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Summer of '69 | Elin Hilderbrand
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I‘m sorry, but how do #typos like this get by?!

CoffeeAndABook 🙈🙈🙈that's terrible!!! 3mo
TheSpineView I had several authors tell me how frustrating it is when the manuscript is correct then a mistake creeps in when it is sent to print. 3mo
Ruthiella When typos are so bad even I can recognize them they are BAD! 😮 3mo
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Oh boy... #typos

ravenlee Spell-check is not your friend. 7mo
Princess-Kingofkings Oh, that's bad. 😞 7mo
QueenJen I'm not even going to tell y'all how long it took me to figure out what was going on here..... 7mo
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AlaMich Seems to me it‘s even more egregious in a book ABOUT WITCHES!!! 7mo
bookandbedandtea Oh that's painful (edited) 7mo
KathyWheeler 😳 That‘s really bad. 7mo
SW-T Big oops there 🙄 7mo
Lcsmcat Ouch! 7mo
tournevis Ohoh. 7mo
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The Nameless City | H.P. Lovecraft
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I read this thinking it meant to say grandmas, and laughed at the thought of grand am vehicles muttering in a tent, but @Melissa_J tells me grandam is actually an old fashioned word for grandmother. Live and learn!


Melissa_J It‘s probably not a typo, grandam is an old-fashioned word for grandmother 😊 8mo
ShyBookOwl @Melissa_J No way?! You learn something new every day. Thank you!! 😄 8mo
Melissa_J It pretty much translates to great lady. I rather like this old-fashioned version myself 😁 (of course, it could still very well be a typo, but one that just happens to fit!). 8mo
ShyBookOwl @Melissa_J Haha well I'm glad my ignorance led me to this fun fact 😊 8mo
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• I hate this! In the context of this story, the name doesn‘t matter, of course, but it matters to my editor‘s brain. What is the woman‘s name, for goodness sake?! Could the editor not decide?! 😩 •

#weneedgoodeditors #editing #mistakes #errors #typos?

Hollie That‘s outrageous! 2y
CSeydel 😱 2y
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Readage @Hollie Completely!! 2y
Readage @CSeydel 😱😱 2y
LeahBergen What??? 2y
kathedron And in the space of just one paragraph?! 😬 2y
tournevis Unreliable narrator! 2y
tournevis @Readage The narrator does not know the spelling. That's why. 2y
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Wildflower Hill | Kimberley Freeman
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Hilarious #typos!!! Anyone heard of a b*+€# tree??? 😂

ReadingSusan 🤣🤣 2y
AllenTStClair I think some grow around here. 😂😂 2y
Cinfhen Yes! I think I ate from it once😉😂😂 (edited) 2y
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The Troop | Nick Cutter
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Curse this blasted typo for tearing me out of the book at a really intense moment! #typos