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audraelizabeth Im currently reading the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. 6mo
RhianJMartin @audraelizabeth How do you like it so far? 6mo
audraelizabeth Its different. Im reading it as an ebook and there is a lot of annotations so lots of back and forth, the ebook is also over 400 pages and im about 45 or so in. 6mo
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RhianJMartin @audraelizabeth If I remember correctly from my time reading it, the story begins to pick up a bit mid-novel. I hope it gets better for you! 🙂 6mo
audraelizabeth Me to. Its the only ebook i have left for the #readingrush readathon. 6mo
marleed I just read your tagged book and kinda loved it. I immediately followed up with the Netflix movie which I liked. But of course, the book was better‘ 6mo
RhianJMartin @marleed I agree - both are great! So glad to hear you enjoyed the story. 🙂 6mo
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CoffeeNBooks This is such a great book- enjoy! 13mo
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starlight97 Popcorn is always a good choice for me 😋 1y
KrystleTheBookSlayer I drink cocoa a lot at night, but I usually crave anything sweet. 1y
NotLiketheRoad @starlight97 I looooove popcorn. We have a place here called the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company that has so many amazing flavors. 🤤 1y
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NotLiketheRoad @KrystleTheBookSlayer I make cocoa or spiced apple cider when it‘s cold. It‘s been so hot here though that I don‘t get that luxury. 1y
tammysue It‘s always popcorn 🍿 1y
DannyHattan Pretzels or Popcorn 😊 1y
Velvetfur I only like to drink tea when I'm reading at night, usually my favourite green tea with chocolate & coconut (by Twinings). But sometimes rose tea (by Yogi Tea) which I've lately been adding almond milk to while trying to make my own version of Moon Milk! 1y
Quirkybookworm Depends on my mood. 1y
Janmah Wheat Thins and wine. 1y
MaGoose Plain yogurt with blueberries and mini chocolate chips. 1y
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Meet Me at the Museum | Anne Youngson
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Thanks for the awesome #bookmail @flatironbooks ! I‘m looking forward to this #ARC of #MeetMeAtTheMuseum!

“We have both arrived at the same point in our lives. More behind us than ahead of us. Paths chosen that define us. Enough time left to change.” -Anne Youngson, Meet Me at the Museum. Pub date: Aug 2018

#JohnBoyne called this “a novel to cherish” and #AnnieBarrows said it was “warm hearted, clear-minded, and unexpectedly spellbinding.”

PenguinInFlight What cuties!! 😍😍 2y
BridgetteM Your dogs are adorable! 2y
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rubyslippersreads ❤️🐶🐶❤️ 2y
wanderinglynn Such cuties! ❤️🐶❤️🐶 2y
Leftcoastzen Aaawwww ,so cute! 2y
tokyoseg Doggos 😍 2y
SledgeReader Beautiful babies!! 2y
Melissa_J So cute 😊🐶 2y
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Ivy + Bean, Book 1 | Annie Barrows
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Everything about this book was great. The story was fun and the friendship between Ivy & Bean was so sweet 😍

I an excited to continue reading this series with my kids 😁

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In Liebe, Layla: Roman | Annie Barrows
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Neues Buch, #InLiebeLayla Libro nuevo, que todavía no ha sido traducido al español #TheTruthAccordingtoUs #AnnieBarrows