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Everybody Needs a Rock | Byrd Baylor, Baylor, Parnall
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A beautiful, poetic picture book about solitude and the natural world. #underarock #NoFemmeber

Cathythoughts So true 👍🏻❤️ 10mo
Billypar Love both the title and illustration! 😃 10mo
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#Underarock #Nofemmeber
Last one tonight, then i will probably forget to post for a week.
Alderley edge is a beautiful part of Cheshire and a favourite place for a family picnic (hence photo from dtrs bday) but it is a place of legend and in this wonderful book the children go under the rocks where they meet some nasty supernatural beings, and of course the legend of Arthur unde the rock is referencd.

Oryx Alderley Edge is such a gorgeous spot! And it definitely feels like a place of legend. 10mo
Billypar Love the picture! Hopefully your picnics haven't been spoiled by any strange creatures 😨 10mo
saresmoore Lovely photo! Is the nosey pup supernatural or just a family pet? 10mo
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andrew61 @saresmoore barney is a little devil like especially when the postman approaches ☺ 10mo
saresmoore Haha! Poor postman, but Barney looks to be quite the charming chap for a picnic. 10mo
andrew61 @Oryx 10mo
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A song of ice and fire | George R. R. Martin
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DAY 16: Unless you‘ve been living #underarock, you know the final season of GoT *finally* begins in April!! I haven‘t read this series, but my husband has, and he‘s the reason we started watching. 🖤

🗡 Who will end up on the Iron Throne? Any theories?

📷: HBO


slategreyskies I‘ve been living under a rock! I‘ve never read the books, and I haven‘t seen any of the TV show either. Am I missing out? 10mo
britt_brooke @slategreyskies I‘m not usually one for high fantasy, but after watching the very first episode, I was hooked. It‘s really fantastic. 10mo
slategreyskies I‘ll add it to my (very long) list of TV shows to try someday then! I don‘t watch much TV, but I know my husband has watched some of GoT and has really enjoyed it. Maybe if he‘s not too far along, I can catch up & watch it with him. :) 10mo
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britt_brooke @slategreyskies 👍🏻 We don‘t watch much TV either these days. It‘s hard with small kids. So many things are not appropriate for them and by the time they go to bed, I‘m too tired to watch anything. 😆 (edited) 10mo
saresmoore Rock dweller, here! I read half of the first book and loathed it so intensely that I won‘t even try the show. Ha! 10mo
britt_brooke @saresmoore 😆 I know I‘d hate the books, too. My husband liked them but says the show is better because it reins in the wandering story lines. 10mo
saresmoore Well, that‘s good because 🙄. I believe that the show is incredible, though. He does some excellent world-building in spite of the brutally meandering character tropes. And I think unlikeable characters are often much more fun to watch than to read about, even when they‘re being tortured for PAGES. 10mo
KatieDid927 I love the books so much I can‘t watch the show. The characters aren‘t even the same people. 10mo
CrowCAH I AM SUPER EXCITED!!! 😍 I‘m rooting for Jon Snow ❄️ 10mo
britt_brooke @KatieDid927 That‘s so frustrating! Since I didn‘t read the books, I don‘t have that comparison .... but that‘s why I usually skip adaptations of books I love, too. 10mo
britt_brooke @CrowCAH I‘d be completely happy with him, too! I‘m worried that somebody I hate will prevail though. 10mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I know! And the books are so far behind now, but if I had to guess...well....I‘m rooting for a royal couple on the throne, a new dragon rider, and with maybe a royal heir on the way. 😉 10mo
LaLecture I‘ve tried reading the first book twice but it‘s so frustrating to know all the people I like will die and many of the ones I hate will live far too long 😅😂. Also I know most of the plot because my little brother summarised the show for me 🙄. Though I bet the books give much more detailed information on everything. I won‘t watch the show, I think. Too much violence for me. I still have theories though, I‘ll put them behind spoilers. 10mo
LaLecture I actually don‘t think Jon will end up on the Iron Throne. I don‘t think he has any “rightful claims”, even after what we learned in the last season. The family lost their claims long ago, that‘s how a monarchy works :D. You kill the old king and install your family as the new royal family. And I don‘t think Jon is the type to fight for a throne. I don‘t think he wants to be a leader. He has bad experiences 😂. (edited) 10mo
LaLecture I think Dany might make it. However that might be a bit too easy as that is what she is fighting for the whole time. She might just die, that would at least be unexpected :D. I just hope they won‘t make a weird Dany&Jon love story out of it where they happily reign together. Far too cheesy (and problematic..). I would like Tyrion, he would be a fun king xD. Anyone, just finally kill of Cersei! If I knew she died I might start watching the show ^^. (edited) 10mo
shutterbug_mama Greatest show ever! At first I thought there‘s no way I‘d like it, with all the violence, but man, it is so good! I‘ve only read 2 of the books and I do plan to read them all. I read the first book twice already. 10mo
Velvetfur I live for GoT and am avidly avoiding anything even resembling a spoiler, which I didn't do with the other series! 10mo
Billypar Yep, I'm stuck under a rock for this one 🙋 I saw most of the first season- have always been vaguely intending to watch more. Wouldn't have the patience for the books though! 10mo
britt_brooke @LaLecture Everything you said makes sense! I really hope they don‘t do the cheesy thing with Dany and Jon. I think one - or both - of them will die by the end. I love Tyrion the most. I have no idea what will happen, but I‘m excited to find out! (edited) 10mo
britt_brooke @Billypar I definitely don‘t have the patience for the books, but the show is fantastic. 10mo
britt_brooke @shutterbug_mama I didn‘t think I‘d like it because it has dragons. 😆 I thought that was so dumb, but it turns out it‘s super well done, and hooked me immediately. I love it! (edited) 10mo
KimM I think it will be Tyrian and either Jon or Dany, or both, will die 😭 10mo
KimM I‘m also convinced Sansa is a goner and it will come down to Tyrian, Arya, Dany and Jon. 10mo
britt_brooke @KimM I‘d love to see Tyrion on the throne. I‘ll be most sad if he dies. 10mo
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Under the Mountain | Maurice Gee
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#nofemmeber #underarock

