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Rise Up Women!
Rise Up Women!: The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes | Diane Atkinson
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Marking the centenary of female suffrage, this definitive history charts women's fight for the vote through the lives of those who took part, in a timely celebration of an extraordinary struggle An Observer Pick of 2018 A New Statesman Book of 2018 Between the death of Queen Victoria and the outbreak of the First World War, while the patriarchs of the Liberal and Tory parties vied for supremacy in parliament, the campaign for women's suffrage was fought with great flair and imagination in the public arena. Led by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia, the suffragettes and their actions would come to define protest movements for generations to come. From their marches on Parliament and 10 Downing Street, to the selling of their paper, Votes for Women, through to the more militant activities of the Women's Social and Political Union, whose slogan 'Deeds Not Words!' resided over bombed pillar-boxes, acts of arson and the slashing of great works of art, the women who participated in the movement endured police brutality, assault, imprisonment and force-feeding, all in the relentless pursuit of one goal: the right to vote. A hundred years on, Diane Atkinson celebrates the lives of the women who answered the call to 'Rise Up'; a richly diverse group that spanned the divides of class and country, women of all ages who were determined to fight for what had been so long denied. Actresses to mill-workers, teachers to doctors, seamstresses to scientists, clerks, boot-makers and sweated workers, Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English; a wealth of women's lives are brought together for the first time, in this meticulously researched, vividly rendered and truly defining biography of a movement.
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When you have trade credit and it seems the universe wants you to be happy!😃

LeahBergen It sure seems that way! 👏🏻👏🏻 8mo
Megabooks Awesome! 8mo
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Now overdue at the library but I‘m marking every page I need to go back to.... #Suffragettes #LoveLibraries

LeahBergen What a pretty cover! 9mo
Magslhalliday @LeahBergen it‘s from an original poster or magazine I think. 9mo
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#sistersuffragette #musicalnewyear
My heroes ❤️
Sure they‘d be shocked at society today and the things we‘re still fighting for.

GatheringBooks oooh!!! this looks perfect for our #womenreadwomen2019 reading theme!! 10mo
Cinfhen I‘m sure!!! ☹️ 10mo
Birdsong28 @GatheringBooks Just to let you know it's 688 pages long!! I have a hardback copy and it's just so big but it would be perfect for your theme 😀📚📖 10mo
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Cathythoughts Nice pick ♥️👍🏻 10mo
TrishB @Birdsong28 I have on kindle so am ok! 10mo
Izai.Amorim I tell my kids all the time: all the rights we have- voting, civil, self-determination, equality, etc. - have been fought over by courageous people on the streets. Many lost their lives. People nowadays forget that conservatives never gave us anything. We took it! Amazing how people don‘t cherish these rights and don‘t respect the struggle. The suffragettes were superb! 👍👍👍 10mo
vivastory It seems like every step forward there's two steps back 10mo
TrishB @Izai.Amorim tell mine too - but they‘re very politically active so I‘m pleased the message got through! 10mo
TrishB @vivastory exactly 😔 10mo
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Returned one book to the library, came back home with seven more. Oops 😂

- The Boy on the Bridge by M. R Carey
- The History of Bees by Maja Lunde
- On Beauty by Zadie Smith
- Frankenstein: The 1818 Text by Mary Shelley
- On the Frontline with the Women Who Fight Back by Stacey Dooley
- Talking to my Daughter about the Economy by Yanis Varoufakis
- Rise Up, Women! The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes by Diane Atkinson

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First chance to sit and start this. Loving the Sheffield Female Political Association of the 1850s.

TrishB I‘ve got my eye on this one- waiting for it to go down in price a bit. 1y
Magslhalliday @TrishB I got it out the library! I'll never read it in time! 1y
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Library arrival.

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Comprehensive and thoroughly researched, this 600+ page history of the campaign for Votes for Women in Great Britain between 1903-1914. The Suffragists were often targeted, arrested on trivializing charges.1908 colors purple, white, green were used.many events are chronicled in this fascinating, beautifully written history. There are many B&W photos throughout the book.
Powerful...Remarkable...highly recommended. Excellent notes, as well!

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This is history of the Suffragettes in Great Britain from 1903 to 1914. 670 pages, including notes and index. Lots of photos.
Anyone read this?

Birdsong28 Haven't read it but I got it for my birthday. Also the tagged book is by a Pankhurst!!! 1y
overtheedge @Birdsong28 Thanks...I stacked it! 1y
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#werise #aprella
I like to think I‘d have been brave enough to be a suffragette back in the day!

batsy 🙌🏽💜 2y
Cinfhen I‘d bet on that🖤 2y
Kalalalatja ✊💪 2y
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Cathythoughts Definitely 👍🏻❤️ 2y
CarolynM Good choice👏👏 2y
emilyhaldi I think so 😁 beautiful cover!! 2y
Mdargusch Great pick! 2y
Reviewsbylola My girls currently love watching the clip from Mary Poppins where they sing Sister Suffragette. ♥️♥️ 2y
TrishB @Reviewsbylola that‘s so cool 👍🏻 2y
Suet624 I‘d like to think I would be too. 2y
Caroline2 Me too! 💪🏻 2y
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