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I stand by my initial impression…
A real #FeelGoodRead
Loved the characters of elderly Eudora & young Rose, truly heartwarming 💕💕💕
Fantastic narration

Cathythoughts Ahhhh lovely! First impressions were right then 💕 10mo
Cinfhen Yup @Cathythoughts sometimes you need a book that warms the soul 10mo
TrishB Looking forward to it 👍🏻 10mo
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Cinfhen I really think you‘ll love this book @TrishB and now I‘m thinking @KarenUK might love it too!!! (edited) 10mo
CarolynM Sounds good. Stacked🙂 10mo
Cinfhen It was really sweet but not in a sugary over the top way @CarolynM and apparently there‘s a UK version that is more affordable or readily available 10mo
Centique Looking forward to it! 10mo
CarolynM Thanks for the tip about the UK title. I've downloaded the audio for next week's walking🙂 10mo
Cinfhen Awesome @CarolynM I hope I haven‘t oversold the book/audio but I‘m still thinking about it 2 books later 😁 10mo
Cinfhen LMK when u get to it @Centique 💕💕 10mo
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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind | William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer
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A truly #FeelGoodRead that‘s full of inspiration and admiration for young William Kamkwamba. A boy with a vision to help his family & community. The descriptions of #Malawi were so evocative and I enjoyed learning about his extended family as well. I listened to the audio, which was a little difficult to follow at times but I enjoyed the melodic authentic tone of the reader. Will definitely watch the short film. #ReadingAfrica22

Cinfhen Ooops, totally forgot @TheAromaofBooks this is my March #BookSpin 11mo
Megabooks I need to get to this. I keep getting sidetracked. Listening to this now, which I had been waiting for at the library. 11mo
Librarybelle So much love for this one on Litsy! 11mo
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Cinfhen Ohhhh, that book sounds phenomenal @Megabooks 🎊🎊🎊 11mo
Cinfhen It‘s just a really nice story of perseverance and determination @Librarybelle ❤️ 11mo
BarbaraBB A feel good book, that‘s the right word! So was my most recent read for #ReadingAfrica2022, which is short and I can recommend 11mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 11mo
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Thank you! @Megabooks @Amandajoy @Prairiegirl_reading @Zoe-h & @ErinSueMreads for coming to my rescue when I needed a quick #feelgoodread

Megabooks Enjoy! 2y
Scochrane26 Love this book! 2y
Erinsuereads The bookshop on the corner is the other one I was trying to think of! 2y
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mandarchy @ErinSueMreads thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I need another feel good read. 2y
mandarchy @Megabooks so far I really am. It's really funny. It might make me want to organize a little. 2y
Megabooks Nina is such a fun character, but I can definitely be organizationally challenged. Nina‘s life is so neat and precise in the beginning! 2y
kspenmoll This book was great! 2y
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This year has been rough to say the least- my family is still reeling from some important losses in our lives and so this book found me at the perfect moment. The breezy idyllic coastal setting was just what I needed, where all problems are solvable and not too big. Polly was a delight, and I honestly wish I lived in Huckle‘s countryside cottage. This book made me laugh in a very personally dark time. #beach #light #feelgoodread

The Cactus | Sarah Haywood
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Woohoo🎉🎉🎉just got approved for this #ARC #NetGalley #Cactus #FeelGoodRead #EleanorVibes

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
BookFreakOut You got me with #EleanorVibes! Aaaaand stacked. 5y
Cinfhen 💕💕 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BookFreakOut it‘s really good so far 5y
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AmyG I just read a good blurb about this. Let us know how it is. (edited) 5y
Kalalalatja Are you for real about the #EleanorVibes??? 😱😱 5y
emilyhaldi I would read anything that has #eleanorvibes!! ✨✨✨ 5y
Mdargusch Great photo! I hope it‘s a great read! 🌵🌵🌵 5y
BookaholicNatty Love this picture!!!!! ❤️❤️ 5y
Cinfhen The cover is lovely but when I put it over the cactus background it really popped @BookaholicNatty @Mdargusch and it‘s a GREAT read so far...REAL #EleanorVibes but less sad 💗😁 @emilyhaldi @KarenUK @Kalalalatja @AmyG 5y
CoffeeAndABook That‘s such a creative photo!! 👍📸Hope you get lots of reading time today!! 5y
Cinfhen Thank you so much @CoffeeAndABook Hope you‘re feeling well xx 5y
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thanks, I‘m getting better & better & have decided I‘ll try & go back to work next week 😬 It‘s only a part-time job but still... I‘m a tiny bit scared! And maybe also a little excited 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5y
Cinfhen That‘s wonderful @CoffeeAndABook I‘m sure everyone will be happy to have you back 😁 5y
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen Thanks ☺️🌸 5y
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