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#Litsylove pals... how cute was this happy envelope with new stationery?!!! It totally made my morning after a heinous night (aka WEEK!) at work.

Check out Clare on Instagram for adorable stationery goodies:


#Litsylove #happymail #mailboxsmiles #papercelebrations #snailmail #stationary

Deifio Really cute! 2y
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These postit notes have fast become one of my most prized desk accessories- thank you so so much @wanderinglynn for indulging my need for cuteness right now xxx

Ps - to all you stationary lovers out there - check out the tagged book - it‘s FAB!

LeahBergen How cute!!! 😍😍 2y
squirrelbrain They are so cute, and I definitely need that book! ❤️ 2y
AkashaVampie The penguins are too cute 2y
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Leftcoastzen Japanese ones are the cutest! 2y
wanderinglynn ❤️ So happy you like them. I thought they were super cute. 2y
Cupcake12 These are so cute xx 2y
Bookzombie So freaking cute!! 2y
Mitch @wanderinglynn they‘re amazing xxx 2y
dottie.floating.on.words Omgggg those are amazing! 2y
Mitch @dottie.floating.on.words They're brilliant aren't they xx 2y
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I have to spread this over two posts because the box of wonderful Japanese stationary that @wanderinglynn sent me it the BEST! She‘s tapped into my inner love of cute things in small packages, beautifully designed and beautifully crafted. Thank you so the most wonderful of gifts! 😍

LeahBergen Gasp! 😍😍😍😍 2y
wanderinglynn So glad it finally arrived! Happy (belated) birthday. Next time I‘m going to try the Japanese post to see if it‘s a bit more timely. 2y
Mitch @wanderinglynn ahh - it just makes the celebrations last longer! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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When you are a Graphic Designer and you finally make your own stationary!!!! #litsylove #stationary #booklove

LiteraryinLawrence Oooh, it‘s gorgeous! 2y
Lollymya Thanks so much @LiteraryinLititz 2y
wanderinglynn So cool! 😍 2y
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Soubhiville Yay! I love it! 2y
Sleepswithbooks Lovely!!! 2y
UwannaPublishme Beautiful! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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These books are perfect @Shadowfat 😍Thank you so much, Molly! I love the page clips and can‘t wait to try the chocolate Buddhas! Now which book to read first...

#2018nonfictionbookexchange #2018NFBE Thanks for organizing such a great swap @inwhichHeikereadsharder 😊👍

bookish_wookish Those bookmarks!! 😍😍 5y
Lacythebookworm @bookish_wookish Aren‘t they the cutest?! 5y
Shadowfat @Lacythebookworm i'm glad you like them 😊 I hope the books are good, Reporter's Kitchen looked interesting! 5y
Smarkies The number of books I am actually stacking from this exchange.... 5y
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Pen Pals | Alexandra Pichard
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I bought this awesome stationary from etsy but I guess I misread the size. @Tiffy_Reads and I write too much for me to use this haha.

Also, League of Extraordinary Penpals?! Definitely must look into that!

#litsypenpals #etsy #stationary

BibliophileMomma Lol that is a little small. 🤪🤪 5y
GirlChandler I may need that League too ... 5y
melyndarae @Starbeast22 I just did. You have to pay but I did the year, so it's only $3/month. 5y
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A fascinating book about all things office-supplies from post-it notes to pens, pencils, and of course, the paper clip. Ward discusses the history, trivia, and culture associated with these useful everyday objects, and it‘s a must-read for anyone (like me) who has a major thing for stationery.

rubyslippersreads This sounds right up my alley! I ❤️ stationery! 5y
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Penpals | Lana Sundman
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Thank you so much @MinDea for this amazing #stationary! I absolutely love that you found some with a miniature #schnauzer on it! 😍 You‘re the absolute sweetest! 💙 I cannot wait to write you back with it! #litsypenpals #penpals #penpal #litsybesties #hostingbuddies #bookishthings #followhernow #litsyfavorites 😊

Thanks also to @Liberty for the cute button, #Booked 📚

SilversReviews Love it. 5y
MinDea Glad you like it! 5y
Jess7 Thanks so much @MinDea 5y
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To Have and Have Not | Ernest Hemingway
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Whoops I forgot to show off my latest parcel from Bookishly. Was super happy to get a nobel prize winning novel. Loved the travel inspired stationary. #bookphoto #bookishly #penigun #classic #bookmail #tea #stationary #oldbook #girlswhoread