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Very interesting read about a region that most Westerners should no doubt learn more about. At its best when discussing legal and balance of power issues in watery terms.

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Eggs 👍🏼📚🤗 6d
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100% Truth

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Red Scarf Girl | Ji-Li Jiang
This post contains spoilers
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Title: Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang
Genre: Historical Memoir
Started: 1-05-2020
Finished: 1-07-2020
Pages: 285
Why I chose this book: I wanted to try reading something historical
Summary: Jiang Ji-Li is what you might call the “perfect girl“ She is smart, active and a great leader, but when the Chinese Revolution starts, her life is suddenly turned upside down. She had many opportunities to become a great leader, but since her family has bad -

rmi_callmebob history because of her grandfather being a landlord. Her family is also rich, which makes the suspicions against her family higher. Eventually, the Red guards searched their house and took things that were considered one of the “Four Olds“ Her family's life was at its lowest. Her father was detained for being accused of listening to foreigner radio and her mother's salary was substantially reduced. Another blow came to the family when the Red - 2w
rmi_callmebob Guards finds a letter about the Jiang family's luxurious lifestyle and the exploitation of others. They took away most of their items and they are left with barely anything. Ji-Li was sent to work on the countryside and when she came back, she took care of her mother and forgave her father. Eventually, she moved to the US to bring the western and Chinese cultures together, the East West exchange. 2w
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I absolutely loved this little gem of a book.
So much history, art and culture.
Chinese and Japanese subjects are always my favourite and I love learning about the deep rooted history's.
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Do Not Say We Have Nothing | Madeleine Thien
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I‘ve never read music described in such an eloquent and innovative way!

Cathythoughts I have this one on kindle ... it‘s long & that‘s putting me off a bit ... but I believe it‘s very good 2w
Alora Beautiful picture! 2w
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I really want this cozy reading day to last other day. 🙂
I chose this book because I needed one that has a title or author that starts with X--to wrap up a 2019 A to Z challenge (from @BookishMarginalia, I believe.) This isn't my usual fare so I took a chance and I'm so happy I did. I overuse ”illuminating” but this book is. These are incredible stories. And of only a FEW Chinese women.

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Here's my list for #BookSpin! Thanks @TheAromaofBooks for doing this 😊

They've languished on my tbr for different reasons... Non-fic, chunksters, classics I mean to get to, 2nd books in series, short story collections, meant to read for a movie release, read reviews that made me less excited before I got to them, just plain got distracted by newer shiny stuff... Whatever the reason, I'm excited to see what numbers get pulled for me to read!

TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Love your stack!! I think it's crazy how we all end up with piles of books we want to read but never do! I'll tag you when I draw the number Thursday!! 3w
llwheeler @TheAromaofBooks definitely a case of too many books, too little time! Excited to see what the first number will be! 😁 Thanks! 3w
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This #1001books selection was surprisingly easy to read. The semi-autobiographical story takes place during the Cultural Revolution in China, and flows along nicely, despite how painful it is to watch the relationship between the main characters progress and digress. Dreamlike, with a talking horse and the ghost of Karl Marx, but clearly about the struggle for individuality in an oppressive society.


And now I have finished #LitsyAtoZ!

Butterfinger How many more books do you need to read to complete your challenges? I'm struggling. I have five. I will just carry over because the Around the World that I am finishing was my favorite challenge this year. 3w
BarbaraBB Congratulations 🎉 well done! And thanks for the thumbs up for this one. 3w
Crazeedi Well done!👏👏 3w
sprainedbrain @Butterfinger This was my last challenge book, so I‘m finally done with those. 😅 I‘ve carried over a few in previous years, or just called it done if I really wasn‘t interested in finishing. I feel like challenges are supposed to help me broaden my reading, not something to stress about. 😊 3w
Butterfinger @sprainedbrain yes that is exactly how I feel too. 3w
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