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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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Provides a simple introduction to some of the geographical features of the continent of Asia.
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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And that‘s a wrap! I have officially completed #ReadingAsia2021! 🥳🎉🍾 I included a few of my standout reads for the challenge in the pic, but there were so many books I really enjoyed. I learned a lot about Asia, and I‘m glad I did. I‘m so excited to head to Africa in 2022!

squirrelbrain Yay! Congratulations 🥳! 1y
TrishB Well done 🎉🎉 1y
Librarybelle Hooray! Congratulations!!! Thanks for joining us on our journey! 1y
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Soubhiville Yay! Congrats! 1y
BarbaraTheBibliophage What an accomplishment!! I am so behind but going to keep reading from my list in 2022. 🤪 (edited) 1y
Laughterhp Wow! Congrats! 1y
BarbaraBB Well done! Thanks for sharing your favorites! I have read none of them so am taking note! 1y
Megabooks Congratulations!! 1y
MaureenMc 👏👏👏 1y
Hooked_on_books @BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks! And I think continuing into next year is a great idea. It‘s a fun challenge! 1y
Hooked_on_books @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB Thank you both so much for hosting! I‘m really enjoying these read the world challenges. 🤗 1y
CarolynM 🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations, that's quite an achievement! 1y
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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I added #Tibet #Brunei and the Stan‘s #Tajikistan #Turkmenistan #Uzbekistan #Kyrgyzstan ( one book 4 stan‘s😜)
This has been my favorite challenge, as I‘m really discovering books I never would have read otherwise.
Thanks @BarbaraBB @Librarybelle

rockpools Wow - you‘re storming it! Great going - do you have a top pick or two so far? 2y
BarbaraBB You‘re doing so good! And happy you‘re enjoying the challenge 🤍 2y
Cinfhen You know I can‘t list one or two @rockpools so I‘m tagging a bunch of NF & Fiction that I enjoyed - NF first:👇🏽 2y
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Cinfhen I could probably go on @rockpools 😁 2y
rockpools @Cinfhen THANK YOU SO MUCH, Cindy! Let‘s go on a stacking spree 😘 2y
Cinfhen My pleasure @rockpools xxx 2y
Cinfhen Just FYI @rockpools Secrets Between Us is a sequel to the very wonderful 2y
rockpools @Cinfhen Stackety stack 😘. I got all excited there, thinking this was in one of the libraries I work in atm - then discovered it was a totally different book by an Iranian author. Might just have to stack that as well 🤣🤣 2y
Librarybelle I‘m so happy you‘re enjoying the challenge! Great progress! 2y
Cinfhen LOVING THIS CHALLENGE @Librarybelle 💜 2y
mhillis Ohh Sovietstan sounds interesting! 2y
Cinfhen It really was @mhillis I love an engaged traveler/ someone who wants to meet the locals and not just hit the tourist attractions - super informative but highly entertaining 2y
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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My #ReadingAsia21 monthly recap @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB
This month I read/ visited #Cambodia #Laos #Singapore #Jordan #UAE
Arabia contains multiple countries and is a fascinating read / informative & engaging

BarbaraBB So many sides of Asia! 2y
squirrelbrain How many have you read in total Cindy? Your map looks nearly full.... 2y
Cinfhen According to my chart @squirrelbrain @BarbaraBB I have 14 countries left 😍 2y
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squirrelbrain Wow! I‘m about halfway I think.... 2y
Librarybelle Amazing progress! 2y
kaysworld1 Could you please point me in the direction of #readingasia21 please I am very interested it joining. 2y
Cinfhen It‘s a GREAT challenge @kaysworld1 @Librarybelle and @BarbaraBB are the lovely hostesses and can probably provide you with all the info & links 🌍🌏🌎 2y
BarbaraBB @kaysworld1 We‘d love you to join us in the challenge! I‘ll tag you in the original post 🤍 2y
BarbaraBB Cindy you‘ll be the first to finish I think! Only 14 left - including the Stans?!? 2y
Cinfhen Yup @BarbaraBB and now that I read Sovietstan, I just knocked off the stans...I may look for a book from each country but it may not possible 2y
kaysworld1 @Cinfhen thank you I have signed up and picking my books by author xxx 2y
kaysworld1 @BarbaraBB I've joined thank you I'll be picking books by author 😊 2y
Cinfhen Great @kaysworld1 🧡 2y
BarbaraBB @kaysworld1 Yay! Good luck! Follow the hashtag for inspiration on books and countries! 2y
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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Well, the first quarter of the year is in the books (how is that even possible?!?), so I figured I‘d post on my #ReadingAsia2021 progress! I‘m actually halfway through the challenge, which I never expected at this point! I know some of these countries are going to be tough to check off, so I‘m really happy to have a good start. It‘s been fun so far!

