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ch 12.14: Dmitry speaks up #heswearshedidntdoit #thejurydeliberates #guilty #omgwemadeittotheepilogue #itsamiracle #staytuned #thebros #hashtagbrigade #pemberlittens

In my defense, I chose this pic before I realized the epilogue had three parts 🙄

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5feet.of.fury Lmaooooo 1mo
Bookwormjillk Ha! Who makes an epilogue with 3 chapters?? 1mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk sick demented weirdos , that‘s who 🙄 1mo
TheBookHippie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅 1mo
Ruthiella 🥳🥳🥳 1mo
mcctrish FD is still writing this book in hell with Freud (edited) 1mo
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 1mo
dabbe “The epilogue had three parts“ because ... of course it did. FD= #mostlongwindedgasbaginliteraryhistory 1mo
dabbe @mcctrish 😂😂😂 1mo
mcctrish @dabbe I don‘t even know why he leads with these nonsensical statements about what is coming cuz we know BLAH BLAH BLAH 1mo
dabbe @mcctrish And how many times did he say he was going to be succinct with his words and then BLAH BLAH BLAH again to infinity. 😂 1mo
mcctrish @dabbe he has absolutely no chill when it comes to words 1mo
currentlyreadinginCO @mcctrish laughing so hard at your first comment 1mo
currentlyreadinginCO I think that I liked the last chapter best, everyone waiting around for the verdict unexpected by most. Although, weren't we told early on that Alyosha is the hero of this story 🤔, perhaps I misunderstood and he meant like .... the good one ... 1mo
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