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Help! There's a Teenager in My House
Help! There's a Teenager in My House: A Troubleshooting Guide for Parents | Wayne Rice
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This accessible, encouraging book addresses the most common areas of concern for parents of teenagers. Wayne Rice has compiled real questions from parents with practical, wise answers from a team of youth ministry experts.
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Ok Litsy peeps, I really need recs for this kid who used to read but this is what she does now. I bought Eleanor and Park and Tell Me Three Things for Xmas for her and I think she might like Stephen King but I haven‘t read him in so long I don‘t know where to start. She has loved all the Rowling and Rick Riordan in the past and I would like to find something to get her back into it, any thoughts? I don‘t read YA so I am clueless

cathysaid John Green? Thirteen Reasons Why? I don‘t read much YA, but maybe @IheartYA or @ItsAngel could help? Maybe @LibrarianRyan ? (edited) 11mo
Flaneurette Thank you @cathysaid she did read 13 reasons last year and liked it. I bought her Fault in Our Stars but she never read it, maybe bc it was for her kindle and she likes “real” books now. She just came home with Handmaids Tale from school today for language arts class so hopefully she will like it 11mo
ohyeahthatgirl Get them into ebooks! The impulse to pick up a phone is strong, so turn it into a book. For SK, try Night Shift, short stories that are the origins of a few larger works. For YA, I loved Undead Girl Gang. Comics like Giant Days are also attention grabbing for those that love the constant scroll of social media. 11mo
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IheartYA Divergent, Hunger Games, Matched, the Raven Cycle, Twilight, to All the Boys I've Loved Before, Mara Dyer 11mo
Bklover My daughter loved the series that begins with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer 11mo
IheartYA I have the same issue. My daughter used to love reading, now she hates it. She'll be 14 in a week. Also try... Splintered, A Clockwork Scarab, the Mortal Instruments. 11mo
LibrarianRyan I just finished #murdertrending. It would be a better start off than King. It‘s horror comedy and social media plays a part so it might get her away from the phone. (edited) 11mo
LibrarianRyan @cathysaid thanks for the tag. Let‘s add 11mo
LibrarianRyan This one is super short. But so catching. 11mo
LibrarianRyan Okay so time for some GN. 11mo
LibrarianRyan All the books I have suggested are relatively clean. Some kissing. Some blood and guts but no sec and very little foul language. 11mo
cathysaid @LibrarianRyan As always, you rock! ❤️ And @IheartYA is damn near an expert! 11mo
cathysaid @Flaneurette No problem! I‘m useless in this genre but luckily...we‘ve got Litsy! 11mo
LibrarianRyan Just thought of another one. It‘s like reading reality tv complete with cosmeticians. It‘s fun. 11mo
Flaneurette @ohyeahthatgirl she has had a kindle for years but now prefers “real” books so 🤷🏼‍♀️ I remember loving night shift back in the day so I will check that out and your other recommendations- thank you! 11mo
Flaneurette @IheartYA mine is 15 but thinks she is 20 😑 she did like Hunger Games and Divergent so I will def check out your other recs, thank you! Ps I said the other day to her that Twilight was on Prime so she should check it out but she rolled her eyes at me 11mo
Flaneurette @LibrarianRyan thank you so much!! I will check them all out! Litsy is so awesome 😎! 11mo
shaynarae I‘m not a YA person, but Where‘d You Go Bernadette was a surprisingly fun read that I think just about anyone would enjoy. It‘s my general go-to rec. 11mo
Tamra I recall reading all the King novels back in the day and being totally absorbed. 11mo
irre My 15 year old niece loved this one when I gave it to her for Christmas. You can watch the movie after. 11mo
Flaneurette @Tamra I know I‘m a bit of a snoot nowadays but I liked King back in high school but I just don‘t remember enough to buy her anything. I liked The Stand but that is way too long and quasi philosophical for her I think. Also The Shining is a bit too adult w the whole alcoholism angle right? I‘m probably overthinking this... 11mo
Flaneurette @irre she has it and hasn‘t read beyond the first few chapters, she says it is good but I guess can‘t compete with Instagram because she hasn‘t finished it 😒 11mo
BookishTrish Sarah Dessen? 11mo
Librarianaut The Abhorsen books by Garth Nix (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen). They are fabulous!!!!! 11mo
Librarianaut Also, what about Rainbow Rowell‘s books? 11mo
Librarianaut Those were engaging and appropriate for teens, I think 11mo
BarbaraBB My 14 years old loved 11mo
BarbaraBB And i just bought her 11mo
BarbaraBB Also she loved 11mo
Flaneurette @Librarianaut Sabriel looks good! I did buy her Eleanor and Park fo Xmas hopefully she will like it. Thank you! 11mo
Flaneurette @BookishTrish I had not heard of this author at all! Thank you! 11mo
Flaneurette @BarbaraBB she started the Hate U Give this summer and hasn‘t picked it up in months although she says it is good 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was looking at the Astonishing Color for her too bc she is from China and I believe the mc of this one is from Taiwan so maybe relatable somewhat? Thank you! 11mo
Flaneurette @shaynarae that is a good book! I read it too a while ago.. thank you! 11mo
Flaneurette @Bklover ooh that looks right up her alley! I hadn‘t heard of it before, thank you so much! 11mo
Tamra @Flaneurette I know what you mean! 😆 For good and bad, my mom didn‘t pay much attention (that I could tell) as to what I read as a teen - she liked King so they were on the shelves. I don‘t recall much detail, but Misery or Shawshank Redemption? There is always violence in them though. (edited) 11mo
Tamra I almost forgot! 😵 I have loved everything I‘ve read by Jacqueline Woodson! YA 11mo
Flaneurette @Tamra my mom didn‘t notice what I read either! Lots of trash:king,Anne Rice, and Clan of the cave bear I recall. I‘ve been meaning to read Woodson, it seems there is sooo much great YA nowadays compared to when I was young but aside from Harry Potter I just haven‘t read it 11mo
Tamra @Flaneurette totally! It‘s amazing what is written now for all ages. So much better! (edited) 11mo
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