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Doctor Sleep: A Novel | Stephen King
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The #3KingsBuddyRead led me right into the sequel to The Shining. I‘ve had it on my shelf for years and never got around to reading it.

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The Shining | Stephen King
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When you're on a wet foggy mountain road with The Shining, the reading experience and creepiness intensifies 😯

QOTD: Which horror book creeps you out the most? 😱

#3KingsBuddyRead @TheReadingMermaid

TheReadingMermaid 😍😍😍 1y
LeanneAslin Gorgeous photo! 14mo
thereadingowlvina @LeanneAslin Thank you! 😊 14mo
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Pet Sematary | Stephen King
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Okay I'm officially scatterbrained! LOL 😜 I meant to post this on Friday but I haven't gotten to it till today. I do so apologize.
Please tell me what you thought of this book. did you have any favorite characters? Did you have any favorite parts? How was the storyline for you guys? Was it any better than Salem's Lot? Did the writing style differ at all?
#3KingsBuddyRead @TheReadingMermaid

jb72 I didn‘t get to Pet Semetary but I‘ve started The Shining. I enjoyed Salem‘s Lot. 1y
TheReadingMermaid @jb72 oh sweetie you're really missing out. I thought it was an excellent read. we are doing The Shining this month though! 😁 1y
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jb72 @TheReadingMermaid I really want to get to it, but I fell a bit behind on my reading. Hopefully I can catch up in the next month or two. 1y
Merchgal Favorite Character: Judd he was the most colorful character in my opinion. My favorite part was Louis‘ flashes of Gage‘s future. It really played with your mind even though I knew Gage was gone. This was definitely a better read than Salem‘s Lot. I actually rewatched the movie today which i don‘t think I‘ve seen since It came out in 1989/1990. I was probably too young to be watching it LOL. I‘ve always remembered Gage and that creepy laugh 😑 1y
ads0123 I enjoyed this one waaaaaay better than Salem‘s Lot! It was so creepy!! I saw the movie for this many years ago, when I was way too young to see it, and I only vaguely remember the creepy kid and being scared of it. This book was so compelling and I couldn‘t put it down. I already kinda new what was gonna happen but it didn‘t matter. 1y
ads0123 @Merchgal Jud is probably my favorite character, too! 1y
ads0123 Also my favorite part has to be the manufactured way that Jud couldn‘t stay awake to see Louis come home, and Rachel kept getting held up from making it home, and Louis being compelled by something to keep going even when he knows he probably shouldn‘t. It felt so much like a dream where you need to run but your legs refuse to move. 1y
thereadingowlvina I enjoyed this one more than Salem's Lot actually. I rewatched the movie and of course the book was wayyy better! My favourite character is Jud. I also like the part about the Mimac burial. Creepy 😮 1y
TheReadingMermaid @Merchgal @ads0123 @thereadingowlvina I also rewatched the movie after I finished the book. I was delightfully surprised that the movie was so close to the book in many respects. Perhaps that was because Stephen King actually wrote the screenplay. I don't however like the fact that they 86ed Judd's wife and made him out to be like the bad guy. 1y
ads0123 @TheReadingMermaid I‘ll have to rewatch the movie. I haven‘t seen it since I was probably a teenager. I don‘t remember very much of it. 1y
ads0123 @thereadingowlvina I liked this one more than Salem‘s Lot, too. Salem‘s Lot had a lot more exposition/backstory stuff that didn‘t seem as necessary. This one felt like a much tighter story. It didn‘t have much “extra” stuff going on. 1y
TheReadingMermaid @ads0123 I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think it was a much better story with not a lot of extra crap that you don't need which Stephen King has a terrible habit of doing in his books. I was delighted that he didn't do that in this one. 1y
ads0123 @TheReadingMermaid yes!! King does have a habit of doing that! Sometimes the extra stuff is interesting but mostly it just feels like a bunch of information that doesn‘t really lead to anything. I‘m was pleasantly surprised that this one was not like that. 1y
ads0123 I did enjoy yelling in my head at Louis trying to get him to stop what he‘s doing. I also liked the creepy ending. There‘s no nice bow to tie this one up! 1y
TheReadingMermaid @ads0123 I agreed the ending was perfect for this book! I could not have seen it ending any other way. 1y
thereadingowlvina @ads0123 @TheReadingMermaid Yes, you ladies are right! Pet Sematary did not have a lot of the extra stuff. It's a more focused story. And I love the ending! Didn't see that coming! Loved it! 🤗 1y
Merchgal @TheReadingMermaid yes I noticed his wife was missing from the movie. I really liked her character in the book. You can definitely tell Stephen King wrote the screenplay which wasn‘t the case with the first version The Shining movie. But we will talk more about that once we get to that book discussion. I‘ve seen a few articles the remake of Pet Sematary coming soon. John Lithgow as Judd. 1y
AnansiGirl Judd is my favorite character. His movie version portrayed by Fred Gwynne was the only one I could visualize while reading the book. 1y
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Pet Sematary | Stephen King
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Book 16 of 2018: This has always been one of my favorite Stephen King movies. Loved the book and I can‘t wait to rewatch the movie soon.

