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I found Litsy 3 years ago because I either heard @Liberty talk about it on a podcast or read it in her Tinyletter. I love this community and all of the people I have been in contact with over the years. @Texreader Thank you for inspiring me to go back and look it up. #firstpost #firstlike #litsymemories

Paperback.Propensity I love it here 3mo
Bookzombie @Paperback.Propensity Yay!💗 3mo
britt_brooke 💚 3mo
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My #firstpost was for a #TalkGreenToMe book club selection. My #firstlike was from @brenna (last seen 3 yrs ago) and @ShatterMeFangirl and my #firststack wad on The Lies of Locke Lamora by @ThomasHewlett (last seen 3 yrs ago) and @Book_Gnome (last seen 8 mos ago). The #first time I did my firsts was for @RealLifeReading but now @Texreader is calling me out!

ThomasHewlett 3 years ago! Damn. Been too long. Time to get back on here.
jpmcwisemorgan @ThomasHewlett Are you rejoining us? (edited) 2mo
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I joined Litsy 3 years ago and my #firstpost was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Thanks for the #firstlikes @Liberty @Simona @RealLifeReading @ScorpioBookDreams @jessberk13 ❤️
#firstlike #litsymemories

MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
julesG Happy Litsyversary! 4mo
mhillis @julesG Thanks, though I‘m not sure of the exact day! Glad to have gotten to know you and so many great Littens!! 4mo
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Texreader Wow that was a long time ago! How fun! So glad you‘ve stuck it out with the rest of us “old-timers” here on Litsy! It‘s the best ! 4mo
Weaponxgirl Happy litserversay and you are someone I met early on and I still really look forward to see what you are posting and reading. 4mo
Simona Happy Litsyversary❣️ 4mo
mhillis @Texreader It is! #OGofLitsy as @Cinfhen says 😂 4mo
mhillis @Weaponxgirl Thanks 🥰 love your posts too! 4mo
Lizpixie Are we having an #OGofLitsy party!🎉🎉🎉 3mo
Crazeedi I joined 3 yrs ago too!! 3mo
mhillis @Crazeedi I can‘t believe our paths did not cross sooner! Is Aimee on here too? 3mo
Crazeedi @mhillis no! I told her about, she may have forgotten 3mo
mhillis @Crazeedi I think she would love it 🥰 She‘s such an inspiration for me still 3mo
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Firsts: A Novel | Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
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I actually scrolled all the way back to search for my #LitsyMemories 😁. This was my #firstpost, #firstreview and my #firstlike #firstlikes
How time flies!

MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
Texreader So glad you took the time to scroll down and find it!! Great memories! 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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11 months ago! It seems longer. So my first post was about The Naturalist, and my first comment was from
@MelAnn 😁♥️
Also, got a warm welcome from @PurpleyPumpkin @Purrfectpages @KateFulfordAuthor ♥️♥️
#firstpost #firstlike

Texreader So awesome! Thanks for taking the time to look for your #firstlike 4mo
Purrfectpages Nice! I wish I remembered when mine was! 4mo
Kaye 💕 4mo
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CBee @Purrfectpages I scrolled all the way back to find it 😁 4mo
CBee @kaye hi 👋🏻 Julie ♥️ 4mo
CBee @Texreader thanks for starting this! 😁 4mo
Kaye Hi 👋🏼 Cydney 4mo
MelAnn I love the Naturalist! 4mo
Purrfectpages @CBee I‘m too far back to do that, but I wish I could! 4mo
CBee @MelAnn would you believe I still haven‘t read the second book? Didn‘t a third one come out?? 4mo
CBee @Purrfectpages I‘m so surprised I didn‘t even know Litsy existed until last year.... 4mo
PurpleyPumpkin Isn‘t it amazing how quickly time flies? Especially on Litsy. 😉 4mo
MelAnn Oh I read them back to back and he‘s got a third book out - not sure if it‘s third in a series or a new series. I haven‘t read it yet. 4mo
CBee @PurpleyPumpkin yes! Too quickly! 4mo
CBee @MelAnn it‘s the 3rd in the series 4mo
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Wolf Hall | Hilary Mantel
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Sometime three years ago, I made my first #Litsy post. I struggled reading Wolf Hall, which was rumored to be a novel that would change novel writing. Once finished, I blogged about the process, hoping that would get me freelance work. It did not. But here it is. http://reblnation.com/scaffolding-challenging-books/
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, @Texreader. Thanks for the #FirstLike, @SeeJaneRead.

Texreader Oh this is fun seeing your first post! I so didn‘t like Wolf Hall. The writing style drove me nuts. 4mo
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Out of The Easy | Ruta Sepetys
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I joined Litsy just over 3 years ago. February 28, 2016. I had no idea what I was doing and sometimes I still don‘t! ☺️ My #firstlike (and only) was @jessberk13 Thanks for being there from the beginning! My Litsy time was and is sporadic due to work/kiddo/life, but I love this place & I love you all. And I still love this quote & this book! 📚🤓 #firstlikes

Texreader That‘s about the same time I came to Litsy! So glad you posted your #firstlike! I‘m so impressed with all of us who started with practically no likes but persevered and made Litsy such an awesome place!! 4mo
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