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Untitled | Unknown
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Mail call and a couple of my kitchen chickens. It was a bonanza today! #bookmail

TheAromaofBooks Love your chickens!! 1d
britt_brooke Nice looking stack! 1d
AnneCecilie This one looks interesting and I‘m looking forward to you thoughts 24h
Tamra Nice! 22h
LeslieO The chickens like it! Great haul. 18h
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Chosen | Kiersten White
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One child woke up from her nap with a high fever today, the other woke up with a gushing nose bleed. The only thing this day has going for it is some good #bookmail

Jas16 Oh no! Hope they both feel better soon 1d
Soubhiville Oh no! That doesn‘t sound fun. I hope it all passes soon. 24h
Crazeedi Oh no, you have your hands full! Hugs❣ 23h
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Snail Mail | Samantha Berger
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OMG! 13 weeks later and half my #BookOutlet order has arrived along with the AWESOME Litsy stickers from @squirrelbrain I was really worried they were lost forever, Helen🙈so excited for today‘s #BookMail 💕

Cinfhen I‘m obsessed with the new stickers @squirrelbrain xxxx 1d
Chrissyreadit The stickers are so cute! 1d
KarenUK Can‘t believe the holiday gift I sent you hasn‘t arrived yet..... 🙁 1d
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KarenUK 🤞🤞🤞it arrives soon! 1d
Cinfhen I know @KarenUK 😢the mail has been AWFUL!!! Only Amazon packages have been arriving super quick 🤨 1d
Cinfhen They are beyond cute @Chrissyreadit I think Helen should start a Litsy sticker business 🥳 1d
erzascarletbookgasm I loved When All Is Said! By The Book looks good! Enjoy! 1d
squirrelbrain That took FUR-EVAH! At least they arrived eventually! 🐛 ❤️ 1d
BarbaraBB Hoe frustrating it took so long but you will be double as happy! Enjoy 💕 1d
Crazeedi Have fun deciding which book to read next!! Isn't it wonderful! And isn't @squirrelbrain stickers just delightful! She's so thoughtful. Have an awesome day Cindy 1d
Cinfhen Thanks @Crazeedi Hope you have a wonderful day as well 😻 (edited) 1d
Cinfhen Good to know @erzascarletbookgasm I threw in All is Said last minute so I could qualify for” free” shipping 🤣and By The Book was from a previous post by @Reviewsbylola 🥰🥰🥰 1d
Cinfhen @squirrelbrain I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept seeing people all over the world receiving their stickers and I was feeling sadder and sadder that mine were lost 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿 1d
Cinfhen @BarbaraBB mail has gotten really bad 🤬but I‘m trying to stay positive 1d
TrishB Woohoo 😁 1d
BarbaraBB As long as they keep arriving it is okay I guess. I have to start thinking about your birthday 😂 1d
GatheringBooks mail is also 🤬🤯🥵 here in the Emirates. But Book Depository is one reliable constant source of immediate joy. 1d
Cinfhen BD has reached out to me to say they are currently halting delivery to Israel until Israel gets their shit together. Since Amazon began FREE DELIVERY to Israel in November the number of incoming packages has increased 42% in the first 8 weeks @GatheringBooks They can‘t keep up 🤨 1d
Cinfhen @BarbaraBB hahaha that‘s not even a joke 😘😘😘THEY better not lose that last package you sent!!!! I‘m dying to read all 3 books!!!!!! 1d
BarbaraBB According to my t&t it is still ‘in transit‘ whatever that may be 🤨 1d
Kalalalatja Oh, By the Book looks stunning! 😍 1d
Reviewsbylola What a nice surprise. I probably would have completely forgotten about it after 13 weeks. 😆 23h
Cinfhen I honestly forgot what I ordered and what‘s still missing @Reviewsbylola so it was a lovely surprise 😍 16h
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The Whisper Man | Alex North
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It started with #bookmail
Finally got this book for January book in @MonthlyBookClub

