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This book (on my “historic true crime” shelf 😄) tells of the 1895 disappearance of an Irish woman who was believed to be taken by the fairies - until her burned remains were discovered and her family was charged with murder. I‘ve heard that Hannah Kent recommends this in the endnotes to her novel, The Good People.


(Thank you to @Chrissyreadit for sending this one to me for the #2018NonfictionBookExchange 😘).

rubyslippersreads I‘m curious about this one, though it might be too gruesome for me. 🔥 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Mine isn‘t either! I wonder what‘s going on! 1y
Leftcoastzen On my TBR 1y
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toofondofbooks That's so weird I just watched an episode of Lore on Amazon Prime yesterday about this same case. 1y
mrp27 Sounds fascinating! 1y
BarbaraBB Interesting blurb! 1y
Mdargusch Have you read this? Sounds good. 1y
emilyhaldi Instant #stack 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Thanks, stacked! 1y
Tamra How morbidly fascinating. 1y
Cathythoughts Sounds interesting 1y
rohit-sawant Oo, stacking! 1y
Cinfhen Definitely #stacking 1y
Chrissyreadit What did you think of it? I was very intrigued! 1y
LeahBergen @Mdargusch @Chrissyreadit It‘s still TBR. The story of my life! 😆😆 1y
Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen 😆😆😆 mine too with so many books! 1y
Reviewsbylola I‘ve had this on my TBR! 1y
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I got #bookmail today from @Simona ! Thank you so much for the lovely books! I haven't heard of Gypsy Jane but it sounds like a fascinating read. I can't thank you enough 💜📚 You did such a good job that I had to enlist Lydia in helping me choose the first book 😺 #2018nonfictionbookexchange #catsoflitsy #petsoflitsy

Bklover Year of Yes is great! 2y
Simona When I saw Gypsy Jane I was also intrigued by her story. Enjoy in books😘 Lydia is beautiful assistant 😻. I just sent you email 😘😘😘 2y
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@Simona I told Lydia that she also received gifts. I think she thinks the whole package was for her 😂 she loves the treats you sent. Thank you so much! #2018nonfictionbookexchange #catsoflitsy

Simona Well, this package was for her and she is beautiful 😻 2y
mcipher What a beautiful kitty! 😻 2y
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Thank you @Simona !!! You have done an amazing job stalking me (and my cat Lydia). The adorable frame, the delicious-smelling teas and coffee, I love everything in this package and I can't wait to curl up with Lydia and enjoy our treats! Thank you so much for thinking of her too 😺 #2018nonfictionbookexchange

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Thank you @Stacypatrice I love my #2018nonfictionbookexchange box with goodies!! Everything was perfect!!! i am looking forward to reading my books!! I have often looked at Reading Lolita in Tehran, but never picked it up, if I had I would have just because they read Austen!!!!! The page flags are too cute to use, the magnetic PnP kit is awesome, and the bookmarks are my favorite!! Thank you, for all my lovelies!!

LeahBergen Both of these books are great! 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Stacypatrice You‘re so welcome 😁 I had fun searching and shopping for you!! 2y
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My #2018nonfictionbookexchange #2018NFBE partner @Lacythebookworm did such a nice thing for me! Two amazing books, a really LOVELY journal, tote, bookmark... and even a book I‘ve been wanting on audiobook!! Thank you sooooo much!

kspenmoll Love the journal and tote and all of it!!! 2y
LeahBergen What lovely gifts! 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Kalalalatja Great gifts! 👏 2y
Lacythebookworm Yay! Enjoy 😊 2y
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Non-Fiction | Wendy Wren
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@Simona I just got home from work and I don't think the second package was delivered yet. Should I wait for the second package or go ahead and open these lovelies? They look so cute! Purple is my favorite color and I love the antique travel wrapping too 💜 also, I don't know what's inside, but as soon as I opened the package, I smelled something delicious 😋 #2018nonfictionbookexchange

Simona You certainly can open it, I‘m going to the post office today, to see what is wrong...I‘m afraid that this isn‘t package with the books 😱 (edited) 2y
Simona Amanda, please contact me at gmail address simona . mikl 2y
Chocamanda @Simona I just sent you an email. I hope I got the address right! 2y
Chocamanda @Simona I didn't get the email right. Go ahead and contact me at amandabakes350@gmail.com 2y
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Kinda bummed that my #2018nonfictionbookexchange package hasn't arrived yet. If you're my person, could you give me the tracking number? Just want to make sure it isn't lost. Thanks.

callielafleur I'm in the same boat, though I think something happened in shipping with mine. I hope yours is on the way as well! 2y
LeahBergen That sucks. ☹️ 2y
heikemarie @kiminreverse, sorry to reveal you but hoping you can provide some info! 2y
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ReadingSusan 😢😢😢 2y
heikemarie @callielafleur I just got your tracking #, I think with the snow days it‘s set to arrive tomorrow 😔, it arrived at UPS in Chelmsford today. 2y
callielafleur @inwhichHeikereadsharder thank you! I figured it was something with shipping. 😁 2y
NCNY @inwhichHeikereadsharder Thanks for following up. Hopefully mine was weather delayed too. And thanks for organizing! @callielafleur Glad yours is on its way. 2y
JPeterson Oh, no. I hope it turns up! 😕 2y
4thhouseontheleft I‘m sorry. 😞 I sent a lovely #nfbe box that I spent a lot of time in effort on choosing items to the same person and...nothing. I do know she received it. If you never receive anything I would love to send you something. (edited) 2y
NCNY @4thhouseontheleft That's very frustrating. My very first swap match never posted about what I sent either. I've had really good luck since then - until now, I guess. Thank you very much for your offer to send me something but it's not necessary. I just hope our mutual person comes through in the end.... 2y
tpixie Be sure and let the organizers know, if you don‘t receive anything 😞🤔🤗 2y
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These books are perfect @Shadowfat 😍Thank you so much, Molly! I love the page clips and can‘t wait to try the chocolate Buddhas! Now which book to read first...

#2018nonfictionbookexchange #2018NFBE Thanks for organizing such a great swap @inwhichHeikereadsharder 😊👍

bookish_wookish Those bookmarks!! 😍😍 2y
Lacythebookworm @bookish_wookish Aren‘t they the cutest?! 2y
Shadowfat @Lacythebookworm i'm glad you like them 😊 I hope the books are good, Reporter's Kitchen looked interesting! 2y
Smarkies The number of books I am actually stacking from this exchange.... 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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❤️I am so overwhelmed @Chocamanda !!!! Thank you for the most awesome #2018NonFictionBookExchange gifts! You are an amazing stalker 👀😂 I absolutely LOVE everything!!!❤️❤️❤️

Chocamanda Yay! I'm so glad you like your treats 💜📚🍫🥔 I hope you like the chips! I can't taste test those (weird potato allergy) so I hope they're tasty! 2y
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