JennyM Great reading! Well done 😊 2y
Texreader Whoohoo!! 🎊🎉 2y
BarbaraBB You are doing amazing!! 2y
squirrelbrain How can a quarter be gone already? You‘re doing great! 2y
Librarybelle You‘re doing great! 2y
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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#ReadingAsia21 @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB

I added 8 more countries in March:
North Korea

My favorites were The Secrets Between Us (India) When We Were Young & Brave (China)and The Stationary Shop (Iran).

Librarybelle Great progress! 2y
Megabooks Damn! I‘m only at 14 countries period! 🤯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Cinfhen Thanks @Librarybelle if you want some recommendations lmk @Megabooks I‘ve really been enjoying MOST of my reads 💗💗💗 2y
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BarbaraBB Lucky you, I‘ve had some tough ones! 2y
Smarkies @Megabooks I am slowly chugging away at 8 books. 2y
rockpools That‘s fab - you look like you‘re nearly finished! 2y
Cinfhen I still have those pesky-stans left @rockpools 🤓but I‘m happy with my progress @Smarkies @BarbaraBB hoping to knock off 4 or 5 more in April 🤞🏽 2y
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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#ReadingAsia21 This month I visited
Will tag the books below: I really enjoyed most but the stand out was probably Afghanistan 🇦🇫
I‘ve started my #China read because that‘s a huge space to fill and I hope to fill in India too #Goals 😁

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BarbaraBB Great progress! And thanks for tagging the books!! 2y
Cinfhen This has been a fun challenge @BarbaraBB I‘m really enjoying the books 💚 2y
rockpools Awesome! 2y
TrishB Brilliant 👍🏻 2y
Cinfhen I‘m finding the Asian reads more enjoyable than the European books I read last year @TrishB @rockpools 💜 2y
squirrelbrain Great progress! 2y
Librarybelle Amazing progress! 2y
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Asia | Cheryl Striveildi
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So, I really should be unpacking those two huge duffles but no, I‘m scouring my shelves looking for books that will work for #ReadingAsia2021 😜 and yes, it‘s 2:45am 🤪
I had no idea there were SO MANY COUNTRIES in Asia 😱#LiveAndLearn

Librarybelle Priorities! Love it! 2y
Megabooks Probably some jet lag too?? Glad you‘re home safe!! 💕😘 2y
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Ruthiella Thinking about what to read next is almost as satisfying as actually reading! 😀 2y
Cinfhen 💯 @Ruthiella It‘s my favorite part of the challenge preparation 😍Yup, it‘s definitely jet lag @Megabooks But I‘m sure happy to be back in my own bed 🛌 (edited) 2y
BarbaraBB No time for unpacking but thinking of challenges? Yay, you‘re back to your old self 💕😉 2y
TrishB Well one is fun 😁 can‘t wait for a couple of days off to plan #booked2021 2y
LeahBergen Are you already home?? 2y
Cinfhen I‘m home @LeahBergen and im ALL UNPACKED @TrishB @BarbaraBB I‘ve been awake for 11 hours already 2y
Cathythoughts Your home safe 😘 2y
Centique Yay you‘re home and you can rest! But 2am scouring the shelves - I get it! 2y
Cinfhen I‘ve just awoken from a little power nap @Cathythoughts @Centique I‘m already feeling a bit like my old self😊still not reading but I‘m excited by all the wonderful challenges beginning January 1 on Litsy!!!! 2y
KarenUK Challenge planning sounds way more fun than unpacking! 😉💕 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Glad to (belatedly) see you home safe and sound! 💕 2y
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