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I so thoroughly enjoyed this book about Monty, Percy, and Felicity, and their adventures while on their Grand Tour of Europe. There's adventure, romance, scandal, pirates, comedy, mystery, and friendship.

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#ReadingThroughTheYears192021 #192021 #2017

monalyisha One of my faves from last year, too! 💖 10mo
staci.reads Just finished reading this tonight and posted this one 5 minutes ago! 😁 10mo
BookNerd9906 I can‘t wait to read this one! 10mo
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CoffeeNBooks @staci.reads That's awesome! 😁 10mo
CoffeeNBooks @BookNerd9906 It was so good! 10mo
AutumnRLS I just ordered this off Amazon tonight when I saw they dropped the price! 10mo
bookwrm526 I‘m listening to the sequel, focusing on Felicity, now. I‘m halfway done and it‘s just as good :) 10mo
CoffeeNBooks @bookwrm526 I have that one in my classroom library also, so I'll be borrowing it soon to read! I'm glad to hear that it's just as good! 10mo
Maria514626 Yay! 👏👏👏👏 I wish they lived in my neighborhood! (edited) 10mo
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I learned so much about the Chicago World's Fair, the architects involved in creating it, and the community support for the fair. I learned about Ferris and his wheel, and the influences of the fair on people such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Walt Disney. Interwoven with the story of the Chicago World's Fair, however is the story of serial killer H.H. Holmes. #nonfiction #historicaldrama #truecrime #ReadingThroughTheYears192021 #192021 #2003

KathyWheeler When I bought this book, I bought it for the H.H. Holmes part of the story; however, I ended up actually being more interested in the architecture parts of the book. 10mo
Lcsmcat My book group all loved this one, but were pretty evenly divided over which part they liked better. I liked both parts. 😀 10mo
Bookish.SAM I really enjoyed this one! 10mo
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Slajaunie I‘ve heard of H.H. Holmes. Creepy! 10mo
jessinikkip I always have loved this book since I first read it years ago 10mo
Crazeedi I really enjoyed reading this, Larsons nonfiction books are so readable, never boring 10mo
nelehelen I love this book so much! 10mo
Kaye NF 🌟 10mo
Reviewsbylola Such a great book. 10mo
CoffeeNBooks @Crazeedi I definitely want to read more of his books now! 10mo
Zee3 I've been wanting to read this! I can't wait for the movie. 10mo
5280reader Learning about the architecture in Chicago was so interesting! A favorite for sure. 10mo
EmilyM I love all of his books! 10mo
Biverson12 Read this for a book club and I loved it! Glad you liked it too! 10mo
jz4usc This is an amazing book! 10mo
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A Confederacy of Dunces | John Kennedy Toole
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I just finished my 1st book of 2019, this tragicomedy set in New Orleans in the 1960s. Ignatius J. Reilly is quite a character, as are several of the others you meet along the way in this story of Ignatius' search for a job and his place in society. Thanks for a great #NewYearWhoDis recommendation @Maria514626 @monalyisha #LitsyAtoZ #C @BookishMarginalia #ReadingClassicsIn2019 #ReadingThroughTheYears192021 #192021 #1980

monalyisha Knocked it out! Way to go! 🙌🏻 10mo
Sos Billy Connolly recommended this in his 2 part programme Made in Scotland - will have to read it. 10mo
DivineDiana Started this last year. Too many other book commitments got in the way. 🙁 Goal: Finish in 2019! 😉 10mo
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emilyhaldi Woohoo!!! One of my fav books ever 🙌🏻 10mo
laur89 This is on my TBR! Looking forward to reading it this year 😃 10mo
BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 10mo
Maria514626 So glad you liked it! 👏👏 10mo
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In 2017, I found #192019 - a challenge to read a book published from 1920 - 2019. I had 3 years to do it - why not?
This has been THE BEST challenge ever. I got to authors & classics I‘d missed. Selecting & shopping for books became a scavenger hunt.
I recommend you do a challenge like this. Since 2019 is upon us, you could make a new one, #192021 - read books from 1920 to 2021 - you have 3 years. Consider it - it will enrich your life❤️

UrsulaMonarch I love this idea! Thanks! 11mo
JaclynW Interesting idea! 11mo
Sweettartlaura @UrsulaMonarch @JaclynW Do it🙌🏻. For me, it started as my birthday challenge - I figured I was already doing that so I‘d act like I was gonna go for all 100. And in no time, I was❤️ There are all sorts of resources out there, too - Goodreads has lists of the most popular books published each year; there‘s the NYT bestseller lists; there are award winners from each year. So much to help you choose ... and plenty of time to do it!!! 11mo
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JaclynW @Sweettartlaura I think I will. I will plug in books I'm already reading and then fill in the holes. I've seen those lists on Goodreads, they would definitely be useful! It sounds like fun! And discovery! 11mo
JaclynW @Sweettartlaura Did come up with the 3 year deadline yourself? 11mo
Sweettartlaura Yay, @JaclynW 🙌🏻. No, I just happened to find this in 2017, so I had the time to manage it. If you expand it to 192021, you‘ll just also happen to have 3 years. If you REALLY want to get down to it and read 100 books this year, go for it 😜📚🙌🏻. Otherwise, you can spread it out as you like 😊 11mo
Sweettartlaura And I think I found this via @Marchpane but I don‘t know who originated it🤷🏻‍♀️. @Marchpane was it you? 11mo
Marchpane It was! I‘m still plugging away at it but on track to complete by the end of this year. I‘m sooo happy that you have found it so enjoyable! It‘s probably the best thing I‘ve done for my reading too 😊 11mo
Sweettartlaura @Marchpane yay 😁 Thanks so much for this brilliant idea 💡 I love it so much that I decided, since I have the time, to go back to what I DNFed & try another book from that year ❤️ I should be done with all but a handful of books from the ‘20‘s. But I‘m sticking with it til the very end! Thanks again! 11mo
llwheeler I've been loving this challenge too! You're much further ahead than me though, I'm at 38/100. It will be my main challenge focus this year. 😃 11mo
Sweettartlaura @llwheeler Yay 🙌🏻 So glad we have a little tribe of 192019ers 🥰 You‘ve got a lot of great reading ahead! 11mo
CoffeeNBooks I love this!! I'm adding it to my bullet journal right now! 📚 10mo
Sweettartlaura @CoffeeNBooks Yay🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. You‘ll be so glad you did❤️ 10mo
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