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@BooksForEmpathy I finally used the gift card you gave me ages ago 😊 I was waiting for just the right book! After reading Once Upon A River for #LGP I want to read all of her books. Thank you 😘

BooksForEmpathy Waitttt I want to read this but forgot about it. I‘m so glad you waited for the perfect book! Enjoy xoxo. 5y
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There's also a Connecticut Litten meet up scheduled, info above ☝🏻! It'll be the first one 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!!! They'll be a #yankeeswap with it. The awesome @CareBear has set this one up 😊👍🏻👍🏻! @BookBabe & I can't wait to meet more of our #LitsyFamily and get some #LitsyPhotoOp time in ☺️🤗!


GirlMeetsBook Has anyone done an RI meetup??? 6y
MrBook @GirlMeetsBook You're doing it? 😉😎🙌🏻 6y
GirlMeetsBook @MrBook I will! I just have to move first and then I‘ll be able to plan something like that. But I‘ll totally be the organizer for it! Sounds fun! 6y
MrBook You're already an exemplary #LGP organizer. 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 6y
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Secret Santa | Scarlett Bailey
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So, we participated in another Secret Santa —this one with our #LGP group. @KimM sent us these beautifully-wrapped gifts...can‘t wait to see what‘s inside! 😍

#LitsyGoesPostalOG #LGPOG #LGPOGsecretSanta

Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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Announcement: The amazing and enamoring @suvata is putting together a bit of a twist on the #LitsyGoesPostal editions that are up and running! Head on over to her post for more info! Also, in the near future I'll be seeing if anyone is interested in participating and organizing new #LGP editions! Thank you for another great project, @suvata 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!!!

ephemeralwaltz Thanks for sharing! 7y
suvata Thanks, @MrBook! U R Awesome. 7y
KassKho @MrBook could I email you for advice about litsy goes postal? 7y
MrBook Absolutely, @KassKho ! jasonvigorito at gmail. 7y
KassKho @MrBook sent! 7y
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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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If anyone is interested in having their wee ones participate in a postal book club, head on over to @JuniorReaders 's profile and click on the survey link. Several editions of #LitsyGoesPostal have been underway for young children and teens, and they're all wonderfully successful, thanks to the absolutely AMAZING @Robothugs ! #LGP

Robothugs Thank you for posting!! 😄💙 7y
MrBook @Robothugs Thank you for doing great work! 😊👍🏻 7y
Robothugs Thank you for the compliments! 😄 7y
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Her Fearful Symmetry | Audrey Niffenegger
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I'm currently in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We spent a full day in San Francisco before my flight and went two bookstores-Borderlands in the Mission and Dark Carnaval in Berkeley. I went a little crazy at both, but I only get there a couple times a year. #bookhaul. Good thing they all went back home instead of with me on the plane! The book I tagged is cut off- it's on top of the Cronin.

