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The Complete History of Middle-Earth
The Complete History of Middle-Earth | Christopher Tolkien
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This special collector's edition features all 12 parts of the series bound in three volumes. Each book includes a silk ribbon marker and is quarter-bound in black, with grey boards stamped in gold foil, and the set is presented in a matching black slipcase. J.R.R. Tolkien is famous the world over for his unique literary creation, exemplified in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. What is less well known, however, is that he also produced a vast amount of further material that greatly expands upon the mythology and numerous stories of Middle-earth, and which gives added life to the thousand-year war between the Elves and the evil spirit Morgoth, and his terrifying lieutenant, Sauron. It was to this enormous task of literary construction that his Tolkien's youngest son and literary heir, Christopher, applied himself to produce the monumental and endlessly fascinating series of twelve books, The History of Middle-earth. This very special collector's edition brings together all twelve books into three hardback volumes - over 5,000 pages of fascinating Tolkien material - and places them in one matching box.
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@Daisey @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @eanderson @wordslinger42 @tdrosebud @BookwormAHN

Gals, the anniversary is next week! 😱
What do you think about my menu idea for a celebration? If it's too complicated, we can do something simpler 😉

Rachbb3 I started but didn't stick with it, but I give you all props! This is so awesome. 👍😀 2w
BookwormAHN How about a simpler option 2w
JazzFeathers We could just post quotes we liked from the History of Middle-Earth. What about that? 2w
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Daisey Although I think it‘s a cool idea, I agree with @BookwormAHN that a simpler option might be better. I like the idea of sharing quotes. 2w
BookwormAHN I like the idea of sharing quotes. 2w
wordslinger42 I think the idea is really cool, but things are really hectic for me right now, so something simpler would be much more manageable! 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa There ain‘t no party like a Dwarf party! But I‘m stumbling with the menu idea too.... lots of ale for sure, and as we know from the books every scrap of food in the pantry. 🤣 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Ok... I‘m going to give this a shot. I can post quotes too, but I‘ll put up a menu and visit you @JazzFeathers Even if it‘s just the two of us, I think it will be fun. 2w
JazzFeathers Yayyyy @Riveted_Reader_Melissa! Then l'll do the same. The menu and quotes. Gals, do what you can. We could do a Hall of Fire with quotes, with the menu that will show up. It will be a nice party!! 😀💪 2w
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Yesterday, my 17 yo old decided to binge watch Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings movies - extended version. I‘ve been wanting to read The History of Middle Earth, so I suggested that he should read it too. He agreed as he‘s been watching YouTube videos about Middle Earth and the background of Tolkien‘s LOTR. So I bought the trade paper versions yesterday. Has anyone else read these? If so, what are your thoughts?

LibrarianJen The only book I‘ve read outside of the trilogy and the hobbit is the adventures of Tom Bombadil, which I absolutely loved. 1mo
BarbaraJean I‘ve never read the History of Middle Earth (someday maybe!), but I think @JazzFeathers and the #YearOfTolkien crew read it a little while back! You might check out that hashtag or #LOTRHistory I think as well. 1mo
JazzFeathers They are amazing books. We have just started with the second of the LotR History, if you fancy to join us 😊 1mo
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rretzler @LibrarianJen I have Tom Bombadil, and also several others, but haven‘t read them yet. I received this book as a ARC and bailed unfortunately 1mo
rretzler @BarbaraJean Thanks for the tip! 1mo
rretzler @JazzFeathers Thanks for the invite, I would love to join but I was deluged with 4 holds from the library plus 3 group reads I need to get through this month. I would love to follow along with the groups posts, but I may not start to read the books until next year, at this point. I‘ll probably let my son read them first. 1mo
shanaqui I used a couple of them as sources when I was writing my MA essays on LOTR! There's a lot of interesting background in there. 1mo
rretzler @shanaqui Lucky you to get to write your MA essays on LOTR! 😄 1mo
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