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Mr. Tea and the Traveling Teacup (Madeline's Teahouse, #1)
Mr. Tea and the Traveling Teacup (Madeline's Teahouse, #1) | Leslie Matthews Stansfield
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Just when I was bemoaning the fact that I had drunk up all the delicious tea from the #LitsyTeaSwap, look what arrived in my mailbox! A torn and battered envelope from England, in a plastic bag stamped with a letter from the USPS, apologizing for mangling my mail! Luckily, the yummy vanilla herbal tea bag inside survived unscathed, and I am happily sipping it now. Many thanks, @jenniferw88 , for this delightful surprise! You made my day!

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Thank you for all the recent #litsyteaswap love. I have almost drank through all of the tea ya‘ll have sent me. @LiseWorks @alexus_sb @Bookwormjillk @Nutmegnc @maich @sarahbellum @KateReadsYA @CrowCAH @LapReader @jenniferw88

Nutmegnc Wow! Thanks so much for joining us in this swap!! 2mo
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#LitsyTeaSwap @Nutmegnc I got your tea today. Blueberry is one of my favorites. Never seen it with white tea before. I will have it today for sure. Thank you! @maich @KateReadsYA @CrowCAH @Sarabellum @LapReader @Bookwormjillk @BookBosomed1 @jenniferw88

Nutmegnc Awesome! I hope you enjoy!! 2mo
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LeslieO Book mail is the best mail but tea mail is the next best! 2mo
Nutmegnc @LeslieO Agreed!! 😍😍😍 2mo
Kshakal @LeslieO 100% agree!! 2mo
alexus_sb Yay! Enjoy! 2mo
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I love coming home to tea mail!! @wordslinger42 @Nutmegnc #litsyteaswap

Nutmegnc 😍😍😍 2mo
wordslinger42 💜💜 Enjoy! 2mo
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Thanks so much for the yummy looking tea @Curiouser_and_curiouser


LauraBrook Ooh, I love that tea! 🍵 2mo
Nute I like the name of that tea, “Constant Comment.”🙂 2mo
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Got more tea mail today!! #teaswap

@julieclair @Daisey @Nutmegnc

Nutmegnc Lovely!! 2mo
julieclair Enjoy! 🫖 2mo
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Y‘all. You have BROUGHT it to the #litsyteaswap !! Color-coded cards AND TEA??!! In one of my FAVORITE colors?! Not to mention the coolest flavor combo!! PLUS a sticker! Omg I can‘t! I‘m melting, @KateReadsYA And @julieclair this card is a cu-tea 😬 and your handwriting is AhhMAzing! With some perfect tea options!! Thank you both for showing me how it‘s done!! 🥰🥰🤣🥰🥰

Nutmegnc Also, @CrowCAH @KateReadsYA @julieclair Apparently I‘ve been living under a rock because I had no idea that Taylor‘s of Harrogate was THE tea! It‘s SOOO good!! 2mo
KateReadsYA Hahah you are so welcome! I love to get crafty and shop especially for tea and all things cutesy. Enjoy, it is such a good tea to have hot or over Ice :D 2mo
sarahbellum Agreed- that rose lemonade tea is awesome! @KateReadsYA 2mo
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julieclair Yay! So glad you were pleased! I love Taylor's of Harrogate. But... have never heard of the Rose Lemonade flavor. I'll have to try that for sure! This tea swap is so much fun! 2mo
Nutmegnc @julieclair I just went down the rabbit hole of tea!! So. Many. Options!! And Harrowgate consistently ranks among the highest!! 2mo
Nutmegnc Also @julieclair @KateReadsYA @CrowCAH @sarahbellum I‘m already planning on what tea to send for the next swap 🤣🤣🤣. Y‘all raised the stakes!! 2mo
Nutmegnc @Bklover You should join us next time! 2mo
Bklover I would love to! I love tea, especially new kinds I haven‘t tried! Thank you 🫖 2mo
julieclair Ooohhhh…. The rabbit hole of tea! I‘m fond of rabbit holes in general, and one based on tea sounds especially enticing! 😂😀🫖☕️ 2mo
Nutmegnc @Bklover I‘ll tag you for the next swap! 2mo
Nutmegnc @julieclair can‘t say it‘s the first time… 🤣🤣🤣 I went nuts over green tea a few years ago. I ordered green tea from all over the world!! 2mo
julieclair @Nutmegnc I can totally see myself doing something like that! 😂 2mo
Nutmegnc @julieclair and now I can say my favorite is a Chinese green tea called Chun-Mee 2mo
julieclair @Nutmegnc Which only goes to show how rewarding and educational rabbit holes can be! 🤣 I have never heard of Chun Mee. I‘ll have to look for it! 2mo
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Getting ready to go in the mailbox!! #litsyteaswap @Nutmegnc

