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The Tender Bar: A Memoir | J. R. Moehringer
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This is by far the most #memorablememoir. I recommend this book to everyone. He's dealing with universal struggles that everyone can relate to, but in such intensely beautiful writing. I always re-read this book when I am between books. I love it more every time. #booktober

ValerieAndBooks I have this in my TBR. Need to move it up! 6y
Hollie Yes, @ValerieAndBooks and let me know what you think when you are done! 6y
Leftcoastzen It is one of the best books I ever read. 3y
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Another #MemorableMemoir. The cover blurb on this one sums it up quite nicely but the rest of the book also covers her life AFTER she is brought out of the jungle. Mind-blowing. 😮 #MemorableMemoirs #Booktober

BookishFeminist This looks so good! 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa That looks very good! 6y
shawnmooney Wow. 6y
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LauraJ Where do you find all these amazing books? 6y
LeahBergen @LauraJ It's my superpower. 😉 (no, my life revolves around reading books, reading ABOUT books, buying books, WANTING to buy books, smelling books, organizing my books ... you know, just the average Litsy-er! 😂) 6y
Yournewfriendsams Omg what a story! 6y
Zelma Wow, I need to read this right this moment! 😍 6y
tasha I loved this book. What an amazing unbelievable story! 6y
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This was a birthday gift years ago from a dear friend who knows me well. My pick for #memorablememoir and apropos for #booktober!

RealLifeReading Love the title! 6y
LauraBrook I should pull this off of my shelves too! Edward Gorey is so awesome. ❤️ 6y
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Here are some of the #TBRTuesday memoirs I'm hoping will be memorable. So many good ones on my shelves! Right now, I'm most excited about My Beloved World.

#memorablememoir #memorablememoirs #booktober

RealLifeReading Some good ones there! 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @RealLifeReading I'm excited about every one! 6y
kspenmoll Didion, Lamott, & Nafisi as different as they are, were all wonderful reads. Enjoy them! 📚 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @kspenmoll Thanks. I'm excited yo read them ALL. I need to move Sotomayor's book up the list also. 6y
kspenmoll I want to read hers as well! 6y
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Bossypants | Tina Fey
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I'm not keen on reading nonfiction (for fun, I read a ton of it for work!) but the stories of these two ladies are super important, and funny! I've read one #memorablememoir from these super women, and the other feels like it has been in my library queue forever. I really enjoyed the #audiobook of Bossypants (Fey reads it) and I'm holding out for the audio version of Yes, Please. #booktober

RealLifeReading Oh definitely listen to Yes Please. The guest stars alone are worth a listen! 6y
Larkken @RealLifeReading there's only one person in front of me! I'm excited 🎉 6y
Larkken This also is perfect for a belated #octphotochallenge #bestnarrator! @LibrarianRyan 6y
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Part two of this year's memoirs - the audio reading version. Not all read by the author, but all with large impact in their own individual ways. #booktober #memorablememoirs #memorablememoir

kspenmoll Want to read Amanda palmer- 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @kspenmoll It is most wonderful. She narrates the audio, and that added a lot to the memoir! 6y
kspenmoll Will get audio then- new for me! 6y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @kspenmoll I hope you love it as much as I did! 6y
DivineDiana I did love Amanda Palmer's book! 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @DivineDiana Wasn't it fabulous?!? 6y
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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly | Jean-Dominique Bauby
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I love reading memoirs! This year I have read a whole passel of wonderful ones. This is part one - those I read visually (paper or book). Every one has its unique voice and tale, so I'm not picking a top favorite. That's like choosing between children! #booktober #memorablememoir #memorablememoirs

RealLifeReading Have only read Diving Bell which is so sad and so good. 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @RealLifeReading I loved every one of these. I think Diving Bell was the most devastating though. 6y
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Mama's Curse | T M Morris
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I'm choosing a #memorablememoir that is really personal to me. My aunt released her memoir a few months back and it was so well done. There were so many things I didn't know about her life, her struggle, her barriers. She is an African-American woman that rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department, a breast cancer survivor, a wife, a mother and so much more. I love her. #octophotochallenge #booktober

I-read-and-eat She sounds like a very special woman. 💛 6y
LeahBergen 💗💗 6y
TheNextBook @I-read-and-eat @LeahBergen she is amazing! 6y
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BookishFeminist That's amazing! ❤️❤️❤️ so glad she wrote her story down to share. She sounds like an incredible, strong woman! 6y
TheNextBook @BookishFeminist she is incredible. Definitely someone I love and admire! I geeked out and called her when I found myself in the book! 6y
Godmotherx5 Sounds wonderful. You should geek out. You're amazing, too. 6y
TheNextBook @Godmotherx5 I wish it has been me doing something super awesome. It wasnt. It was us together on a trip when I was still in diapers! 😂😂😂😂 6y
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Night | Elie Wiesel
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Some of the #memorablememoir s I have read the last few years.

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#booktober #memorablememoir I highly recommend this memoir that tells the story of the "seven good years" between the birth of the author's son and the death of his father. Beautiful story about making a life in The midst of war.

sj_connor This sounds a little like The Year of Magical Thinking, which I loved. 6y
Marchpane Loved this book and I hope Keret writes more in this vein. So good 💕 6y
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