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Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting | Darya Pino Rose
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In Foodist, Darya Pino Rose, a neuroscientist, food writer, and the creator of SummerTomato.com, delivers a savvy, practical guide to ending the diet cycle and discovering lasting weight-loss through the love of food and the fundamentals of science. A foodist simply has a different way of looking at food, and makes decisions with a clear understanding of how to optimize health and happiness. Foodist is a new approach to healthy eating that focuses on what you like to eat, rather than what you should or shouldnt eat, while teaching you how to make good decisions, backed up by an understanding of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting is filled with tips on food shopping, food prep, cooking, and how to pick the right restaurants and make smart menu choices.
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1. Eggs, bacon, and either toast or biscuits
2. I never understood the combination of fish and chicken places. Like, half Long John Silver and half KFC? Nope.
3. Yes
4. I know they have like knockoff flavors, but if Girl Scouts wanted to partner with someone to make Thin Mint flavored ice cream, I wouldn‘t complain! 😋

#food #books #foodie #reading #breakfast #icecream

Eggs Mmm thin mints 🍨 4mo
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BlameJennyJane Ummmm... yum!! 1y
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@collegecatlady I'm so sorry for being such a freaking procrastinator this time around! 😥 Your feed a reader package is done and on its way to you! You should see it early next week. 🤗
@MinDea @TricksyTails #FeedAReader

collegecatlady Sounds good! I‘m almost done with yours for July/August! I just can‘t help myself lol 1y
MinDea Yay! Thank you guys! @collegecatlady @Rachel.Rencher ! 1y
Rachel.Rencher @collegecatlady Oh my gosh you're so ahead of the game! ❤ 1y
collegecatlady I‘m just one of those people who is always shopping for people on my list! You should see how far in advance I start buying Christmas presents 🤫 1y
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Sending your way @Schnoebs and I picked up the parcel from you as I was sending mine! #foodimentarywatson

Schnoebs Yay! Happy to hear you got the package! 1y
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1. Can‘t think of anything off the top of my head
2. I looooove hamburgers 🍔 and fries 🍟
3. Tunafish. I dunno there‘s a lot I don‘t like
4. All the cookies my mom makes at Christmas 🎄
5. Five Guys and In-and-Out. Shake Shack. Anywhere I can get a great burger


JoScho I love Shake Shack and we don‘t have one locally. Thanks for playing 🖤 2y
monalyisha Oh god. I should have chosen tuna fish. I‘ve never tried it! I hate mayo, and I hate tuna steak... so I can‘t imagine a tuna fish sandwich being something I‘d remotely enjoy. Once, as a kid, my stepmom made me a tuna fish sandwich for lunch & my dad said if I didn‘t try it, we couldn‘t go to the beach. We didn‘t go to the beach. 😅 2y
Jen_Reads @monalyisha it just smells so awful and I never got why my dad would eat it. I was always dramatic when plugging my nose if he ate it in the same room as me. 2y
Cupofjo In-n-out is one of my favorite burger places! 2y
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Oh my stars and garters! THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. When I opened this I nearly peed my pants! 😍 Thanks so much, pretty girl! I hope you enjoy your box! I MUST make those Bavarian potatoes! ❤️#feedareader

MommyOfTwo Oh that is awesome! I‘ve been looking at wax sealers lately 2y
heikemarie I am glad you like!! And I am making knödel tonight for my mom ☺️ can‘t wait to pick up my package!! 2y
TricksyTails 😍♥️😍♥️ THAT. IS. AWESOME! Wow!! 👏😆 Yay! Love all your goodies! I can‘t wait to see you make the potatoes! 😋 2y
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blithebuoyant @MommyOfTwo I'm on one of the websites looking at more stamps, it's so cool! I never would have thought to buy one for myself, I'm in love 2y
blithebuoyant @inwhichHeikereadsharder I'm super excited to make the knödel! 2y
blithebuoyant @TricksyTails I'll definitely post pictures! ❤️ 2y
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I got my #FeedAReader box yesterday but fell asleep before I could post a picture. I'm excited for the Ben & Jerry's book, That's one of my favorite brands. I also really like the subway bookmark. Thanks @Pamwurtzler for all the fun things, I can't wait to use it! @MinDea @TricksyTails

Pamwurtzler Oh good I‘m glad you like it! 2y
TricksyTails 👏😊♥️ 2y
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@cobwebmoth Yay! I was able to catch my apartment manager and get my #FeedAReader box! Winston had to help me open it. 😂
I love EVERYTHING and have been dying to read those books you sent. I'm going to try the buckeyes and coffee tonight, too! 😍😍 Thank you so much! You're awesome! 😁🤗

@TricksyTails @MinDea

cobwebmoth Yay! I'm glad you like everything. 😊 2y
MinDea Awesome!!!!!! 2y
MinDea Can't wait to see pictures of the recipes when you make them! 2y
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shawncapito What's feed a reader? 2y
AmyG @shawncapito It was a swap. People sign up, are assigned people to swap with..and you send a book and a recipe (and whatever else you want to send). 2y
shawncapito That sounds really cool. Thank you @AmyG. @mapatrick we should try this sometime 😊 2y
TricksyTails Ooh!!! There‘s so much going on in these photos that make me so happy! First #FeedAReader package opened! All the goodies! Winston!! ♥️ So in love with the little dude. Look at his tiny paw on the box. 😍 Also, love the crocheted items @cobwebmoth!! You rock!! 2y
TricksyTails Can‘t wait to see you make the recipes!! 😋 2y
mapatrick @shawncapito most definitely. 😁 2y
Rachel.Rencher @TricksyTails The recipes look fabulous 😍 @cobwebmoth did such a fantastic job picking out what I like! 2y
Lucas.Rencher @Rachel.Rencher I love our box the buckeyes are amazing, and I really like the coffee! 😀 2y
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I made pasta fagioli without the rotini, topped with grated Parmesan

Dragon That looks so yummy! 😀🐉 2y
laundry_piles That looks great! 2y
bookish_wookish Be still my little italian heart!! 😍 2y
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BookMaven407 Looks yummy! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Looks so good!!! 2y
ladym30 My favorite and that looks so good! 2y
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I haven't done much this weekend but read and eat food. Here are some of our spreads!

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Had to run some errands, including grabbing some #24in48 fuel! I'm a little over 3 hours in so I have some catching up to do!

I'm about finished with this book. Which should I read next Cinder or Glass Sword? Help!!!!

Simona Njam, njam 😋 looks delicious 🤤 2y
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#NotAboutBooks yay or nay ??

jpmcwisemorgan Tacos!!! (edited) 3y
Echo Yay!! Swap them out! 3y
OrangeMooseReads I like the taco one 3y
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Foragingfantasy Difficult choice... But I think Tacos. Always tacos. 3y
maximoffs TACOS 3y
LisaJo Always room for tacos. 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 3y
AdaChivers ...Both? 3y
Stephykitten The sushi 🍣 one is soooo cute 😻 3y
Godmotherx5 TACOS! 3y
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