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The Teleportation Accident
The Teleportation Accident: A Novel | Ned Beauman
When you haven't had sex in a long time, it feels like the worst thing that could ever happen. If you're living in Germany in the 1930s, it probably isn't. But that's no consolation to Egon Loeser, whose carnal misfortunes will push him from the experimental theaters of Berlin to the absinthe bars of Paris to the physics laboratories of Los Angeles, trying all the while to solve two mysteries: Was it really a deal with Satan that claimed the life of his hero, Renaissance set designer Adriano Lavicini, creator of the so-called Teleportation Device? And why is it that a handsome, clever, modest guy like him can't-just once in a while-get himself laid? From Ned Beauman, the author of the acclaimed Boxer, Beetle, comes a historical novel that doesn't know what year it is; a noir novel that turns all the lights on; a romance novel that arrives drunk to dinner; a science fiction novel that can't remember what isotope means; a stunningly inventive, exceptionally funny, dangerously unsteady and (largely) coherent novel about sex, violence, space, time, and how the best way to deal with history is to ignore it.
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I've been meaning to read Beauman for ages. He just sounds like he'd be right up my alley. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I suspect he's similar to Nick Harkaway.
#RescueMe #Movember

Cinfhen That cover is FABULOUS ♥️ 1mo
Tanisha_A What @Cinfhen said! 😍 1mo
BarbaraBB That cover!!! 1mo
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So much writing, so little meaning. Egon wants sex but twists himself around. There are characters everywhere and I don't care about any of them. The 1930s were decadent. I don't get any more out of it. Oh, and demons but they're entirely peripheral.

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Received cash as a belated Xmas gift. Naturally I stopped by Half Price Books where I picked up the above. "Scott, what's that amazing looking box set on the left?" I'm so glad you asked! See next post for answer!

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Another #greatbandname would be The Teleportation Accident! #marchintoreading @RealLifeReading

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Cinfhen Cool cover😍 3y
[DELETED] 206653737 Very cool cover! 3y
kspenmoll Love it! 3y
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I've had a hangover or two like this in my time! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🤕😷

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I love the synopsis for this book 'the romance novel that turns up to dinner drunk!😁

Joanne1 Love the cover too. 3y
Ais It's really pretty! I have high hopes for the contents as well:) 3y
UnderTheRadarBooks I can't wait to read that one as well. It sounds brilliant 👍🏼 3y
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What Saturday mornings are all about - huge library book sales with @TheNextBook @BookishFeminist @RebeccaSpeas @becausetrains

James Nice, The Circle was pretty good. 3y
BookishFeminist Had so much fun this morning! We'll definitely have to meet up again soon 😀👍🏼 3y
TheNextBook @JPeterson I didnt even realize you got Lamb! Yes! I love that book 3y
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DebinHawaii Nice haul! 👍📚 3y
becausetrains Aw damn I didn't see you'd picked up The Bat! Would've given you my copy 😎 3y
BethFishReads I spot some good ones there! 3y
KCorter Good finds! Running with Scissors was incredible 3y
JPeterson @James Awesome! It has been on my TBR for awhile now! @DebinHawaii @BethFishReads Thanks! 🤘 3y
JPeterson @BookishFeminist Yes! 😄 And maybe one of these times we will end up at Cava haha @TheNextBook I've heard great things, and couldn't resist for $2 3y
JPeterson @becausetrains Is it good, then?Jo Nesbo has been on my tbr list for years, so I quickly grabbed this when I saw it! 3y
JPeterson @KCorter I've been always putting off reading it; but now that I finally own a copy I can enjoy it! 😊 3y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Great books! 3y
Eyelit Wow - can't wait to see what you think of How to Archer... I've been wanting to read that for a while but my library doesn't carry it and I have yet to see it at a used bookstore 3y
becausetrains @JPeterson haven't actually read beyond the first chapter lol. I keep thinking I'll be down to read it but haven't been in a mystery mood for a while. Guess we need to keep each other accountable! 3y
RebeccaSpeas Yaay!!! 3y
britt_brooke Running with Scissors. 💙💙💙 This was the book that go me into memoirs. I love Lamb, too. Nice haul! 3y
JPeterson @britt_brooke Thanks! I'm excited to read them! 😄 @Eyelit Will do! I didn't even know this was a thing. I just randomly pulled it out from a pile! @becausetrains Haha! Yes we do! I think I need to start a thing that if I buy a book, I have a year to read it. Sounds fair, yes? 😂 3y
becausetrains @JPeterson sounds fair - I think I bought this copy at last year's sale, so I gotta start 😳😄 3y
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I making a mess trying to unpack and organize my books, but the new house is feeling more like home.

MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
LiteraryinLititz Congrats on your new(ish) place! 3y
acorter Yepyepyep! 3y
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Question- Have you ever purchased a book despite mediocre reviews simply due to the fact you liked the cover art? This was my latest. I have not read it, but reviews hover around a 3.0

Liberty This book is 🔥🔥🔥 and has my favorite ending ever. But it is NOT for everyone. 3y
NerdyRev @Liberty You and I have very similar tastes in books, so if you say 🔥🔥🔥 then I am more than likely going to enjoy it. Woot! 3y
Liberty @NerdyRev It's bonkers. 3y
BookishFeminist I do this all the time! I like to go into books without much info so I tend to ignore negative reviews- I'm more inclined to like a book & often end up loving things that got mediocre reviews! People can be picky 😜 3y
NerdyRev @BookishFeminist I completely agree. People definitely can be picky and I have often wound up loving mediocre reviewed books, hence the risk. With @Liberty's stamp, I just got more excited. 3y
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It's Fun Friday Photo time! Today's photo: Take a picture of the book with your favorite ending. And be sure to tag me in your photo! This is mine: I like weird, sad and/or dark endings best, so the ending of THE TELEPORTATION ACCIDENT had me saying, "DOUBLE EWE TEA EFF, WHAT DID I JUST READ?!" ??

brendanmleonard Ooohhhh fun idea indeed! 4y
becausekafka Litsy glasses ftw 4y
mauveandrosysky The weirder, sadder, and/or darker the better! 👍🏻 4y
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[DELETED] 3144876009 I just love you Liberty! 4y
Liberty @lyndzstone Aww, thanks, kittenpants. 4y
Liberty @becausekafka Not so great for reading. 😉 4y
BethFishReads But that means I have to *remember* the ending 😕 4y
Sara_Planz Those glasses. Love them so much!! 4y
DaveNeufeld Literally picking this up from the bookstore today, it was in the online clearance section for $7, seems like a steal 4y
Rebeccak Soo good!! 4y
hwheaties Love the Litsy stickers. Want!! 4y
GregZimmerman YES!!!!!!!!! 4y
Ellsbeth Is there a way to see all the other Friday posts? I'd love to see what others posted. I find myself missing hashtags. 4y
Liberty @Ellsbeth As soon as Litsy has hashtag capabilities, I'll start using one. 😊 4y
Ellsbeth Great! They are doing a good job so far. I'm excited to see how they develop the app. As The Queen of Litsy, I'm sure they will listen to your feedback! 4y
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TBH this move would probably work on me. I love eggs. Nature's perfect food! 💯

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Brb forming a literary punk band and naming it "Ungulate Panopticon." ??

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