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First snowfall of the year this morning and I am starting this finally! I'm so excited, I love Lisa See!

Most of her books have resonated with me so well and I hope this is one of them 😊

#books #lisasee #ladytan #canada

The Good Earth | Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
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Our WiFi goes out 3 days at a time. Instead of reading, I've been crocheting. I need to download an audio book before the next outage. I made myself start a book though. I think the Good Earth will get me out of this slump. Here's my first One with my first attempt at a blanket.

Tamra Wow! 2d
Bookzombie Pretty! Love the colors too! 2d
mandarchy @Bookzombie he LOVES blue so I've been buying lots of random blue. It really feels good too. I wish it didn't take so long to make. I'm on fire to make more. 2d
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Texreader Gorgeous!! 2d
Ruthiella Beautiful! 🤩 2d
Jari-chan Amazing!😍 2d
Megabooks Wonderful! 2d
Reggie Very cool. 1d
Gissy Nice ! 👌💚❤️💚❤️ 1d
kspenmoll Gorgeous! 1d
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River of Smoke | Amitav Ghosh
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I am posting one book per day from my extensive to-be-read collection. No description and providing no reason for wanting to read it, I just do. Some will be old, some will be new. Don‘t judge me - I have a lot of books. Join in if you want!


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Rooster | Man-Ho Kwok
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#TOB24 Longlist is here! I‘m a few days late in the news, but so excited to see all the books. These are the ones I‘ve read so far and not a dud in the bunch. Looking forward to seeing 👀 what makes the cut!!

BarbaraBB Such exciting times! You‘ve read 11 already. I am trying to catch up on a few before the announcement of the shortlist! 6d
squirrelbrain You‘ve read quite a lot already! 6d
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Take Treasure Island and set it in china, make the main character a strong teen who just wants to be her own person already, and add a famous Chinese pirate and you have a fun read! I love classic retellings. I don't love historical fiction, but this one mostly kept my attention (I zoned out quite a few times and had to rewind, but that's more of a me problem than the book's). #Retelling #Pirates #TreasureIsland #LGBTQIA

Hospital | Han Song
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This book is wild & out there & unlike anything I've read in awhile, so I'm borrowing from translator Michael Berry's description in his afterword to sum it up: "I prefer to think of Hospital as a Terry Gilliam adaptation of a Franz Kafka story set amid a crazed Chinese Communist Party politburo". The dark undercurrents of the dystopian hellscape that is health care & tech surveillance merge with the speculative scifi of space Buddhism. WHEW ?

batsy It's a tough book to get through & to recommend; the odd bits are really odd, & some of it is very gross, a lot of it is objectionable, & so much that is compelling & relevant. I stuck through because the writing is not well-behaved prose but it throws up some genuine moments of insight & levity, like, "Does the United States really exist? Or had it been created just to scare us?" 1w
jlhammar Cool cover! Sounds kind of crazy, but intriguing. 1w
sarahbarnes Woah. Great review. 1w
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Graywacke Such a captivating review! 1w
Billypar Great review! I can't remember seeing a book in recent memory where the most common Goodreads rating was 1 star. That may be due to the gross/objectionable parts you mentioned, but I wonder also if the haunting and unique cover nudged people to pick it up who maybe didn't know what they were in for? 🦚🤕 1w
batsy @jlhammar The cover is very cool! 1w
batsy @sarahbarnes @Graywacke Thank you! I'm not sure what to say about this. I'm afraid if I nudge people to give it a try they might hate me 😅 1w
batsy @Billypar Yes, I think it could be that. It's also the first in a series (trilogy, iirc) and the first chapter sets the scene in one sense but then the rest of book happens in a different time/space. It's a plot thread that might get picked up in the sequel. So all in all, yeah ... It's a tough book to market 🙃 1w
Tamra Wow, that does sound like a crazy ride. I love Kafka, so perhaps I should give this a try. 7d
Graywacke @batsy reviewing dangerously. 🙂 7d
Reggie Way to review, Suba! Lol, stacked. 6d
batsy @Tamra But it's also super different from Kafka, and the prose is no match for the beauty of Kafka's, admittedly. So you might hate it 😆 6d
batsy @Reggie Hahaha! Eeek I'm nervous if I get people to stack it. A look at other reviews shows you in an outlier 😅 6d
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