Nutmegnc 🥰🥰🥰 2mo
JenReadsAlot Drinking some river bend winery and thinking of you! 2mo
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I can‘t wait to try these @Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA


Nutmegnc Nice!! 2mo
KateReadsYA It's super yummy. I had to buy extra to keep for myself :) 2mo
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My first #litsyteaswap teas are starting to arrive! @Nutmegnc , your selection is well timed: I know white teas are often recommended for when you‘re sick and I‘m still trying to shake this lingering cough. Thank you! 🤗

Nutmegnc Awesome!! I think blueberry is good for that, too! I hope you feel better soon!! (edited) 2mo
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#litsyteaswap letters ready to send! @Nutmegnc

sarahbellum Woohoo! 🎉 2mo
BkClubCare Cute stationery- or the envelopes suggest it 😻 2mo
Nutmegnc Are this CAT ENVELOPES?????? 😱😱 *faints* (edited) 2mo
perfectsinner OMG cats 🐈 😻 2mo
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Just mailed all the tea swaps. Fly free!! #litsyteaswap

BookBosomed1 Wow! You are speedy. I have it on my to do list. 2mo
Nutmegnc @BookBosomed1 Boredom is a powerful motivator! 🤣 2mo
LiseWorks Wow! You are on the ball. Lol. I'm still making my little cards. 2mo
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BookBosomed1 @Nutmegnc ??? touché 2mo
Nutmegnc @LiseWorks can‘t wait to see them!! 2mo
wordslinger42 Yay! I ordered some cute cards, but they sent me the wrong ones 🤦‍♀️ Just waiting on a replacement pack now! 2mo
sarahbellum So quick! Waiting on my tea order to arrive before I send mine out 😇 2mo
Nutmegnc @sarahbellum oooh 😲 Can‘t wait to see it!! 2mo
emz711 I just found out about this, so fun! Hope I can catch the next one 2mo
Nutmegnc @emz711 awesome!! I will tag you next time if that‘s okay. Should be a couple months since we just finished one. I‘m expecting to do two more this year! It‘s so fun!! 2mo
emz711 @Nutmegnc that sounds great 2mo
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Kshakal Got mine! 2mo
wordslinger42 Got it! 😊 2mo
BookBosomed1 Got it! 2mo
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KateReadsYA I received mine. Was wondering if you could send me the entire list because I didn't get @Kshakal or @wordslinger42 and I want to send to everyone! 🤗 2mo
Sharpeipup Just read it.
Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA just sent!! 2mo
sarahbellum Yay, got it! 😁 2mo
KateReadsYA @Nutmegnc thank you! 2mo
CrowCAH Received the email. 2mo
Bookwormjillk I don‘t see it. heywoodjs @ yahoo.com could you please send again? 2mo
Nutmegnc @Bookwormjillk I just resent it. Let me know if you see it. 2mo
MilesnMelodies I'm not seeing an email either. 2mo
Nutmegnc @MilesnMelodies I wonder if your email didn‘t like that I had bcc 🤷‍♀️. I‘ve resent it. Let me know if you got it. 2mo
julieclair Got it! Yay! 2mo
alexus_sb @Nutmegnc would it be too much trouble if I could get the entire list as well? 2mo
Nutmegnc @alexus_sb I‘ll be glad to send you the whole list! I‘ve also added that as a question on our next sign up form! 2mo
StolenBookmobile How do I get added to Litsy swaps in the future? 2mo
StolenBookmobile Ok, figured it out haha. How often are swaps done? I didn‘t see this. I‘ll make sure I keep up with Litsy Events too. 2mo
Nutmegnc @StolenBookmobile I will tag you for the next one. I‘m aiming for two more tea swaps this year. Next one will be in a couple months. Other swaps are done in a similar way, with sign up period and then more Info on who and what to swap. Each swap is hosted by different Littens. Litsy events is a good place to start!! 2mo
StolenBookmobile @Nutmegnc thanks!!!!! 2mo
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Last call! Today is the last day to sign up! Go to www.bit.ly/LITSYTEA