MrBook #NiceStack!!!! Safe travels! Trying to travel as much as your #LGP book? 😆😉👍🏻😎🙌🏻 7y
PatriciaU Good stack! Enjoy your time in Mexico. Hope you have *some* books to read! 7y
LeahBergen Wow! I love the Gorey bookmark. Enjoy your holiday! 😘 7y
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Lidia San Miguel de Allende is such a lovely place ❤️. Enjoy! 7y
Crystalblu Dude! I would have loaned you a few of those ;) 7y
ApoptyGina69 @Crystalblu thanks I know, but both bookstores, while each is decades old, continue to teeter on the brink of existence. They're mostly used, so we did our part. 🤑 7y
Crystalblu @ApoptyGina69 Good on ya! 7y
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Traveller | Richard Adams
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Bklover How does it work? 7y
dariazeoli What @Bklover said! 😊 7y
drokka Also curious here. I'm assuming it's following the LitsyGoesPostal model? 7y
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LibrarianRyan Sounds cool. I'd be up for one. 7y
tjwill Interested. 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Tell me more... 7y
TamarackTrail If it's like Traveling Pants, I'm in. 7y
MrsV Sounds interesting. 7y
Laura317 Curious. 7y
MrBook I need to make a couple more #LGP editions ASAP 😆🙌🏻. 7y
Redjewel_7734 Tell me more 🤔 7y
StephanieMarie I'm curious. Can Canadians join 🇨🇦 7y
Whatannareads Thank you for the interest! 7y
Whatannareads So the it was started by a YouTube (one book one review I think). 7y
Whatannareads The idea is you read a book and make notes init with sticky notes or whatever. 7y
Whatannareads Then you post on here to say it's read and the first person to comment shows interest in it you send that book with you notes in to them. They repeat the posted by posting on here and again send to next person. The idea is that it goes around a specified number of people each on adding there notes, to it. 7y
Whatannareads Once the book has been around that number of people say 12.. the last person returns it to the original owner. 7y
MrBook How interesting. I like that concept. 7y
TrishB Just US? 7y
Captivatedbybooks Oooo im interested 7y
kellock Sounds interesting! 7y
DarcysMom That sounds really fun! 7y
Itchyfeetreader This sounds great I am a "late adopter" to joining a real life book club and am loving how much more I have got out of the books we read so fat. This feels like a cool evolution of that 7y
Whatannareads Well I am from the UK so ideally would like it to be international to an extent. That doesn't mean that every person the book was sent to would have to be in a different country to you. X 7y
mcipher What a great idea!! Like 7y
teebe Love that idea. I've seen it done with one of the Harry Potter books but they wrote directly in it instead of using sticky notes. 7y
Leelee.reads Fun idea! 7y
Whatannareads Ok I haven't quite worked out the logistics of it all yet. However for one book to get round us all would take years, plus only one person would get a their book back. 7y
Whatannareads I was think if i had people assigned to different genres i.e. Fantasy, romance, distopian, thriller, for example and they could start off the travelling book with their chosen genre? X x 7y
sara.the.librarian I love this idea! I want in, let's make this a reality! 7y
Whatannareads Ok ok ok 🙈😂.. let me get the tonight's readathon done ✅ and I will get planning is that ok x X x 7y
StephanieMarie Sounds great, I'm interested! Although I would like to point out that writing in books makes me very uncomfortable so I'd prefer the sticky notes version 😊 7y
Laura317 Sounds great! I'd like to do this, too! 7y
minkyb Intrigued! 7y
LibrarianRyan I'm in. Can I do YA fantasy? Or Fantasy sci/fi? 7y
Redjewel_7734 Count me in! 7y
Bookishlie Count me in too! 7y
NerdyBookMom Sounds like an amazing idea! I'm definitely in :) 7y
clutteredbooks Sounds like a great idea! We did something like this over at Goodreads but with bookmarks and it took us almost a year before it finished its rounds. 7y
ScorpioBookDreams @DeborahSmall did you see this? Xx 7y
ScorpioBookDreams Count me in, if you need more people. I'm in the UK. 💕 7y
DeborahSmall @ScorpioBookDreams sounds good. I'm in the UK too👍🏼 7y
Whatannareads Ok everyone I will get this thing up and running. I'll be looking for people to represent different genres and be responsible for starting that traveling book. That way more of us can be involved at one time 😍 as generally only 12 people sign up and you have a month to read it and sent it on x 7y
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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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Photo courtesy of the amazing @Dogearedcopy 😊! #LitsyGoesPostalOG is begun our Re-Set Round for some folks to catch up on their rotation treasures. It's appropriate as we go into Summer anyway 😎👍🏻. #LGPOG is the best group going, and I appreciate each of you tremendously ☺️👍🏻👍🏻! #LGP

LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 7y
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Origin | Dan Brown
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I know it's a bit unusual; but I love the Javitz Center on the morning *before* BEA starts up! There's something about the promise of the day, the potential energy about to be unleashed, the quiet before the storm... 😉

BarbaraTheBibliophage 👏🏻👏🏻📚📚📚📚📚👏🏻👏🏻 7y
BookBabe 😁👏🏻👏🏻 7y
MrBook We need to meet up!!! #LGP, c'mon now! 😆 7y
MrBook I'm seeing if it's possible to corral everyone by the @outofprint Booth for a group photo tomorrow 7y
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Going Postal | Terry Pratchett
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Hey, everyone! @LGPJuniorEdition is looking to start up some more #LGP groups for the kiddos. There's a brief survey question you can find here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G9NWZPS. They're looking particularly at the 13 and above range. #LitsyGoesPostal

LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 7y
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