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Permission to Nap
Permission to Nap: Taking Time to Restore Your Spirit | Jill Murphy Long
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A peaceful book with full-color art offering you the time to take a break.
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I'm speechless. I seriously can't come up with words to express my gratitude, and how touched I am by this #selfcareswap @Chrissyreadit . I feel seen.😢 Thank you so much for your kindness! I've enjoyed getting to know both you and @mabell through this.❤

merelybookish Lovely things! 2w
Soubhiville Dammit dolls are fun! Nice package! 2w
Chrissyreadit Yay- the candles are supposed to have small pieces of amethyst in them I believe. They are called Namaste but the blurb on the Etsy shop did not follow them in packaging and I can‘t remember if I posted that in card. 2w
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cobwebmoth @Chrissyreadit I saw that there were little stones in them. They smell amazing! 2w
AmyG How lovely! ❤️ 2w
Heideschrampf ❤️ 2w
TK421 Thank you @Chrissyreadit ! I got to see Laura's face as she opened everything. She was quite moved by your generosity, and she loved everything. 😊 2w
Chrissyreadit @TK421 oh good! I hope she shares the coffee with you. 2w
Avanders 🥰🥰🥰 2w
mabell So fun getting to know you too! ❤️ 2w
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I am in a complete state of bliss surrounded by my lovely gifts! Thank you so much, dear Litsy friends @cobwebmoth and @Chrissyreadit ! This was just wonderful! ❤️❤️❤️ (gushing emails to follow 😊)

Chrissyreadit I‘m getting up soon and will take pictures and post. 2w
Tanisha_A Aha! Lovely 2w
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Avanders 🥰🥰🥰 2w
batsy How lovely! I've had my eye on those Moray Dalton mysteries 😍 2w
cobwebmoth Yay! I hope you enjoy everything.❤ 2w
Tamra @batsy the cover! 2w
Chrissyreadit What is the little blue book with a beehive on it? So pretty? 2w
mabell @Tanisha_A @Avanders ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
mabell @batsy @Tamra I‘m excited to read it! I‘ve never heard of Moray Dalton, but it sounds perfect for me! 2w
mabell @Chrissyreadit It‘s a cute little journal! @cobwebmoth tied in a bee theme with socks and this bee book ❤️ 🐝 2w
Chrissyreadit Adorable! 2w
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I‘m would rather swap with a Litten than buy a subscription box if there is any interest. I would be fairly strict with dates, matches and expectations for this one- am thinking direct matches. Calling all spoonies and otherwise in need people. If I get any interest I will set something up- even if it‘s just three of us with each other.

cobwebmoth I think it's a nice idea.❤ 2mo
Emilymdxn I‘d be up for this! 2mo
LapReader I‘m in. Great idea. 2mo
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Chrissyreadit @cobwebmoth @Emilymdxn @LapReader @mabell email me if you are interested and we will coordinate and plan via email. Chrissyreadit @ Gmail .com (edited) 2mo
mabell Sounds lovely! 😊 2mo
LapReader I‘m Aussie though does that matter? 2mo
Chrissyreadit @LapReader maybe? I‘m thinking this would just be low key - if only a few people are interested. More of a way of connecting and supporting- so a thought in progress. 2mo
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Sometimes, when I‘m overwhelmed, I think I should organize a self care swap- I would love to open a box that says: here have this “Calgon:Take Me Away” moment from a fellow friend....

mabell I agree! 2mo
tracey38 This would be an amazing swap. 2mo
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🐱Max pointed out that I haven't posted a picture of him in a week & he thinks his Litsy friends might be missing him or worried that his Mom has locked him away somewhere. Rest assured, he is fine. He had an ahi 🐟 treat today & has been very busy napping. 😻💤 Don't we all wish we had such a rough life??😹#catsoflitsy 😽❤️ #itsgoodtobemax

Deidre-Dee-OfficialBookworm Hey Max! I‘m new here, and you look really comfy. Can I join you? 1y
niha923 😻😻😻 1y
Texreader Welcome back Max! You are still precious 1y
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batsy Hello Max 🧡 1y
TrishB ❤️💕 1y
Reggie Hey Max!!! 1y
JessClark78 ❤️❤️ 1y
MicheleinPhilly For my next life, I‘m going to come back as Max. 1y
AmyG Max! ❤️ 1y
LeahBergen Hello, sweet Max. 😘 1y
jenniferw88 Max 😻😘 1y
TNbookworm Max is a kitty rock star😻🌟🌟 1y
Bookchipmunk Aloha 😻 1y
ValerieAndBooks Totally agree with you, Max!! Good to see you again 😍 1y
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And he hasn't even had dinner yet! It's a windy off-and-on rainy Thanksgiving afternoon in Hawaii. I'm keeping it laid back today in comfortable pajama pants, watching old movies & ignoring my TBR stack for a comfort read of a Pride and Prejudice variation on my Kindle. Max is next to me, snoozing hard & taking up 1/2 the couch. 😽 Hope everyone is having a happy and satisfying day no matter what you are doing. ❤️#thanksgiving

Mimi28 Glad you and Max are having a relaxing day! ☮️☮️ 3y
LauraBeth Sounds like a great day 😀 3y
Suzze Max looks so comfortable. Hope you are just as relaxed! 3y
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Kirstin Aw! Such a cutie! 😊 3y
LauraBrook Happy Thanksgiving! Give that cutie Max some 😚! 3y
Jinjer Sweet max! 3y
Texreader What a precious baby! 😻 3y
CherylDeFranceschi ❤️😻 3y
MrBook 😻😻😻😻 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess 😺😺❤️ 3y
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