KateReadsYA I have all my tea ordered and bought the cutest cards! Thanks for hosting this!!!! 🌤 3mo
Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA Can‘t wait to see them!! 3mo
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Last chance to join us this round. Sign up closes this Friday and swap addresses go out by email this weekend. Www.bit.ly/LITSYTEA @LitsyHappenings @LitsyEvents

curiouserandcurioser @Nutmegnc im super excited about participating in this:) thank you for hosting💜 3mo
Nutmegnc @curiouserandcurioser I‘m so glad you can join us!! (edited) 3mo
KateReadsYA Heyyy, i know there is still time to sign up but I was wondering about how many entries you've gotten so far? I want to Buy cards and don't want to order them too late :) they take a while to get here 3mo
Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA we are looking at 15 so far 😬 3mo
KateReadsYA @Nutmegnc wow that is amazing! Okay good to know, thank you. 🥰 3mo
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Join us for our second tea swap of the year!! Sign up open until April 8. Participants will sign up at www.bit.ly/LITSYTEA then send *one prepackaged bag of tea *card/letter with instructions. You will receive your matches by Monday, April 11 via email. You can select domestic or international. Mail within two weeks! Sit back and enjoy your new tea!! @SamanthaMarie @IndoorDame @KateReadsYA @chasjjlee @jenniferw88 @maich #litsyteaswap #litsyevents

KateReadsYA Just signed up ☕️🫖 3mo
CrowCAH Signed up; looking forward to it!!! 😁 3mo
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Nutmegnc Yay!! @CrowCAH @KateReadsYA 🥰🥰🥰 3mo
sarahbellum Signed up! This will be my first swap ☺️ 3mo
Nutmegnc @sarahbellum wahoo!! Welcome! 3mo
maich I didn't received aby tea packages from last swap. Received only yours tea with our match adresses. I sent packages to all 3 participant. 3mo
alexus_sb I'm all signed up! This is my first tea swap as well. I'm so excited to be able to participate! 3mo
Nutmegnc @alexus_sb awesome!! Glad you have joined us!! 3mo
Nutmegnc @maich I‘m sorry to hear that. Your packages were awesome! I recently sent you a letter, have you ever received it? 3mo
julieclair I'm all signed up. This is my first tea swap. It sounds like lots of fun! 3mo
Nutmegnc @julieclair That‘s awesome! 🥰🥰🥰 3mo
maich @Nutmegnc not yet. Probably is on the way. 3mo
Nutmegnc @maich I hope so! 3mo
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@chasjjlee THIS CARD IS FREAKING AMAZING!! The picture does not do it justice!! How special for you to design this!! Thank you!! And let me not forget the amazing tea! Can‘t wait to try them with my book this evening!! #litsyteaswap Thanks so much for participating!! I look forward to another swap soon!

