to date so can double check those if you pick a book and want to make sure I havent read it. My goodreads is wee 4y
InBooksILive Www.goodreads.com/inbooksilive 4y
InBooksILive We can go with surprises and like @MirrorMask said to just double check everyones lists and make sure it's not gonna be one that someone's read. 4y
kymmiesreads Hi everyone! This is my first round. I like surprises but I‘m a little nervous picking a book without having everyone‘s approval first. 😰 4y
kymmiesreads I‘ve never read Nevernight by Jay Kristoff! Would y‘all like that? 4y
kymmiesreads Is there a messenger we can all group chat in? 4y
kymmiesreads I also just bought The Demon King by Cinda Willams Chima. I‘m excited for this series! 4y
InBooksILive I've read Nevernight 😕 it's an incredible book 4y
InBooksILive @kymmiesreads I've never read The Demon King though! I bought Flamecaster but havent read it yet either. 4y
InBooksILive @kymmiesreads everyone can add me on Facebook (Kelsee Culver in Franklin Pa) and we can chat on messenger, or Instagram (@InBooksILive) or email (inbooksilive@yahoo.com). Whatevers easier for you guys! 4y
kymmiesreads @InBooksILive so do we each pick a book and mail it at the end of each month or do I pick one book we all read? I was confused about that. 4y
InBooksILive We can even exchange phone numbers if that's something you girls wanna do! Like I said, whatevers easiest for everyone 4y
InBooksILive @kymmiesreads for my last round it was just one book that we all read 4y
kymmiesreads I‘m on Facebook too under Kymberly Harke Spaulding 4y
kymmiesreads Let‘s chat there! 4y
InBooksILive Like we each pick a book and send that one out @kymmiesreads you dont buy a new book each month. Just the one and that one goes thru the line getting sent to each of us. I hope that makes sense! 4y
kymmiesreads Oh ok so who picks the book? 4y
InBooksILive Okay guys I'm thinking maybe not do it as a surprise so we can make sure our picks haven't been read yet by anyone, so if you guys want to make a new post or either comment on this post with your picks and we can make sure they're unread by everyone! I was thinking of picking The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. Has anyone read it? @kymmiesreads @MirrorMask @Mccall0113 4y
MirrorMask @kymmiesreads I've read Nevernight as well. @InBooksILive that book sounds great! I haven't read it. I was thinking Flame in the mist 4y
MirrorMask @kymmiesreads The way I understand it. Starting Nov 1st we each choose a different book and read it. We have the entire month, so there's less pressure to speed read it. As we are reading it we make notes, highlight passages, and leave post its as we please. We will color coordinate our notes to distinguish them. At the end of the month we send the book to the next person. You will send your book to @InBooksILive and I will send my book to you 4y
InBooksILive @MirrorMask I havent read Flame in the Mist but have wanted to! Great choice! And yes that is exactly how it works!! 4y
kymmiesreads @MirrorMask I haven‘t read Flame in the Mist either! I want to pick Ink by Alice Broadway! It sounds really good! Anyone read it? 4y
kymmiesreads So what order are we sending books? 4y
InBooksILive You @kymmiesreads will send to me, I will send to @Mccall0113 and she will send to @MirrorMask 4y
InBooksILive And yeah then @MirrorMask will then send to @kymmiesreads 4y
kymmiesreads Ok cool 4y
kymmiesreads @MirrorMask do you have a Facebook? 4y
kymmiesreads @MirrorMask @InBooksILive @Mccall0113 we can make a group chat on Facebook or another way-like phone group texts? 4y
MirrorMask Sheneve Butler on Facebook 4y
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Gilead | Marilynne Robinson
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Posted this one off today to @thegreensofa as part of @suvata #LitsyMarkupPostalBookClub

thegreensofa Thank you! Yay! Looking forward to it! ✨😀✨ 4y
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