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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny
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#BlitsySwap #BlackHistoryMonthSwap #BHMswap @Chelleo

Thank you, @AmyG for the amazing swap box! It feels like Christmas today with all the wonderful goodies you packed in there! Books, postcards, playing cards, Octavia Butler pin, notebook, chocolate bars—wow! 💗💗💗 I love it all! The tote bag is so cool—I‘m taking it to work to show it off today! Thank you again!

Chelleo Looks like a perfect 10 to me! 😍 11mo
Mitch Fabulous ! 11mo
Karisa @Chelleo Thank you for putting this great swap together for us and for the cute card and bookmark! 💗 11mo
riversong153 🙌🏾 11mo
AmyG You are so welcome. I had such fun shopping for you! 11mo
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I am later than I wanted to be but it is sent express. Hoping it gets to you safely and you love it! #blitsyswap #bhmswap #bookmail

Chelleo Thanks!!! 12mo
Chelleo @jploves2read - Have you receive your package? 12mo
jploves2read @Chelleo it‘s at the post office. I haven‘t picked it up yet though. Just timing - busy few days at work this week. 12mo
Chelleo @jploves2read Great! Glad to hear it‘s there and waiting! 😁 12mo
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#BHMSwap @Chelleo @AmyG

My Black History Month book swap box is here! I‘m so excited. How am I going to wait until open day???! 😂🎉🥳 It‘s like a second Christmas. 💗

Mine is almost ready to mail off too. I have all my items, just need to pack it up. It should go out next week.😊

AmyG Ha! It arrived early? A miracle!!! 13mo
Chelleo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 13mo
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Almost done getting everything for my #BHMswap just waiting on 2 things to arrive from Etsy than it will be going out to my person. @Chelleo

Chelleo ☺️ 13mo
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The #BlitsySwap hosted by @Chelleo is open for sign-ups until Sunday! This swap celebrates Black Lit (2 books) and Culture (2 gift items). This swap is international and open to ALL ages and ethnicities! Kids must have a Litsy grown-up to coordinate details. Please submit one form per person. Please spread the word!

Details can be found on the sign-up page: https://bit.ly/bhmswap2022

#Blitsy #BHMSwap #LitsySwap

TheBookHippie Oh no!!!! 😝😱😭🥺 13mo
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The #BlitsySwap is open for sign-ups until Sunday! This swap celebrates Black Lit (2 books) and Culture (2 gift items). This swap is international and open to ALL ages and ethnicities! Kids must have a Litsy grown-up to coordinate details. Please submit one form per person. Please spread the word!

Details can be found on the sign-up page: https://bit.ly/bhmswap2022

#Blitsy #BHMSwap

Amandajoy I signed up! My stepdaughter will be here this weekend and she‘s getting more into reading. Would the kid‘s swap be good for an 11 year old? 14mo
Chelleo @Amandajoy Yes! My 8 and 7 year olds are participating. I‘m also pretty sure we have another 11 year old signed up as well. 14mo
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Amandajoy Excellent! I‘ll see about signing her up tomorrow! 14mo
Amandajoy Both my stepdaughter and my stepson decided they wanted to do it! They are both signed up! 14mo
Chelleo @Amandajoy That‘s great!!! Will get matches out this week! 14mo
DebinHawaii It took me a while to remember to sign up, sorry. The sign up was still open so hopefully I‘m not too late. I so enjoyed this swap last year! 🤗 (edited) 14mo
Chelleo @DebinHawaii - I closed it but opened it back up so that someone could edit their form and forgot to close it! All good. I've got your info and you're in! 😉 14mo
DebinHawaii @Chelleo Oh thank you! I have had a crazy couple of work & life weeks & totally spaced. So glad I got in on a technicality! 😉🤣 (edited) 14mo
Chelleo Prepping matches and have some questions for: @maich @Nalbuque @jploves2read @Mitch Please check your email. Thanks in advance! 14mo
maich @Chelleo I replied😊 14mo
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Thank you Lia Lee (I don‘t know her litsy name). I love the mug! I have been wanting to read both books and will start with the tagged book. I read the note and saw that I will have a package come tomorrow too. I pray you have a full and speedy recovery after your emergency surgery. Thank you! @Chelleo