chasjjlee You are so welcome 💞. I'm glad you like the card 🙂. Orange & Spice is my favorite, I hope you enjoy! 5mo
Nutmegnc @chasjjlee 🥰🥰🥰 5mo
KateReadsYA That's super cute 5mo
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Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA She did a great job! 5mo
KateReadsYA @chasjjlee @Nutmegnc not gonna lie I'm super excited about the spring tea swap, every time I go to the store I scope out all the teas trying to decide which one I'm gonna purchase to send out. 🥰 5mo
Desha @Nutmegnc I‘ve been looking at this hashtag and loving the idea of a tea swap! Would you mind adding me to an info list if you do one again? Thank you! ♥️ 2mo
Nutmegnc @Desha I will be glad to!! 🫖🫖🫖 2mo
Desha Thank you! 😊 2mo
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My favorite tea is ready to go! Thursday is the final day to sign up for our first #litsyteaswap Use this link for all the details and sign up if you‘re interested. I‘m planning on doing another one in the spring, so you can always join in then if the holidays are too full for you now! https://forms.gle/xRNsP71r6jffJxnZ8 @LitsyEvents

IndoorDame Ooh that‘s exciting! I‘ll definitely join in the spring one 😃 6mo
Nutmegnc @IndoorDame awesome!! 6mo
SamanthaMarie Beautiful picture and I love this idea. Thinking about signing up *considers this coming week* 🤔 but no matter what I definitely want to do this in the spring!! 6mo
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Nutmegnc @SamanthaMarie you‘re welcome either way!! And thank you!! (edited) 6mo
Nutmegnc The sign up is now closed and swaps have been snail-mailed! 🥰 6mo
KateReadsYA I'll be joining the Spring one 👍 please tag me for a reminder if you can lol. Sometimes I don't get on Litsy for weeks at a time when I get real busy. 6mo
Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA I got you!! 6mo
KateReadsYA @Nutmegnc also did you get my letter yet?? I'm hoping mail isn't super behind still 6mo
Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA I did!! I‘ve got your reply ready to mail!! 😍😍😍 6mo
KateReadsYA @Nutmegnc yay awesome. :) 6mo
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Do you love tea?? Would you like to join the inaugural Litsy tea swap (inspired by @KateReadsYA )? If that sounds fun to you, click here to share your information… https://forms.gle/jxipns67JBJeQSZP6 and we‘ll put the kettle on! @chasjjlee #alittlebitobsessedabouttea #spillthelitsytea #litsyteaswap

wanderinglynn Are there more details about what this swap involves? Because the form was sparse on details. Like what‘s all to be included? Only tea? Or other things like bookish items, a book, tea accessories? What about tea preferences (bags vs loose, types of tea, etc.)? Is it open internationally? What are the dates? It says the end of December, which is a little vague, but is there an opening date or is it to be opened when received? 7mo
wanderinglynn Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure I understand the expectations before I commit. 7mo
Nutmegnc @wanderinglynn those are excellent questions!! Swap Newby here so I need that feedback!! And thank you!!! only tea should be included. I‘ll add a question about tea preference in terms of bagged or loose. I‘ll add a question for folks to add if they would like to swap international or local. I, for one would do bagged tea either local or international. I would think it‘s okay to open whenever unless you all want to have a United day of tea on Jan1 7mo
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Nutmegnc @wanderinglynn I appreciate your comments and questions so much! I‘ve adjusted the form. Let me know if you think I need to add or change anything else. 7mo
Nutmegnc @BkClubCare are you interested? 7mo
BkClubCare @Nutmegnc - aw, thanks for thinking 💭 of me but no, not at this time. Wishing you much fun with this ☕️🫖🎉 7mo
Nutmegnc @chasjjlee thanks for that!! 6mo
maich I didn't receive my match but I sign in 6mo
Nutmegnc @maich Hi there! Your match is on the way via snail mail. It‘s coming from the US so i have no idea how long that usually takes. It‘s out there somewhere trying to make it to you. Wait about a week and let me know if you haven‘t gotten it and I‘ll make sure you get it. 6mo
maich @Nutmegnc I haven't received email with my match adress. I need to send package back to someone. Understand that package ships long I'm ok with that. But I can't find adress or I didn't received it who to send. Hope you understand me. 6mo
Nutmegnc @maich Look for address in mail envelope not email. It‘s coming. 🥰 6mo
maich @Nutmegnc If I understand correct we will received our match adress in envelope to our adress not email? 6mo
Nutmegnc @maich correct 6mo
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@KateReadsYA I loved the card but I was so tickled by the tea!! I‘m a HUGE tea fan. Want to start a tea swap??!! And yes to pen pals!! (Special appearance by my favorite 50‘s table). #litsycardswap @LibrarianRyan