This kids book is kinda famous where I live. It‘s a fantasy about monsters who live under mountains around Auckland, all of which are extinct volcanoes. I haven‘t read it but I saw the mini series back in the 80s.
The other two pictures are of my rock. (Not actually mine of course!) This is Rangitoto, a volcano I live in the shadow of, taonga (treasure) of Ngāi Tai and Aucklanders.

LeahBergen How cool! 10mo
Billypar That is gorgeous!! And a volcano with monsters under it sounds like an awesome kids book 🌋👹 10mo
batsy I might have already said this... But you live in an amazing place 😍 10mo
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Centique @batsy why thank you kind lady!☺️ (I‘m very lucky to live here 💕) 10mo
Centique @Billypar thanks! And your emoji usage is A++ 😄 10mo
erzascarletbookgasm Amazing country. On my #bucketlist to travel 😊 10mo
Centique @erzascarletbookgasm @rohit-sawant well you know you both have a big welcome and a ready tour guide when you get here! 10mo
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The Light Fantastic | Terry Pratchett
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I‘m on the @batsy failure train. Epic fail on lists. I make them ,lose them or stash them #underarock . This one ,
#LitsyAtoZ2018 found this morning, my #litsyclassics can‘t find it, my #GARBingo I have read 5 but not in a row for bingo. There is a #readallcultures list here somewhere....Hey , I wouldn‘t want to create a database on computer so I would know where they are....heck no!😂 #NoFemmeber

Billypar I'm a big fan of Excel sheets but I'm not sure they're more effective- I know I have countless that I start and forget about! And Litsy A to Z looks pretty successful to me 👍👍 10mo
RealBooks4ever You can do it! 💜 10mo
batsy The lists are the best part! You're already on a roll 😁👍🏽 10mo
erzascarletbookgasm There‘s hope in this challenge- only 5 to go. You can do it! 🙂 10mo
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Outlander | Diana Gabaldon
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Not #UnderARock but through the stones Claire transports from 1945 Scotland to 1743 Scotland. That‘s only the beginning of her troubles... #NoFemmeber

Spillmrj Great book 10mo
Billypar I always assume I'll remember to read this because of how often I hear it mentioned, but stacked it just in case ☺️ 10mo
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Great Expectations | Charles Dickens
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Miss Havisham is trapped in the past, lives secluded from society for years.

#NoFemmeber #underarock

bg_reads I love the caption. It's like a news headline. 10mo
BarbaraBB Well chosen! 10mo
Billypar She certainly was! Great pick 😃 10mo
GripLitGrl Great choice! 10mo
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Picnic at Hanging Rock | Joan Lindsay
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A predictable but inescapable choice for #underarock. I loved this tense, unsettling story of three girls who go missing during a school picnic #NoFemmeBer @Cinfhen @Billypar

saresmoore Excellent pick! I hadn‘t even thought of it. 🙃 10mo
Cathythoughts Perfect choice .. never entered my mind either ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 10mo
Cinfhen Me neither😜and it‘s on my #TBR 10mo
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Chrissyreadit This needs to be in my TBR! 10mo
LeahBergen I loved this book, too. 👍🏻 10mo
Billypar Excellent- way to rock the rock prompt! 😉 10mo
Moray_Reads @Chrissyreadit it is so good 10mo
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Many on the theranos board and the clients Elizabeth Holmes pitches her blood testing system to must have been living #underarock to not see through her fraud. This is my #currentread and it is fascinating. #NoFemmeBer #nonfiction

Billypar I never read it, but this is such a crazy story- is amazing how far a startup can get without having the very thing they're promising! 🤥😷 10mo
Blaire @Billypar it was shocking! Especially since it was a medical device not just some internet thing. And there were so many red flags from the start. She was some saleswoman. 10mo
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