Chelleo @Between_The_Covers went above and beyond to get this package out to you, @BeaG, as she had a bit of trouble on the way to the post office. 2y
BeaG @Chelleo I know! I was like awwwww, wow when I read the note. @Between_The_Covers thank you so much! 2y
quietjenn What a lovely mug! 2y
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BeaG @quietjenn I love it! 2y
Between_The_Covers Thank you so much for being so patient, I'm so sorry about the delay. Your other gift was supposed to get there by tomorrow but it's been pushed to Tuesday for some reason. I was really trying to get it all to you in time. I actually made you a cup because my business is crafting resin designs. I will get it out to you as soon as I can. @Chelleo I'll be posting my gift as soon as I can get to it. Thank you ladies🥰 2y
BeaG @Between_The_Covers Focus on your recovery! Thanks again! 2y
Chelleo @Between_The_Covers, yes, what @BeaG said!!! Rest and recover! Enjoy your goodies while you‘re doing it. 2y
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I absolutely love my #BHMS gifts. Everything is wonderful. Thank you so much @BeaG ! This mug is so beautiful! I can‘t stop looking at it. No picture does it justice.❤️❤️ #BlitsyHistoryMonth #BHMSwap #BlitsySwap

Riveted_Reader_Melissa That mug is amazing! I love it! 2y
Chelleo That mug 😍🤩 2y
Cinfhen Oh!!! THAT MUG 🙌🏻🥰 2y
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Soubhiville Oh wow the mug! 2y
MeganAnn That mug is amazing! 😍😍😍 2y
BeaG I‘m glad you liked everything! My stepmom made the mug. She has a variety and I asked her for a blue one because that is your favorite color. Her business is called GG‘s Designs. 2y
sweetpealsd @BeaG I will definitely let people know about her. This mug is stunning! 2y
Annl The mug! Wow! 2y
riversong153 😍😍😍 2y
vlwelser 😍😍😍 2y
quietjenn That mug is amazing! 2y
BeaG @sweetpealsd thanks! 2y
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Reminder: Opening day is Feb 28 the (2 weeks away). 10 packages have yet to be sent and 6 are currently in transit. Please be sure to:

1. Post a “package sent” & “received” pic.
2. Let me know asap if you anticipate any delays or issues.

Until then...happy #BHMSwap waiting!

#BlitsyHistoryMonth #BHMS

SamAnne Mine is going out today! 2y
Chelleo @SamAnne Thanks!! 2y
Chelleo Thanks for the email update @Gissy 2y
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Gissy Yes! I sent you an email. Box will be out by Tuesday priority mail. 2y
Chelleo @SamAnne Sam, just following up...did your box go out? 2y
Chelleo Packages are in transit: @Come-read-with-me @DinoMom @Emilymdxn @Gaylagal2 @jploves2read Please let me know if you have received it. (edited) 2y
Chelleo Being shipped this weekend: @BeaG 2y
BeaG @Chelleo Thanks! 2y
Annl I have received my package. 2y
Annl And my sent package has been received, now to wait.... 2y
Chelleo @Annl my coffee hardly kicked in yet 😆 You sent your package to your match and you received a package to open? Thanks!! (edited) 2y
Annl Yep! My exchange world is all set! 2y
Chelleo @Between_The_Covers Your package is in transit. 2y
Between_The_Covers Mine is shipping today, not expecting delays❤️ 2y
Chelleo @Between_The_Covers Excellent, thanks for the heads up! 2y
Chelleo @Come-read-with-me and @DinoMom — you should be receiving packages today. 2y
DinoMom I shipped mine to @Emilymdxn weeks ago but still tracking as in transit. Fingers crossed it gets there. 2y
Chelleo @BeaG Your items will arrive in 3 separate mailings and all are expected to arrive by/on Sunday. 2y
BeaG @Chelleo Thank you! 2y
bcncookbookclub @Chelleo Nice organization! May there an especific time to open it?! 2y
kaysworld1 Sent and received both ends, phew! Thank you for letting me participate xxx 2y
Chelleo @bcncookbookclub Anytime on February 28th 😉 2y
Chelleo @kaysworld1 🤗 Great...not much longer now! 2y
bcncookbookclub @Chelleo Great! I can sleep as much as I can!😅 Lovely surprises for everyone!🎁🤩 2y
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Born a Crime | Trevor Noah
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I may be a day late for opening because of my crazy schedule, but I wanted to say thank you to @KatieDid927 for the wonderful #BHMSwap items! I am so excited to get into reading them! #Blitsy

Butterfinger Beautiful bowl. 3y
KatieDid927 So glad you like it! 3y
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