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A big shout out to our amazing hostess Michelle @Chelleo for another Black History Month Swap!
Thank you and it's going to be fun and educational 🤙

Chelleo Awww...thanks! I scrolled through last year‘s posts and nearly got teary-eyed. I‘m hoping this year will be just as much fun for everyone! (edited) 34m
Gaylagal2 @Chelleo It's going to be a huge, huge success!🤙 27m
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The Fire Next Time | James Baldwin
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"The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.# James Baldwin ~The Fire Next Time

1. Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Cicely Tyson and Tyler Perry
2. Beverly Jenkins, Ashley Antoinette
3. Both
4. Black cowboys. History making African Americans in the arts like Misty Copeland, but I already ready her book.
#BHMSWAP #BlitsyHistoryMonth #BlitsyHistoryMonthSwap

Tamra Either a man with nothing to lose or everything to lose. 😬 2d
Chelleo I love Beverly Jenkins. 2d
BeaG @Tamra 😮 True 2d
BeaG @Chelleo I love her too. 2d
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☕🍵Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate
🍫Sweet, preferably with salty
🧣🧦👚 Chunky scarves and socks women's fitted Tee
🖋📒 Ink pen and beautiful journals
#BHMSWAP #BlitsyHistoryMonth @Chelleo

Chelleo I totally agree on pens and journals. 2d
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1. Maya Angelou, John Lewis, Kamala Harris, Aaliyah and I gotta include Gizelle Bryant from RHOP 😂
2. Roxane Gay, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Colson Whitehead. I have a bunch of NK Jemisin that I can‘t wait to read. I need to read Octavia Butler too and could def use more of her work.
3. Both!
4. Literary fiction, fantasy, historical fiction
5. Hmm the Civil Rights Movement.

#blitsyhistorymonth #bhmswap @Chelleo

Chelleo Not Giselle! 😂🤣😂 She‘s such a mess. But I like her too 2d
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Home Fire | Kamila Shamsie
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Post 2 of 2.

I already own these so please don't double up!

@Chelleo #blitsyswap #bhmswap #blackhistorymonthswap

Libby1 @jenniferw88 ! I‘m so so sorry. I have your #LMPBC parcel ready but can‘t find your address. Can you please email it to me? I have 2 books ready for you: mine and @jhod ‘s excellent choice. 1d
jhod @Libby1 also many apologies from me - I haven't read Jenny's selection yet but will get on it asap and send on!! 1d
Libby1 @jhod - no problem! I hope you‘re well. 🤣❤️ 1d
jenniferw88 @Libby1 @jhod it's ok - as we're only a group of 3 it's actually made the rotation easier! Libby I've hopefully just emailed you - look for one from irene_gulliver@yahoo.co.uk! 1d
Libby1 @jenniferw88 - got it! 1d
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1) My forever POTUS & FLOTUS, the Obamas. Assata Shakur. Prince. Dorothy Dandridge. Nina Simone. Josephine Baker. 2) Octavia Butler. Victor LaValle. Toni Morrison. Nalo Hopkinson. Elizabeth Acevedo. 3) Future, Present, or Past (although I would prefer not to read anymore slave era stories). 4) Science-Fiction. Fantasy. Thrillers. Literary Fiction. 5) Orisha. African Spirituality. Pre or Post Slavery History. #blitsyhistorymonth #bhmswap @Chelleo

Chelleo 5 — great list! 2d
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#blitsyhistorymonth #blistyhistorymonthswap #BHMSwap @Chelleo
1️⃣ Tea ☕️ all the way!
2️⃣ Lotions (for ethnic skin or made by POC)
4️⃣ Savory (I loves salty snacks!)
5️⃣ T-shirts | Scarves | Socks Equally!
6️⃣ Magnets
7️⃣ bonus item because there are no rules muhahahaha (okay there are rules) but I love love love Sci-Fi and black women authors!

Chelleo I love a good lotion / body butter! 2d
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Post 1 of 2.

I have more Baldwin, Gay & Locke - check my Goodreads to see if I have it.

I've also read some Adichie but others are on the #tbr - again, check Goodreads!

#blitsyswap #bhmswap #blackhistorymonthswap @Chelleo

We Cast a Shadow: A Novel | Maurice Carlos Ruffin
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Ok, I am about to make things either very easy or very difficult for my #blitsyhistorymonthswap match... 🙈
🖤 I love coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (in that order); 🖤candles; 🖤 sweet and savory, but spicy most of all; 🖤 socks- bonus points if they‘re toe socks or super fuzzy 😍; 🖤 bookmarks and magnets. #bhmswap @Chelleo
Oh, and the tagged book is one from the tippy top of my TBR that I do not yet own.

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More stuff to help my #blitsyswap match. I'm currently listening to the tagged book, the rest I've read and were 4 ⭐ reads.

#bhmswap #blackhistorymonthswap @Chelleo

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