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Where am I Wearing
Where am I Wearing: A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People that Make Our Clothes | Kelsey Timmerman
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This book is an interesting read. It really is. It raises an interesting argument, or a catch-22 really, of garment factories and I'd we should boycott to end the conditions they work in. On one hand, we boycott and it shuts down factories, making an end to sweatshop work conditions. On the other we boycott, and people who REALLY need the job to barely support their family loses that job. I'd be interested to.hear others take on it

lynneamch No simple answers, right? Seems like trade deals have to include human rights issues and verification of working conditions, etc. Not easy. 6mo
wordzie Interesting. 😎 6mo
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Man I'm on a semi struggle bus with this book. The writing is honestly really good buy since its non fiction I feel like my mind is making it out to be like an assignment for school which is what is killing my reading buzz to get through it. I decided to take a hot bath with my lush bath bomb that @Bookcation74 got me and I'm going to hope i get through like 85% of it tonight.

Reviewsbylola I struggle with NF too. I typically prefer narrative non fiction or memoirs. Otherwise it‘s generally too dry. 6mo
Reviewsbylola And yay for a lush bath bomb! 🙌🏻 6mo
Callemarie @Reviewsbylola the author does a great job of adding his quirky personality Into the book but... I dont know. There are statistics and pictures that remind me of a text book and therefore it's just not clicking with me 6mo
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Bookcation74 @Callemarie Great Sunday self-care! 💕 6mo
Sungirl79 How was the beer? That sounds amazing!! 6mo
Callemarie @Sungirl79 oh I love samoa this. It's not my favorite one by 6mo
Callemarie Southern tier but it's a good one 6mo
Sungirl79 @Callemarie It is definitely on my list to try 6mo
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I've been quiet due to a killer sinus/cold/ something that seriously has kicked my butt all week and then of course my extremely low motivation to read this month. But I started this book today with the Hope's od finishing by tomorrow. Im hoping to at least finish this and the winter people by the end of the month.

C.Perone Hope you're on the mend! 6mo
wordzie 👍 6mo
Crazeedi Get well soon! Sending healing vibes!! 6mo
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cobwebmoth Hope you're feeling better soon! 6mo
britt_brooke Feel better soon! I first read that as “serial killer sinus.” 😆 If you‘ve had my luck, it probably feels that way. Seems like I‘ve been fighting something all winter. So annoying. 6mo
Callemarie Hahaha @britt_brooke I could definitely compare it to a serial killer. I also have a low tolerance for pain so I've been a big baby all week. 6mo
SW-T Hope you feel better soon! 6mo
Sharpeipup Feel better! 6mo
dragondrool Feel better! 6mo
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