Nutmegnc I‘m serious about the tea! If anyone knows of this happening or might be interested in participating! Reply below or tag me! (edited) 7mo
LibrarianRyan I think my mom still has that table. 7mo
KateReadsYA Yayyyy, so down to to do a tea swap. I'll send more flavors in some snail mail soon!!! 7mo
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Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA Wahoo!! My new fav is a triangle pouch. Gonna have to get creative to mail it!! 7mo
Nutmegnc @LibrarianRyan 🤣🤣🤣 7mo
KateReadsYA @Nutmegnc ohhhh yes. ☺🤗 7mo
chasjjlee @Nutmegnc @KateReadsYA I would totally participate in a Tea swap! 7mo
Nutmegnc @chaasjjlee you‘re in. I‘ll create a link for collecting addresses and tag you this evening. 7mo
chasjjlee @Nutmegnc Awesome! 😍 7mo
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It‘s been two years since my sock swap and I‘m still thinking about that bomb tea I got from @mgiroir so I ordered some 😂 and a Taylors sampler lol

Jess_Read_This Oh wow. This looks absolutely amazing. The perfect summer tea! Off to try to find a box for myself now! 2y
blithebuoyant @Jess_Read_This It‘s amazing! My niece drank half of mine when I got it and then my mother lost the rest of it 😂 2y
Jess_Read_This @blithebuoyant Order placed. I saw a smaller box then thought “Nah, I‘m going to need that 100 count box!” I saw the other ingredients in the blend and it looks like everything I love in a fruity tea! I‘m so glad you shared this. Thank you! 2y
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blithebuoyant @Jess_Read_This of course! I LOVE fruity teas too! Let me know how you like it! I prefer it iced 2y
Jess_Read_This @blithebuoyant Oh yes! I‘m already looking forward to sitting outside with this as iced tea and a good book. 2y
blithebuoyant @Jess_Read_This if you haven‘t already checked out DAVIDsTEA, they have some AMAZING chunky loose leaf fruity teas! 2y
Jess_Read_This @blithebuoyant oh gosh... 💸💸😂I haven‘t heard of David‘s Teas before. Thanks for the tip! I have a citrus and lavender chunky fruit tea that I‘m almost out of. I think David‘s sounds like the place to go for a replacement blend! 2y
blithebuoyant @Jess_Read_This it was sent to me in my very first swap ever, I think it was #MugLove? I was skeptical because I HATE beets and there were little chunks of beet in it for color but it ended up being lovely lmao 2y
Jess_Read_This @blithebuoyant Now I‘m super curious about the brand. I‘d have the same reaction to seeing chunks of beets in a tea blend (and I like beets lol) Though I bet it makes the tea healthier for us? 2y
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“Which tea describes your reading personality?”

Me: (three seconds after meeting someone) “Omg I know the perfect book for you. Have you read...”

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this was difficult, because this mug might actually be the size of my head! @dariazeoli my #mondaymorningbeverage is just black tea, but I‘ll probably get a mocha when I get to campus to do work!

dariazeoli I think a mug should be as close to head size as possible 😁 3y
cleoh @dariazeoli I agree 😁😁 3y
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