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Daddy's Girl
Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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Natalie Greco loves being a teacher, even though she can't keep her students from cruising sex.com during class. She loves her family, too, but her boyfriend fits in better with the football-crazy Grecos than she does. Then a colleague, handsome Angus Holt, talks Nat into teaching a class at a local prison, and her world turns upside down. A violent prison riot breaks out, and Nat rushes to save the life of a mortally wounded guard whose last words are: "Tell my wife it's under the floor." Nat delivers the cryptic message, but before she knows it, she's suspected of murder and hiding from cops and killers alike. She is forced on the run to solve the riddle of the dead man's last words and to save her own lifeand find real love.
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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Happy Father‘s Day to all Litsy dads and anyone celebrating or remembering their dads this Father‘s Day! #dad #quotsyjune19

Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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1. My dad for a million reasons!
2. Professional courtesy among medical peeps
3. My mind is nearly healed 🙌🏻
4. Gluten-free pizza with a good friend for lunch 🍕

#hellothursday @wanderinglynn

wanderinglynn Thanks for participating! ☺️💚 12mo
SamanthaMarie Yes gluten free pizza!!! 🙌🏻 12mo
Megabooks @SamanthaMarie 😋😋😋 I‘m going to Mellow Mushroom, and I think their GF pizza tastes the most real of restaurants I‘ve tried. Who has your favorite? 12mo
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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Aw 💕 My husband is home early today but it's not like we're doing anything together right now as my youngest has commandeered him. This from the girl who was all Mommy all the time since birth. She has just recently become more and more Daddy-obsessed. Anyway, reading time for me 😊

tammysue That‘s so precious! ☺️ 1y
CouronneDhiver 😍😍😍 1y
BarbaraJean 💗💗💗So sweet!! 1y
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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1. None I used to buy them for my sons, but now the grandkids are old enough to get him a card. My own dad has been gone for almost 25 years.
2. I wear dresses all summer. Much cooler.
3. Nope.
4. I make some raspberry bars that everyone wants the recipe for. Here it is. https://www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/32066/chocolatey-raspberry-crumb-bars/

AWahle Thanks for sharing the recipe! 1y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for playing along! First actual recipe that‘s been included. I‘m asking for a few others! ❤️ 1y
Cinfhen Thanks for the recipe!!! It‘s been saved 😀 1y
Suet624 I saved the recipe too. Thanks! 1y
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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#readingresolutions #bookishfathers This picture of my Dad was taken last time he was visiting, and features him attempting to hold up the statue in the background. I love my Dad, and he installed a lot of important things in me - one of which was a love of reading that we share!

Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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I got to have an early birthday dinner for this guy tonight... he is a great dad and I don‘t know what I would do without him in my life!! I love you Dad!!

Tamra 💜 2y
robinb Happy Birthday! 🎈🎈🎈 2y
Dr.Who_number10 Happy Birthday!!!🎁 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy birthday 🎉🎈🎊🎂🎁 2y
Godmotherx5 Hope dinner was fun. 2y
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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And I wonder where I get my love for reading and weird ass sense of humor from 😂😂🤣

Lynnsoprano Doesn‘t that say it all? He‘s hysterical that you posted this. Actually, I think he‘s proud. 2y
Alisnazzy @Lynnsoprano love you guys!!!! 2y
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline
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#funfridayphoto What is making me happy today? My dad is on plane right now, to visit me and hubby in FL, to spend the next few weeks with us. He is my favorite person in the whole world, gave me my love of reading, and we get to spend the next few weeks doing all our favorite things -playing 'upwords', doing cryptic crosswords from a British newspaper (that he saves all year for us!) and watching our team on tv at the local ex-pat pub! Bliss! 💗

charl08 Hope they win for you both. 3y
TrishB The best team too 😊 3y
Lynnsoprano I'm a Manchester City fan, but follow Liverpool as well, since @Ambrosnazzy is a huge supporter. And didn't realize you're a fellow Floridian 😊 3y
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LauraBeth Your post makes me happy ❤️😀 3y
KarenUK @Lynnsoprano I am! Been here in SFL for 11 years... I follow Liverpool because I started supporting them at 6 yrs old in their late 70's/ early 80's hay day... but also follow Arsenal, as I was a Londoner for 15 yrs...⚽️💗😎 3y
Alisnazzy Coutinho-oh-oh-oh!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3y
Alisnazzy Which pub do you watch at? Maybe we can meet up and watch our lads! I'm in west palm but willing to travel ☺️ 3y
KarenUK @ambrosnazzy Usually the (original)Kings Head on university drive in Fort Lauderdale but we could always meet halfway one day! 😊 3y
KarenUK @LauraBeth ... as did yours....😍... a perfect prompt from @liberty to end a tough week! 3y
LeeRHarry That all sounds like so much fun - I love watching sport with my Dad when I go home to the UK - enjoy! 😊 3y
KarenUK @leerharry thanks! I really miss it 😊 3y
KarenUK @charl08 thanks! 😍 3y
LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
DebinHawaii Enjoy your week and the time with your dad! ❤️😀 3y
AmandaL That's lovely! 3y
KarenUK @DebinHawaii thank you 💗 3y
Lynnsoprano Enjoy your visit with your dad, and at some point we need to have a meet-up between Ft Lauderdale and West Palm 3y
Cinfhen Enjoy your visit 😊 3y
KarenUK @Cinfhen thank you! 😍 3y
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Daddy's Girl | Lisa Scottoline

What do you do while going through a bit of a book slump? You pick out a good mystery audiobook to listen to! I've recently "discovered" Scottoline's works, and am working my way through them. I like the mix of character-driven fiction and a decent mystery to try to solve along with the main character.