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Humboldt's Gift
Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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For many years, the great poet Von Humboldt Fleisher and Charlie Citrine, a young man inflamed with a love for literature, were the best of friends. At the time of his death, however, Humboldt is a failure, and Charlie's life has reached a low point: his career is at a standstill, and he's enmeshed in an acrimonious divorce, infatuated with a highly unsuitable young woman and involved with a neurotic mafioso. And then Humboldt acts from beyond the grave, bestowing upon Charlie an unexpected legacy that may just help him turn his life around.
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Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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I started keeping a list of books I read in 1977. These pages show the books I read thru 2008. From 1-1-09 I have tracked my reading on LT. The first books listed in 1977 were Humbolt‘s Gift, What I‘m Going To Do I Think, Tristram Shandy, The Confessions of Nat Turner, Japanese Stories, Pickwick Papers, Auto-de-Fe, Riders in the Chariot, The Painted Bird, African Stories, & Middlemarch. I think I read more seriously then.

Flaneurette I wish I had done this- I only started to keep track when I joined goodreads in 2009 9mo
LeahBergen That‘s so awesome!! I have a written record of my reading since 1993. 👍🏻 9mo
arubabookwoman Looking at the picture I noticed on the top page near the end of the second column after Nabokov and before Wharton I‘ve noted “Matthew is born.” That‘s my oldest son, born 7-18-78. On the 2nd p. middle of the 2nd column is “5-13-83 Brandon born”. He‘s my 3rd child, 2nd son. My daughter born in 1980 is on the back, right after Rhyss‘s Good Morning Midnight. (edited) 9mo
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Emilymdxn It‘s incredible that you have these!! I‘m lucky I was young enough to catalogue online - I‘ve been using LT since I was 13, around 9 years ago, but don‘t have exact dates for a huge number of books. 9mo
Centique That is AMAZING. What a treasure trove! 9mo
batsy Wow, amazing! 9mo
ValerieAndBooks Very cool!! 8mo
Crazeedi I am so jealous! I have wished that I had kept a list of books I've read. Lucky you 8mo
Liz_M What fun to find again! ☺ 8mo
thebluestocking This is amazing!! 😍 8mo
charl08 Wow. 8mo
Graywacke That‘s just beautiful (a bit late catching this). My list from senior year of high school through 200? is packed away somewhere. Each silly book (nothing like your first entries, wow) written in with whatever pen or marker was at hand. Now I use Word and Excel (LT could form a patchwork list.) 7mo
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Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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It‘s really not about my receiving the gifts...it‘s more to do with the way the gifts “stand in” for the giver.
As the gift prompts my memory, it‘s as if the presence of the giver is there, right in front of my mind....
#Gratitude30 #Gift

Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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This may be blasphemy but I dislike the majority of Bellow‘s books with a passion that comes close to hatred. I find them tedious to read and feels like I‘m trying to run through a pit of treacle.

I‘m trying to read this for our 1001 group but the struggle is real. It‘s very helpful for sleeping. I shudder to think of how many more I need to read to make my way through the 1001 list.

ValerieAndBooks That page doesn‘t look very promising to me 😣. I have Herzog in my TBR (tagged) and just now looked at the app and there are three on that list by him. Three! 2y
JenP @ValerieAndBooks lots of people do love him but I really struggle 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Maybe your goal has to be to read the 1001 minus Bellows, there‘s enough from the other editions to pick some substitution if you despise his writing. 2y
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JenP @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m trying to read all the books across all editions. I‘ve already read one of them but it does seem rather silly to force my way through books I hate. 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @JenP Well save the his others until last. Life is short, there‘s a lot of good ones on the list to read first, might as well read them and maybe until you‘ve read the other 1,300ish you‘ll be in a different place in your life and his work will mean something different to you then. 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @JenP Otherwise get them on audiobook and listen to them double-time! 😂 2y
AudreyMorris I have some books I am saving til I am done with the other 1300. This includes the untranslated ones, 2 by Somerset Maugham (I hated the third), Lord of the Rings (I despised The Hobbit), and perhaps now Bellow (since I couldn‘t even make myself start this one! 2y
JenP @AudreyMorris i debated leaving some until the end but then am afraid I‘ll end up with a lot of unpleasant reads 😬 2y
BarbaraBB I am sure there are books of the list I won‘t read (Finnegan‘s Wake for example), so I am trying to read 1001 of the 1300. This way I keep enjoying the list instead of punishing myself 😉 2y
AudreyMorris @JenP I figure if I make it that far, it would be a nice problem to have! 2y
Ladygodiva7 I hated this book too, but I finished it. Bah. 1y
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Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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Saul Bellow is recomended by both Obama and Ann Patchett. How can one go wrong?

Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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#yellowcovers #riotgrams
found some yellow covers ! Sometimes you don't know what is lurking in the bookcase😃

batsy C.L.R James! 🙌 What a great cover 2y
Leftcoastzen @batsy Figures you know C.L.R. James,you read a lot of those smart people books😌 2y
batsy @Leftcoastzen Bahaha, it's an attempt to get close to their intelligence! I've only read some of his essays, I hope to get around to his books 2y
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Humboldt's Gift | Saul Bellow
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Remembering Saul Bellow, who died on this day, April 5, in 2005.

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