#thewhisperman #alexnorth #newonmyshelf #startingreading #litsyfun #mondaymorning

tessavi Fascinating cover! 2d
FlowerFairy Loved this one! Listened to the audiobook which was narrated by Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor. 1d
maich @tessavi These bones are shiny when I move the book. 1d
maich @FlowerFairy I read great reviews about it. Hope I like it too. It is not my favourite genre but I like to try it. I want to read different genres this year. 1d
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Last Day | Luanne Rice
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#bookmail for this past week & one from a few weeks ago—all for book tour reviews in February & March. My #TBR stacks are getting a bit out of control but I have issues saying no to #ARCs.🤷🏻‍♀️

Aims42 “Resistance Woman” was fantastic!! I couldn‘t put it down 2d
kyraleseberg I'm looking forward to Ghosts of the Missing! 2d
DebinHawaii @Aims42 Good to hear! It sounds right up my alley! 🤗 2d
DebinHawaii @kyraleseberg Me too! It sounds interesting! 🤗 2d
TNbookworm Resistance Women is on my list! 1d
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My #JumpStart2020 day has been switching between these two wildly different books. Even though I‘m a King fan, I believe there‘s a demarcation between his pre accident books & post accident books. But I saw the 1st episodes of the series last night & loved it so bought the audiobook. The other was today‘s #BookMail but I started reading & couldn‘t put it down! I grew up during the worst of the “Troubles” & vividly remember it on the news nightly.

cariashley How‘s the audio of The Outsider? Am debating whether I want to read it in print or listen. 4d
Penny_LiteraryHoarders @cariashley audio is great! This is how I read/listened to it. Will Patton narrates. 4d
Lizpixie @cariashley it‘s ok so far, my problem is that Will Patton has such a distinctive voice that it takes me away from the story coz I keep getting images of his face! 4d
ElizaMarie I read the book and really enjoyed it (Stephen King) I haven‘t started the stories yet... but I‘m gonna tackle it pretty soon! I‘m glad to hear people are liking it :) 4d
Clwojick Say nothing looks interesting! Stacking! 3d
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More #bookmail. I‘ve been wanting to read this for ages, but hadn‘t found a copy.

I‘m now banned from spending any money until November 🙄

Smarkies November! 😅😅 4d
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This Vicious Cure | Emily Suvada
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That feeling when I get the email that my copy of Emily Suvada‘s final book in her “Mortal Coil” trilogy is on the way to my mailbox. So excited for this book. I‘m purposely not starting any print books between now and when THIS VICIOUS CURE arrives, so I can immediately start reading it. This one is an early birthday present to myself. 😸🎉 #bookmail

MarriedtoMrT I still need to read the second book but I LOVED the first. 4d
BillBlume @MarriedtoMrT I‘ve been using the audiobook of THIS CRUEL DESIGN to refresh my memory of where things left off. I‘ll never forget how it ended, though. Was one of those cliffhangers that really worked for me. 4d
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A sweet Happy New Year #LitsyLove wish today from @MadDashReading (thank you so much! 💕🎉) and some #bookmail from a @BerkleyPub and Goodreads win!! My mailbox was bursting with happiness today! 😊👍❤️

@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie

UwannaPublishme Woo hoo! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💌💌💌 5d
robinb @UwannaPublishme Oh yeah! 😉👍 5d
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Swiss Family Robinson | Johann D Wyss
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Thank you for the #LMPBC #BookMail @lover.of.the.classics! 🤗 I have all kinds of books going on right now. 😂

TheAromaofBooks I'll be interested to hear what you think. I honestly couldn't stop laughing at the perpetual good luck of the Robinsons! 😁 5d
lele1432 @TheAromaofBooks ha! I'm looking forward to it! 😊 5d
TheAromaofBooks lol now that I'm thinking about it, kind of the opposite of Stoner! 5d
lele1432 @TheAromaofBooks lol! 😆 Poor guy, he really did have perpetually BAD luck! 5d
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