“Death is a mystery, and burial is a secret.” #StephenKing #PetSematary #3KingsBuddyRead

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'Salem's Lot | Stephen King
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Book 15 of 2018: The was the second Stephen King book I‘ve ever read. The first one was ages ago in high school. This book was hard to get through. The first half was soooo slow. As the vampire is a little on the cheesy side. #SalemsLot #StephenKing #3KingsBuddyRead

“Alone. Yes, that‘s the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn‘t hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym…”

Pet Sematary | Stephen King
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thereadingowlvina Awesome! 👍 1y
Merchgal 🤗 1y
TongueTiedSLP11 My husband loved Pet Semetary. I‘m saving The Shining for closer to Halloween 👻 1y
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TheReadingMermaid @TongueTiedSLP11 we are reading The Shining in September if you would like to join us 😉 1y
hufflepuff-ish Yay!!!! 1y
Bronte_Chintz I‘ve not managed to finish it with being away. I‘m trying to trudge through it though alongside work prep. It‘s better than Salem‘s lot so far from what I‘ve read. 1y
ads0123 I‘m really enjoying it so far!!! 1y
TongueTiedSLP11 @TheReadingMermaid I will have to read that next then! 😎 1y
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Pet Sematary (Library) | Stephen King
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currently reading my August #3KingsBuddyRead !
I‘ve delved into this one before, it‘s truly skin-crawling creepy.
#writercrush #stephenking #petsematary

neggers I‘ve got the shining on my to read list for this summer too! I heard it‘s a classic 1y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells @neggers i‘ve never read that classic, the movie scared the crud out of me when I was younger👻💀😵 i guess it‘s time to man up and read it. next month though lol 🤫🤣 1y
Gina Oh! Oh! The Shining and Salems Lot! Many a nightmare I had from these. 1y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells @Gina 😵🤭😁 1y
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📚Easy Street (the Hard Way) #mounttbrchallenge
📚The Stand #losersclub
📚Wyrd Sisters #OokBookClub
📚Pet Sematary #3KingsBuddyRead
📚Colony of the Lost #spookyfriendsbookclub
📚The Waste Lands #epickatetread
📚Lolly Willowes #192019challenge #1926

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Here is my list of August #TBR, not being too ambitious this month. This list includes an Amazon best of 2018 pick, a book for the #3KingsBuddyRead, and one of the #classics that @ErinSueG and I have challenged ourselves to #requiredreadingredo. #augusttbr #readingresolutions #augustisatrip @vkois88 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

vkois88 Jealous you have I'll Be Gone In The Dark! I'm still about 3 months out on the waiting list lol... one of these days if I get a really good coupon, I may just go buy it instead. 1y
TheWordJar Fantastic list!! ❤️ 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I really enjoyed Bird Box!! 😱😱 1y
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WhiskeyMistress @vkois88 it was on Amazon for $15 and I couldn‘t say no... the hold list is crazy for it and I‘m an impatient girl 🙈 1y
Bookishthoughts I liked Duma Key a lot! 1y
vkois88 Noooooooo I missed it! 😭 1y
WhiskeyMistress @vkois88 are you sure? It‘s still popping up with my prime! 1y
vkois88 Oooh... I'll look again! I have about 10 browsers open looking at a billion things, since the Fall swap matches went out lol 1y
WhiskeyMistress @LazyDays I also liked Duma Key! it will be a reread for me, @ErinSueG and I have been buddy reading through some of Kings best work. 1y
Bookishthoughts @WhiskeyMistress That's wonderful! I'm fan of King,not all of his stuff but most of it😊 1y
ErinSueMreads @LazyDays yes! It‘s been so fun! First we did ‘Salem‘s lot. Then Lisey‘s Story. Next is Duma Key and then I think the stand or the shining. We shall see what @WhiskeyMistress comes up with. (edited) 1y
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'Salem's Lot | Stephen King
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@TheReadingMermaid #3KingsBuddyRead #july #stephenking #salemslot
1. I LOVE this book, one of my all-time King favorites. His work with developing multiple characters that you feel connected to, as well as the absolutely gorgeous lines of prose from this book make it really lovely.
2. Hard to choose a favorite character, I love the strength and resilience of Danny, but also feel Barlowe is a masterpiece of a villain.
Will continue in comments..

WhiskeyMistress 3. The things I enjoy most about this book are: great depictions of small town life, the way the blossoming romance is handled, the minimal but effective use of flashbacks, and again, the gorgeously quotable description language. 1y
WhiskeyMistress 4. I don‘t know how much more I can say about this book, obviously I love it, and really think everyone should read it, particularly people who “don‘t like” King. 1y
TheReadingMermaid King really does have a way of making you feel the small town life in his books doesn't he? I appreciated that aspect as well. 1y
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trioxin_sematary It was my first King read, I love it; although it's not my favourite. My favourite is The Stand. Although I will say something about 'salems Lot, it's the probably the most atmospheric book I've read. 1y
WhiskeyMistress @trioxin_sematary I really really like the Stand, it‘s an absolute EPIC and deserves every bit of praise. I just feel like the Lot is more consumable, if that makes sense 😂 I can go back and reread as often as I want. Where the Stand takes some more commitment. 1y
CSeydel I agree! I‘m an iffy sort of King fan and I had never read Salem‘s Lot, because I knew it was vampires and I‘m not into vampires. But I read it earlier this year with the #losersclub and loved it! As usual with King, the book isn‘t “about vampires” the same way IT isn‘t about a monster clown. It‘s about the way the different characters react to the vampires and the horrific situations they find themselves it. Truly great literature. 1y
phantomx Salem's Lot is a perfect read for the summer! I haven't gotten around to reading The Shining or Pet Semetary (they've been on my TBR list for a long time). King's books are great to read during the fall as well. Under the Dome had a strong, spooky atmosphere like Salem's Lot, and the endings of King's book are impactful. 1y
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